Monday, June 3, 2013

June Garden

Hello all!  I'm popping in to show you a little bit of how my garden is looking in the beginning of June.  I have been busy pulling weeds and moving plants-and soon I'll have to help my hubby catch up on the vegetable garden.  Not a lot of time for minis or craft projects lately :)  I don't have a lot blooming yet- we had a chilly spring.  Here are the lilacs-they are really full this year and smell heavenly- I wish that they lasted longer.
I also have some iris blooming right now and my bearded iris have the most buds on them that they have ever had.  I wish I knew what made such a difference this year-usually I only get 3 or 4 flowers tops.

Here are a couple of shots just looking at the garden from different angles.

That last picture still has a lot of weeding to be done.

I had a gopher do a lot of damage last fall- thankfully he decided to move on.  I am thinking he did not like my cats hanging around so much.  Anyways- this is one of the worst spots and so I was able to get a few new plants to add to this area.  It will be a little sparse till they grow in a bit.
I decided to stain my fence so this is the first section that has been repaired and stained.  I think it looks better than the wood aging naturally.
I've taken two piles of weeds like this out so far and well on my way to making a third pile.  I sometimes wonder what I was thinking when I made this garden so big :)
This is a new birdbath for the garden.  I used a bowl I found at a consignment shop and an inexpensive metal plant stand.  My hubby attached the bowl to the stand and I put some rocks and a small chunk of brick in it.  It's all ready for bathing :)  Next update I hope to have much more blooming things to show you-have a great week!