Thursday, October 30, 2014

My last post was June 2013.  Kind of dropped off the face of the earth there, didn't I?  All of a sudden life just got a little overwhelming to me.  I found I wasn't spending time creating like I wanted to or working on my home or even working on myself.  I missed blogging though, so I decided maybe I would try to get back in the habit. This time around I'm going to blog more for myself- to have a record of things I'm working on and thoughts I may be having as I go through my day to day life.  Towards the end of my posting in 2013 my blog felt more like a job and less like something that I enjoyed doing.  Blogging should be fun. 

The summer of 2014 was busy.  We worked more on cleaning up our land.  We added some raised beds to our vegetable garden.  I continued to work on my flower garden and trying to get the fence finished.  The fence is still not finished-but it will get there eventually.

I have just about finished my Flower shop/Bakery dollhouse and the Candy House dollhouse.  My next house to tackle is this kit I bought when I was a teenager-or maybe my early 20's.  I did not put it together very well and I've decided rather than toss it I would give it a bashing.  I forgot to take before pictures-but here is after I started tearing things apart.  I think this is a Heritage by Greenleaf, but not positive.
Eventually it will be pink, gray and white on the outside and lots of pastels on the inside.  This dollhouse may take me a couple of years to finish.

Half of our roof also needed major repairs this fall and has taken up an incredible amount of our time.  There were multiple layers of old shingles that needed to come off with a million more nails in them than normal.  Part of the roof was rotted underneath and that wood had to be replaced.  We are still not completely finished with that project-but the end is getting closer all the time and hopefully the shingles will be on before the snow flies.  I'm tired and sore from all of it-but grateful that my husband and I are still able to do hard work like this because it would have cost us at least 3 or 4 times more than it is if we had hired someone after all of the surprises we have found.  Anyhow- hopefully I'll start to get back to regular blogging again- I really missed it and a lot of my friends that I have met through blogging. If Donna is reading this- thank you for being so sweet and checking up on me.  I look forward to visiting your blog to catch up soon ♥


Lucille said...

Nice to see you back, Kim! You certainly have been busy! Looking forward to seeing your new project evolve!

Elizabeth S said...

Welcome back Kim, Nice to see you again! :)) Your garden looks so healthy and it had to be a lot of work but, what a great reward for all of your efforts. Your proposal on the re-vamping of your Heritage Dollhouse sounds like it will be very pretty with the new color combination that you have planned. I look forward to reading about your garden and your doll's house as they both move forward.

elizabeth :D

12Create said...

Kim, I recall feeling the same way a while ago. Life was getting in the way and I found blogging just an added stress because I was doing it because I felt I had to rather than because I wanted to. I also ended up missing blogging and now do it mostly for myself as a record of what I am doing and because I love the interaction with other bloggers and followers. Welcome back to blogging - enjoy it. I love the look or your raised vege garden. I am trying to get my first vege garden going and I like your raised garden idea.

Giac said...

Hello Kim,
It's great to have you back. I look forward to seeing you transform the house.
Big hug,

Caseymini said...

Welcome back, Kim! I did wonder what happened to you. Love the house that you are working on now. Keep it up!

Kim said...

How wonderful to have comments already- I'm so glad that you all took the time to read and to come back-thank you!!!

beyondbaffled said...

KIM!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to see you posting again! And you know how I love pictures of your garden! We've talked before about how blogging sometimes becomes a chore so I can definitely sympathize. I found that throughout my time in Nursing school I had done a little work here and there with my dollhouse. I went back through my camera and realized that I had maybe 10 or posts worth of stuff that I could share. So I shared alot for about 2 weeks, but then again life got busy and I'm back to sporadic posting. Not to say that all of the stuff that happened inbetween wasn't interesting too, but you know what I mean! Keep sharing when you feel like it (especially those barn demo progress pics!) and when you can't we'll understand. I think of you often! - Jess

Kim said...

Hi Jess :) I need to find time to come check out your blog- I hate to say it but I almost look forward to snow and less things on the projects list :) You have been working so hard too- so proud of you!! I'll have to post some barn pictures here on the blog- it's a bit sad to see it go.