Thursday, January 31, 2013

Giveaway at Mixed Media Art Directory!!!!

Hello Friends!!!  I have a giveaway to share with you today.  My friend has a website Mixed Media Art Directory that is having a huge giveaway!  There are lots of wonderful prizes to be won- please visit my friend Cia to get a look at the prizes and see the rules for entering.  I love all the prizes but I'm personally hoping I win the art print by Cia because her work is amazing.  Don't forget to check out the Mixed Media Art Directory too.  The site is filled with tons of amazing artists plus links to shops, tutorials, classes, clip art and more!  So much to look at!  Good luck to all that enter :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Candy House Week

This week in my free time I worked on The Candy House.  I finally finished the gardens under the windows in the front.  It felt really good to finish them- I never imagined how many little green leaves I would end up needing!
I also started working on a birdbath for the front yard of the house.  My friend Katie from Katie's Clay Corner sent me a couple of board game pieces from the game Candyland.  I used one of them for a sign on the bakery dollhouse and I saved the other piece to use on this house.  I'm in the middle of this project- eventually the entire birdbath will be gray concrete and I'm going to try and fill the bowl with resin to look like water.  It is a little out of scale, but other things in this house are too because it is made for a small doll that a friend gave to me named Amelie. 
I painted and installed the missing trim in the inside of the house and finished grouting the kitchen floor and wall.  The wallpaper is bubbling in the playroom but thankfully a big cupboard goes on that wall so I'm not going to worry about it.
Now I'm ready to finish up the inside of the house.  I started with the bedroom.  I had a few pieces for that room that I needed to paint so that rounded out my projects for the week.  I painted a couple of hat boxes, the inside of a cupboard I had started long ago, a couple of clogs that were sent to me by my sweet friend Dani and  a cradle that holds Amelie's favorite doll.  The pillow in the cradle was made by Kat from Little Thoughts From an Average Mind.  The stitching is perfect.

Here they all are in the house
I'll see you next week with what I manage to get done on The Steampunk House :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Steampunk Progress

I have made some small progress on the Steampunk House this week.  I added a staircase from the balcony down to the cab of the house.  There is no staircase inside the house, so this is how the inhabitants would move from level to level.
I also painted the posts on the balcony silver and painted the wagon wheels.  I need to do some aging, but I'm waiting until I'm almost done with the exterior on this side so I can do it all at once.

I started to add some ladder rungs on the outside of the tower that holds the shower.  It is slow moving because I can only add so many at a time and then I have to wait for glue to dry.
I made a dresser for the bedroom inside the house and I started on a bed.  The dresser started out as an unpainted piece of furniture that I added metal tape and beads to- I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  The bed still needs a lot of work.  I can see it finished in my head, but I'm still pondering how to get to that finished vision :) 

I have not progressed too far on either dollhouse because I am hard at work on my real life library and craft room.  The library room is a disaster area- this is about the cleanest shot of progress I can show.  I have been painting different colors in the cubbies behind the books.
This next week I'm going to work on The Candy House instead of the Steampunk House so I'll see you next Monday with some progress shots :)  Have a creative week!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Candy House

I finished a project I had started for The Candy House dollhouse.  Last fall I started this little puppet for the toy room.  I finally made her a little dress, gave her some wool hair and strung up her hands and feet.  I think she turned out pretty cute.
I did some work on the Steampunk House this week too but the mornings have been really dark and it's dark by the time we get home from work so I think I won't get good pictures till the weekend.  See you with a new post then :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Moving along

Well, I am coming back to the land of the creative living.  I've been able to move forward with some things this last week and make a little progress.  I made a list of things I would like to finish up- just a few to start with and when I get these finished I'll go forward from there.  I have quite a few dollhouses in progress and one that lives in my head that I really want to build.  I decided that no more dollhouses could be started until every single one I have is finished- so I have chosen "The Candy House" and "The Steampunk House" as the houses I will concentrate on first.  The Candy House was built specifically for a little doll made by my friend Patricia.  The outside is almost finished- I just have some work to do on the front garden.  The inside needs a lot of work.
The Steampunk House needs a lot of work on the inside and the outside.  This weekend I added a chain railing to the balcony and the wheels are finally permanently attached on the front wagon cab.

