Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Garden

I thought I might post some pictures of my garden as it looks right now.  There are a few little early green leaves trying to survive down underneath all that brown- mostly pansies and sedum.  Sedum is a tough little plant :)


Jane Smith said...

WOw you have a wonderful space! I love all your little cubby spots like the seating area!

I can see through the brown and imagine the wonderful greenery that will spring!

I am still working on my space :) we build 6 years ago but the land is slow going. This year is big plans...then again isn't every year ;P


Kim said...

Hi Jane! I can see the green through the brown too- I think that is a sign of the heart of a gardener:) This is my flower garden and then my hubby has a veggie garden closer to that falling down barn in the background. We have been here for about 16 years and I still have a huge list of plans every single year- but I love it and I bet you do too :) hugs back to you!!

12Create said...

It must be wonderful watching your garden come to life as the weather warms up. It looks a wonderful outdoor space.

Sans! said...

I really love looking at pictures of all your gardens. I just came from Betsy and over where she is, some flowers are already out. Slowly but surely for the others.

Kim, I have a similar request to make of you. I hope you will show us pictures of your garden when it is in full bloom. I am sure it will be just wonderful!

Rosethé said...

un jardin ... d'hiver ? Où est passé le printemps ?
Ici, quelques fleurs sont enfin là, mais pas la chaleur. Miko est superbe !

Wyrna Christensen said...

Oh it's great that you can see the green grow. So much space and so many cozy natural places you have. It looks as there is a lot of width where you live.
And then you have a dog, it must be great.

Kim said...

Hi Sharee :) I can honestly say that my garden is my favorite place in the world. It is one of the few places where I stop thinking of all I have to do and just enjoy nature and letting my mind wander.

Sans-I will be sharing pictures of the garden as the months go by-I like to share and it also often helps me decide what I should add or change when I see the pictures up on a screen. Although I complain a lot about winter one of the most wonderful things is going out each day in the spring to see if anything is coming up or to see how much things have grown. It is a really fun time of year for me:)

Hi Rosethé! Our spring is slow in coming this year and we still have the end of winter hanging on-but soon I will have pictures with more green to share :) Miko says thank you and sends you kisses ♥

Hi Wyrna :) We do have a very large yard- this garden is just in my front yard. We have a wooded area behind our home also- I am very lucky to live where I do-it is very beautiful. That is my do Miko. I never had any children so he is like a child to me- he is also my shadow and follows me most everywhere I go :) Hugs to you!!!!

windypointminiaturesblogspot.com said...

I love this time of year - the greenery is just weeks away in places where winter lingers...You have a great space. It looks so peaceful; a place to really enjoy moments of solitude.


Kim said...

Hi Jennifer! Thank you for your nice comment. I like this time of year too- especially the excitement of seeing each new plant peek out of the soil after the long rest. I hope I'll have some pictures with more green to show off soon :)

Cinderella Moments Real Estate said...

Still snow! It's too cold here in Texas too. I'm really tired of it. I want spring. Your garden is such a wonderful place though.
Thanks for joining my new site.
And the trio is pretty good. The size is o.k. It could be smaller for minis. I haven't used it enough to be a pro yet. I found that putting my weight on it from the top instead of staying behind it makes the cuts straighter. It's not the easiest to stay straight with it. But it's much better than cutting by hand. If you see it coming up on sale for $39 again at Home Depot go for it. But don't pay the $79.
I have to say this trio has served my purpose. I was always afraid of the spinning saw blade on my other power tool. This is much safer. I feel much better about using it. And it's not as loud.
Have a great Friday!

Liduina said...

hi Kim, I noticed your reactions on several blogs and got curious to yours, so I just had a look and now I am your newest follower. You are a versatile miniaturist; not only in the use of materials but also in style. Surprising and nice to look at. Keep up the good work :-)

Kim said...

Hi Caroline :) thank you for your sweet comment. I hope it warms up in Texas soon! Thank you so much for telling me more about the trio- I will keep an eye out for sales. I hate cutting by hand too! Happy friday to you and hugs back :)

Hi Liduina!! So nice to meet you- I'm glad you traveled over. thank you for your sweet words- I'm going to travel on over to your blog now too :) hugs!

Lindsey Domer said...

I totally need to work on my landscaping. I wish I enjoyed gardening more! :)


Kim said...

Hi Lindsey! I adore gardening- too bad I'm not close to you :) Now this garden is completely covered in snow because we just had about 7 inches fall yesterday :)

Lucille said...

Hi Kim! You have a lovely property. A lot of work but fresh air and exercise is so good. I'm looking forward to seeing all your lovely flowers as they come out. I hope you will show us. I see your sweet little dog is out there taking some exercise. Give him a hug for me, will you!

Kim said...

Hi Lucille! Since I have taken these pictures my entire garden is again coated completely in snow from another storm. I have to laugh. I will be posting pictures of the garden for sure because once it is finally warm I spend most of my time outdoors :) Miko sends doggy kisses- he loves the snow and is happy more has come :) Have a wonderful week Lucille!!

Kim said...
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Ilona said...

Hi Kim, I have missed this post???? How come? Anyway, this showed a bit of spring, huh? But now.....I have to comment on your last post :D! Be right back LOL!!
Hugs, Ilona