Monday, February 25, 2013

Back again- will it be spring soon???

I'm back again.  The last two weeks were challenging and I'm glad they are behind me.  You would think after another long stretch I would have lots to share, but real life has taken most of my time lately.  Darn real life!  I did manage to finish the bird bath I was making for the Candy House.  I decided to make it more of a fountain since it was out of scale.  This was my first BIG resin project- the only other attempt I have made was a tiny punch bowl.  I think if I did it again I would use saran wrap instead of fishing line for the overflowing water- but I still think it looks okay for this particular house.  If this house were more realistic I would probably like the fountain a lot less.

I also made a mailbox for the Candy House and some tiny mail to go inside.  The outside of the house is just about finished- I just want to add something to the wreath on the wall by the door.

I started to paint the bathroom in the Steampunk House and started a floor for that room.
Work started on a bed for Steampunk House and I bought a pencil sharpener gramaphone that I started to bash.  Not much got done the last two weeks, but slow progress was made :)

Hopefully I'll get back on track now and I'll see you with a new update next week :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Steampunk House Week

I did not make a lot of progress this week.  My husband and I have been fighting some kind of bug and I've been having trouble getting off the couch some nights.  I did start thinking more about the inside of the house and I started planning out the bathroom.  The tower on the outside holds the shower for the bathroom.  There will be a sink in the aclove where the windows are.  I used a washtub I already had in my stash and started to make a faucet and handles from jewelry pieces.  Lots more work to do there-but I need to do some kind of treatment on the walls before I start to glue things in.  Right now the faucet and handles are just hanging there with a bit of masking tape :)

I also started the floor for the living/kitchen area of the house and I bought a tin can couch for the living room area.  It's a bit out of scale- but I love the way it looks so much I'm going to work with it.  The swinging saloon doors lead to the cab where the resident would drive the house around.
Work is still slowly progressing on my real life craft room too.  I saw this idea on pinterest and decided to use it in my room.  My husband drilled cookie sheets to the underside of my top shelf and I glued magnets to small bottles.  Now my glitter and other powders are hanging underneath the shelf and I have gained two drawers for other storage!  I love it!
I'll see you next week with some progress on The Candy House.