Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 here I come

****Rambling and picture less post ahead- enter at your own risk****

It has been over a month since I have posted- I can't believe that time flies away from me that quickly.  I have had a hard time getting back to blogging.  When I first started this blog it was going to be more of a record for myself of things I was working on, things I finished and things that were going on in my life in case my family wanted to keep up with me from far away.  Somewhere along the line it turned into some kind of monster to me.  I would worry about if what I posted was going to be interesting to people that were reading.  I worried if someone would think I was copying them- or even worse- if I would see something someone did and do something similar without remembering I saw it somewhere else and make someone mad.  I felt like I couldn't just post whatever I wanted to anymore- like someone out there might not like it---or worse yet- might not like me!  Can you tell that I am an anxious person and worry a lot??!  Anyhow, I have come to the decision that if I am ever going to get back to blogging I have got to stop thinking about who is reading, why they are reading and how they are thinking about what they read.  I have to go back to blogging for myself and blogging what I want to have documented here.  I have to accept that if someone does not like me and does not like what I post that they can move on to another blog that they do like and I don't need to take everything so personally.  Last  year was a strange year.  After working so hard it was a year of my husband and I starting to get our personal lives back together and starting to move forward.  We were able to build a garage-something we had wished for a long time and were working towards saving for.  We were able to take an entire week off work and go on an actual vacation- something we have not been able to do for the last five years.  In many ways though, it was a year that I struggled to move forward with personal things and did not make progress.  I'm hoping to do better in 2013.  I'm starting to get back into being creative- it felt like it left me for a very long time this time.  I've still been remodeling my art room and I've been taking inventory of all my unfinished projects and trying to decide what I would like to make a goal to finish this year.  I would like to work in my art journal more this year.  I hardly did last year and I miss it.  I would also like to finish up at least two of the many dollhouses I have started.  I have an idea for a new one and I promised myself I could not even think of buying anything for it until I finished what I have.   Anyways, if you read this far- thank you and I'll be back next week with some of the things I have been working on.  None of them are finished, but I'm making progress and it feels good to be making progress on things again :)


Lucille said...

Welcome back, Kim! Just do your own thing and never mind what anybody else thinks. If you feel like saying something, say it. It's your blog, after all. Like you say, if someone does not like it,then they can go read somewhere else. As far as I'm concerned, I think you're a wonderful, kind, considerate, and caring person.

Kim said...

Thank you Lucille. I feel the same about you and I'm always so happy to see you visit. I miss blogging so I really need to get back to it and just do what is right for me. Happy New Year to you- I hope that 2013 brings you great things!

Maria Ireland said...

Hello Kim at first I also worried about what I blogged about but its Your blog and you should enjoy it. There is a lot of wonderful people out there that will be very happy to encourage you. I now love blogging and though I still worry sometimes I have made so many friends that its well worth the effort. So enjoy your wonderful blog and have fun with it :)
Hugs Maria

Kim said...

Me too Maria- I cherish the friends I have made here and that is what I miss so much. I just get almost frozen when I try to post because of all the thoughts in my head so I think I need to do as you say- stop worrying about it and just write what I want. Hugs back to you too!!!!♥

ShellbyFay said...

Kim, you silly sausage! The blogging world isn't full of ogres waiting to jump out and critize you. It's a strong community of people who all share at least one interest - blogging. And you're part of this community. I doubt you're going to be told off or shouted at for any of your posts.

Your blog is brilliantly, you have lots of followers. They wouldn't be following your blog if they didn't find it interesting enough - keep that in mind!

Kim said...

LOL ShellbyFay- you crack me up! It's not so much that I think people will be mean to me--it's more like I start to have huge self doubt and inner criticism because I'm thinking about who is reading. I totally let myself get bogged down in the feeling that I had to provide entertainment that was worthy or people would just be disappointed-like if my post was too simple then I shouldn't post it. I know in the back of my head it's not true, but that is how I would feel each time I went to post and so I didn't post again and again. I have to stop that cycle and just go back to not thinking about who is going to read. Self doubt is always creeping in on me- I'm always fighting it-lol. Silly Sausage is just about my favorite thing anyone has ever called me- you are fantastic ShellbyFay! I'm glad you are blogging again too :)

kibbygirl said...