I would like to finish the rooms upstairs in our real house this year too.  In my craft room I have still been working on collaging all of my suitcases and painting the trim silver.  This has been a huge job and I'm about halfway done.  I have more painting to do on the walls in my craft room and a little bit more organizing to do.
In the library/guest room upstairs I have been slowly painting the walls cream.  Our house is really old, so both of these rooms are a little rough, but they are looking much better with these minor cosmetic changes.  My hubby built me some more shelves in the last available space in this room.  After these last shelves are filled I'm either going to have to stop buying books or start getting rid of some clothes so I can shove books in my closet :) 
I've chosen 3 mixed media projects that I want to finish.  The first would be my altered LIV doll that will be Marie Antionette.  I have been working on this doll off and on at night.  She is an easy project to do if I feel like sitting in front of the tv because I have been hand sewing and beading her dress.  Here is what she looks like so far.
Next is this owl that sits on my table in my craft room and watches me create.  I want to add that little globe to a nest beneath him-but I think I want to alter the globe a bit.  Not sure exactly how yet- or exactly how I'm going to create his nest.
The last project on my list of things I am working on is this angel.  I have had her in progress for a long time.  Some items that were in my wedding bouquet (we were married in 98) are woven into her skirt so she is very special to me.  I think it's time she was finished up.
Before I go- I wanted to show you the journal I made with a Zutter Bind It All machine I bought myself for Christmas.  (yes- I really did buy myself a present-lol).  I used leftover chipboard I had lying in my craft room and the pages are wallpaper borders that someone had given me probably at least 8 or 9 years ago-if not more!  I decided to use them in this first binding project so that if I messed up terribly on my first try I would not cry over wasted expensive materials.  Turns out I really love working on the wallpaper border.  The pages are nice and thick and after a coat of gesso paint goes on like butter.  Here are my first pages in the book- soooo nice to just pick up a brush and paint without any worry or nagging inner critic.  I might just love this journal for that reason- it was so cheap who cares if I mess some pages up!

Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 here I come

****Rambling and picture less post ahead- enter at your own risk****

It has been over a month since I have posted- I can't believe that time flies away from me that quickly.  I have had a hard time getting back to blogging.  When I first started this blog it was going to be more of a record for myself of things I was working on, things I finished and things that were going on in my life in case my family wanted to keep up with me from far away.  Somewhere along the line it turned into some kind of monster to me.  I would worry about if what I posted was going to be interesting to people that were reading.  I worried if someone would think I was copying them- or even worse- if I would see something someone did and do something similar without remembering I saw it somewhere else and make someone mad.  I felt like I couldn't just post whatever I wanted to anymore- like someone out there might not like it---or worse yet- might not like me!  Can you tell that I am an anxious person and worry a lot??!  Anyhow, I have come to the decision that if I am ever going to get back to blogging I have got to stop thinking about who is reading, why they are reading and how they are thinking about what they read.  I have to go back to blogging for myself and blogging what I want to have documented here.  I have to accept that if someone does not like me and does not like what I post that they can move on to another blog that they do like and I don't need to take everything so personally.  Last  year was a strange year.  After working so hard it was a year of my husband and I starting to get our personal lives back together and starting to move forward.  We were able to build a garage-something we had wished for a long time and were working towards saving for.  We were able to take an entire week off work and go on an actual vacation- something we have not been able to do for the last five years.  In many ways though, it was a year that I struggled to move forward with personal things and did not make progress.  I'm hoping to do better in 2013.  I'm starting to get back into being creative- it felt like it left me for a very long time this time.  I've still been remodeling my art room and I've been taking inventory of all my unfinished projects and trying to decide what I would like to make a goal to finish this year.  I would like to work in my art journal more this year.  I hardly did last year and I miss it.  I would also like to finish up at least two of the many dollhouses I have started.  I have an idea for a new one and I promised myself I could not even think of buying anything for it until I finished what I have.   Anyways, if you read this far- thank you and I'll be back next week with some of the things I have been working on.  None of them are finished, but I'm making progress and it feels good to be making progress on things again :)