Monday, April 8, 2013

behind again!

ugh- it's been awhile since I've posted.  We are having a cold spring and it throws me into a bit of a blue mood.  Everything I do seems to be in slow motion and I have not progressed very far on any of my projects.  I've been spending a lot of time under a blanket reading books :)  Anyways- I may as well show you the small bits of progress I have been making.  First off- I finally finished the owl I have been working on and now he watches over me in the craft room.
I printed off some pictures from the internet to make some art to hang on the walls of the candy house bathroom.  I have a picture of Marie Antionette (because Amelie is french and misses her home) and four pictures of sweet treats.  I made the frames from skinny sticks and an old necklace that I painted.

I've started work on a rug for the bathroom in punchneedle.  I really love punch needle-it's so relaxing and small enough to bring with to work on at lunchtime or while waiting for appointments.  I drew out a mermaid holding a lollipop :)  I'm almost finished here, but a little bit of work left before I can take it off the hoop.
I still work on the doll I have been turning into Marie Antionette and my husband helped me make a room box for her to sit in.  I have a lot of work to do on this scene still, but I love how it is going so far.
Now I have to go try to catch up on reading some of your blogs- I am so far behind now!  Have a lovely week!!


Plushpussycat said...

Hi Kim, The work you've accomplished is fantastic--I love everything you showed. The owl has so much character--very fun! The pictures and rug for the candy house are so colorful and creative--love them, and great ideas! The Marie Antoinette roombox is fantastic! It already has so much style--great job. Spring has been funny this year. Hope you get some mind-blowing sunshine soon! :-) xo Jennifer

Maria Ireland said...

I love your owl it is fantastic. Your rug is beautiful. The pictures are perfect for the bathroom. The room box looks great.
Hugs Maria

Wyrna Christensen said...

You have made so many exciting things Kim. So busy you must have had. Your carpet is very very beautiful. I love your little pictures.
Your Marie Antionette room box is so exciting.
We also have a cold spring here in Europe, but has plenty of sunshine.
I hope you will soon feel the sunshine and the spring.

Claudia said...

I know what you mean about the weather - it's been such a long winter that I found myself feeling blue a lot of the time. Fortunately, this week is warmer and I think spring might be here. Hang in there, my friend.


Kim said...

Hi Jennifer! Thank you- you are always so sweet. I was able to take a little walk in the garden this past weekend- the snow is almost melted in there :) Thank you for the sunshine wishes- I hope the sun is listening to you :) ♥

Hi Maria-thank you so much. I was going to do all french pics in the bathroom but decided that at least one room in this house needed some sweet treats items :) hugs to you also!

Hi Wyrna! I think your season must be so similar to mine. I think the reason I love my garden so much is because I have to be patient and wait for it while others are already growing :) Thank you for your sweet comments- I hope your sun is warming things up too!! Maybe soon tulips will be popping up in your garden and on your blog!

Hi Claudia!! So nice to see you! I read your blog a lot, but seldom comment- your blog is one of my favorites. I saw you had little beauties popping up in your garden on your blog today- how exciting to see those hyacinths! I am very affected by the winter and when it stretches out like this I find myself fighting the blues a lot. Sometimes I think it is a good day when I manage to style my hair and put on make up for work :) When it warms up so does my attitude:) Hope your temps keep getting warmer and warmer and you get to enjoy some of your garden before you have to leave it ♥

Donna Humphries said...

Hi Kim your owl is amazing. I love it. The bathroom is stunning too. Hope your mood lifts soon. x

Kim said...

Hi Donna! Thanks so much! Actually my mood is much better- but I had a week or so there where I was forcing myself to get out of bed-lol. Pretty soon it will be warm and I'll be gardening and sooooo happy :) Maybe I'll post garden pics this week so everyone can see the brown landscape before it turns to green.

Ilona said...

Your owl is great, well done!
I love to see the progress you have done at several miniatures, the bath room rug with the mermaid is fantastic.
Sunny greetings and warm hugs from me in a cold Netherlands!
Ilona XXX

Kim said...

