Monday, March 18, 2013

the snowiest of springs :)

Snow is still coming down here in Minnesota.  More time to work on minis.  I added to the miniature bathroom this week.  First, I had to paint the seat on the toilet blue.  The wood was bothering me when everything else was white and blue.  I added some more little bottles to the shelves, some towels and a perfume set by Dale from Dale's Dreams.

  Now- I have to share with you this great coffee table and side tables I purchased from Cyd at ModPod Miniatures  for a house I have not even built yet :)  I want to build a 1960's themed house from scratch- but I won't allow myself to think about starting that build until I finish up all the houses I have in progress.  That does not mean I cannot buy and set aside things for that future house though.  Right??!! 
Of course I need a couch for the living room that these tables will eventually live in- so my hubby and I built a couch.  I made the couch cushions but the beautiful throw pillows are from a seller on etsy My Little Creations by MellyEllen.  I fell in love with them when I saw them and made the couch with the pillows in mind.  The two vases on the side tables will be non working lamps- I have to make shades still.  I sometimes buy unfinished pottery from Ronni at Timber Ridge Studio and I purchased these vases from her.  I then tried to paint them with a funky "glazed" type of finish with the drips and splatters.  The tiny ashtray is from etsy seller MinPinThings.  I made the Life magazine and tv guide and the phone is from etsy seller Treasures From Texas
I purchased a cat planter in the same group as the vases from Timber Ridge Studio and I painted the kitty up and made a little plant for it.  The cat planter now lives in The Candy House living room :)
Last- I wanted to try making birdhouses from Elizabeth at Studio E's tutorial. (click the link and it will take you to her post for making these)  They were very fun to make and I like how they turned out.  Here you can see them on a bench in my flower shop dollhouse.  I think I  will be making more of these for some of my other houses too.  A big thank you to Elizabeth!

Hope the week brings you lots of moments to create and some spring sunshine!!! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Plugging along

We were hit with more snow this week.  It is really pretty, but my fingers itch to dig in the dirt and I want to walk in the rain.  While I am waiting I've been working on crafty things inside.  Small steps ahead were made this week.  There is very little done in the bathroom of the Candy house so I made a shelf inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest to start to finish the bathroom.The little blue perfume set on the shelf is by Dale from Dale's Dreams.  Dale makes the sweetest perfume sets. I need to make some towels and maybe get a mirror and comb set for those shelves I think.  Some jars of cotton balls and soaps might be nice too.  Oh-a toothbrush and cup- cannot forget that!  Lots more to do here.
 I made a 1/4" scale chair from a kit from Jean Day and a couch from a kit from  Here they are in the living room.  Jean also has beautiful digital art in her shop and vintage trims. I found out that I did the chair incorrectly and the seat is too low, so I'll be fixing that this week and adding some cushions to the couch too.

  I bought a little plastic 1/4" scale bathroom set for the upstairs bathroom.  So tiny!!  I  used white cardstock to add baseboard to all the rooms.
 I really wanted to finish tiling all of the roofing on the Steampunk House, but I didn't make that goal.  It's getting closer though! 
 Started a painting but didn't get too far.
 The reason I didn't get too far on the painting is because I decided that these bugs that I made for the shelf in the craft room needed arms- so I added arms and hands to them all.  I like them much better now- they are still creepy but creepy in a more fun way-lol!

Monday, March 4, 2013

slow week

Today it is snowing after I had wondered last week if spring would ever get here.  The weatherman says we could get 8-10". Ugh.  I've been jumping around from project to project- I think because of the cabin fever.  This week I did not get a lot done miniature wise.  I did some spring cleaning on the life size house instead.  I did make a couple of little dresses for the wardrobe in the Candy House.  I know they are flat and not very realistic- but the doll that lives here is flat so it's fitting, right? :)
A couple of miniature friends gifted me with a bulletin board and some pillows which I have finally added to the Candy House.  They were made by Dale from Dale's Dreams and they are adorable.  I added some postcards, pictures and a letter to the bulletin board.  The matching pillows are on the bed.

I started this little 1/4 scale house that has been sitting on my desk for forever.  I've never worked in this small of a scale so decorating the inside might be a challenge :)

Then I switched course and spent a day painting some pictures in my little wallpaper journal.

That's all I have to show for this week- except a new picture of Miko the pomeranian.  He thought he had been away from the blog for too long :)  Have a good week my friends!