Here's to a great, creative New Year Kim!!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Welcome back Kim! I missed you so much. This is your blog and you can talk about what you want, show what you want. I know how you feel about not starting anything new until a few old projects are done. I'm in the same boat and we can sail together. Happy New Year!

ShellbyFay said...

You currently have 337 followers - that's quite a lot, and I can't imagine 337 people out there would be following you if they were bored.

Last year, you only posted 20 times - but you still have your followers!

My guess is something you're "supposed" to be working on has completely lost its fizz. Look back to your posts of what you were creating and use that as guidance, you were posting about it so even you must've thought it was exciting enough.

You made a brilliant crochet phone cover! Make another one? But this time, challenge yourself and do a pattern or a mixture of colours.

It doesn't have to be miniature related, this is a blog you created to document your creative side. So lets see it!!

How about starting fresh?
A new blog background.
A new photo.
New colours.
A whole new project to kick start your year.
Oh and a new attitude to your blog!

Stop fretting woman! :)

Wyrna Christensen said...

Exciting considerations. I can recognize your consideration. I get so inspired by visiting someone else's blog, and sometimes I learn exactly new techniques. If people do not want that we let ourselves be inspired by their things, they must resist putting it out in the public domain. Is how I think.
I look at my tour that all inspired, I think it's probably this blogging is for, namely to share.

Lucky you that you have been built a gargage. My husband and I have long wanted one in our cottage, missing so much space. One day we get it done.
I look forward to seeing more of your work.


Piikko said...

Happy new year to you my dear blog friend!♥

De said...

Welcome back, Kim! I read your blog because I am interested in you and what you're working on. Doesn't matter if it's a project that's been inspired by someone else or a completely original idea. I like to see your spin. I also enjoy hearing about your garden. Just keep on blogging about whatever interests you. :)

Kim said...

I wrote this post mostly for myself to kick myself in the pants and get back to blogging and creating. It is so wonderful that I have so many encouraging comments from you all- thank you so much. I have been creating since I was really young and I've always had these times of self doubt and being unable to get back to creating- kind of low spots where you just can't seem to do much more than just what you need to do to get by in life. I guess that I've always been able to just kind of hide it and no one knows- but with the blog I can't really hide it as well :)

Sans! said...

Oh Kim, thank you for sharing because let me tell you, I am sure many of us have our own blog monsters to deal with. I call mine blog-fatigue and I go away for sometime . But like you, the good outweighs the bad and I invariably come back :).

I am always interested in many things. Some things I have been doing for a long time like running, reading but there were long lapses, 2-3 years, when I stop doing them completely. Somehow I go back to doing them again. Creating in mini scale, now I can feel it in my bones that this is something that will be my life companion. But even then, I will go away sometime, and then come back again :).

And always I know, there are people out here who care about what I do and care about me , like how they do about you :).

PonderandStitch said...

Hi, Kim-

I really appreciated this post, and I'm sure so many people feel the same way! I know I have. I'm finally trying to get back into blogging after, I think, seven months away! That's a huuuuuge stretch. Thanks for sticking with me. :)


Plushpussycat said...

Hi Kim, I can relate to what you've written about feeling like the blog had become a monster. I feel like I'm on a tight schedule of two posts per week, but why? I'm the only one putting pressure on myself. I've been trying to learn to just let my self-imposed schedule go a little bit, and that has helped a lot. I also can relate about completing projects. I start to feel really overwhelmed if I have too many projects going at the same time. I love the feeling of completion and applaud you for making that a goal for yourself. Thank you for all of the thoughtful comments you leave on my blog! xo Jennifer