Hi Ilona :) Thank you so much! I send you sunny greetings and warm hugs too! Soon it will be the month of May- that warm sun can't hold out forever :)

beyondbaffled said...

What a lovely bathroom! Looks very relaxing. And don't worry about being behind - aren't we all? :)

Lil said...

Youre owl is so cool! I think the color you have used for the bathroom is very nice! I like the room box too.. !
We have had a lot of days here with sunny and warm spring weather. Around +10c.

Lil on Lilsdolls

Rosethé said...

Bonjour Kim, ravie de vous retrouver. J'aime beaucoup le hibou, il est bien fait et amusant. Les tableaux et le tapis sont parfaits. Je travaille aussi lentement, il fait froid et ce jour il pleut... Bof !
Bonne journée ! rosethé

Elizabeth S said...

Hello Kim! So nice to see the new little items that you have shown. The little mermaid rug is very cute and You are doing a great job with it. It is always a good idea to have something to do rather than sit and brood, but I certainly know how you feel. Winter blues are a common occurrence here on the Canadian West Coast.
Where has the spring gone and run off to anyway!? Lets ask the wise old owl about it, shall we?


Giac said...

Hello kim,
You look like you have been pretty busy to me! The owl is lovely. Great work. THe frames are great (love the color) and are perfect in the bath. As for the rug and the Marie Antoinette, absolutely beautiful. I am very impressed by your different talents. Be strong, warm weather is coming soon.
Big hug,

Kim said...

Hi Jessie! At least you have a good excuse :) Mine is just laziness and irritation against the cold :) Thanks for your compliment ♥

Hi Lil :) Thank you ♥ Would you please send your warm temps my way- they say we may get some more snow this week and I am crossing my fingers they are wrong :)

Rosethe-thank you! I am glad to hear that I am not the only slow one :) Hope the weather warms up for you too! Hugs to you!!

Hi Elizabeth! My house is so cold in the winter and early spring because it is very old-so I like things I can do on the couch under a blanket if I choose to be grumpy:) That is how I got so far on the rug-lol! I will ask the owl if he knows where the spring is but I feel he will probably give me some kind of a riddle for an anwser:) Owls like to make you think you know ♥

Hi Giac! Thank you so much for your nice comment. I think I will start to think of this late spring as funny and if it really does snow this week I will have a big belly laugh. Big hugs to you too :)

Lucille said...

Hi Kim! Mr. Owl is adorable and is the very picture of wisdom! Your little frames and chosen pics are very nice. I love the chandelier in your bathroom. I love that Marie-Antoinette room box and your rug is lovely. I love the colours in it.

Kim said...

Hi Lucille :) Thank you so much! I think Mr Owl looks quite smart too- perhaps he'll have all the answers to all my crafting questions :) I hope to have the rug done this week- I'm thinking about doing a second one for around the toilet too. hugs to you-hope your week is wonderful ♥

Sans! said...

Kim, Mr Owl is one cool dude. My favourite bird is the white owl. Or the white peacock, depending on the time of the day. now it is the white owl :).

That punch needle rug is just like the pictures you often drew. Punch needle rugs are so much more realistic, I feel than the cross stitched ones but I find the latter very therapeutic :). Never tried punch needle. May do soon. Is it easier than X-stitching?

Kim said...

Hi Sans! I have a special place in my heart for owls also. I have only seen one in the wild once-but oh how beautiful it was. I drew that pattern for the rug- I was going to buy a kit and then decided that I wanted a mermaid and I wanted her to have candy somehow :) I think punchneedle is sooo much easier than cross stitching and it's actually really relaxing also. You have to have the special needle-but all you are doing is punching the needle into the fabric, slowly pulling it out and moving it over a stitch and punching again. I use embroidery floss so after you purchase the needle it's not even very expensive to buy supplies. I don't know that it gives as detailed a pattern as cross stitching-but I'm not an expert at it so maybe with a lot of practice you could still even get a really intricate pattern with it.

Lindsey Domer said...

Love the frame ideas... :) How clever!

Kim said...

thank you Lindsey ♥