Monday, June 3, 2013

June Garden

Hello all!  I'm popping in to show you a little bit of how my garden is looking in the beginning of June.  I have been busy pulling weeds and moving plants-and soon I'll have to help my hubby catch up on the vegetable garden.  Not a lot of time for minis or craft projects lately :)  I don't have a lot blooming yet- we had a chilly spring.  Here are the lilacs-they are really full this year and smell heavenly- I wish that they lasted longer.
I also have some iris blooming right now and my bearded iris have the most buds on them that they have ever had.  I wish I knew what made such a difference this year-usually I only get 3 or 4 flowers tops.

Here are a couple of shots just looking at the garden from different angles.

That last picture still has a lot of weeding to be done.

I had a gopher do a lot of damage last fall- thankfully he decided to move on.  I am thinking he did not like my cats hanging around so much.  Anyways- this is one of the worst spots and so I was able to get a few new plants to add to this area.  It will be a little sparse till they grow in a bit.
I decided to stain my fence so this is the first section that has been repaired and stained.  I think it looks better than the wood aging naturally.
I've taken two piles of weeds like this out so far and well on my way to making a third pile.  I sometimes wonder what I was thinking when I made this garden so big :)
This is a new birdbath for the garden.  I used a bowl I found at a consignment shop and an inexpensive metal plant stand.  My hubby attached the bowl to the stand and I put some rocks and a small chunk of brick in it.  It's all ready for bathing :)  Next update I hope to have much more blooming things to show you-have a great week!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Swap with Jane from Minifanaticus

Hello friends!  I am sorry I have been absent for so long again- I have been hit with a very very bad cold/flu type thing and it just won't seem to let me go.  I'm really hoping that I am on the downhill slide of things now.  Before I got sick I agreed to do a swap with Jane at  I just opened up her package last night and I have to say that she really spoiled me!  Jane sent so many fabulous things- every time I thought I had a favorite the next thing was just as amazing.  I have to share with you what she sent--most of this I am going to use in my future build of a 1960's themed dollhouse.  I think the little cake might find it's way in to my bakery dollhouse :)

First is a little prep board--look at the veggies!  They are perfect!!  I am so in love with this piece, especially because I had a prep board on my list of things to purchase for this house (I am awful at making polymer clay food myself).  This is definitely one of my favorites and I love it so much!
 Jane made me some burnt orange cookware to go in my 60's kitchen.  I love the way they look with the yellow appliances-perfect!
 Beautiful and very realistic fruit and veggie bowl.  I wish I would have taken a better picture of the veggie bowl- it is a wonderful avacado green color with the braided orange rim and just gorgeous.  Looks like it came right from the pages of a 1960's home decorating magazine!
 Here we have some dishes, a fondue pot and some treats.  The fondue pot is also one of my very favorites.  I remember having fondue night when I was a kid.  I know this will be displayed somewhere special when this house gets built.
 Close up of the dishes- don't you just love the daisies on the orange plates?  Love the wooden bowls too!
 Jane made this wonderful buffet type cupboard (I should have looked up the correct word) and all of the vases on the top of it!!  This furniture is going to fit in perfectly!!!
 A cookie jar and low dish for the 60's house!!  Don't they look great on top of the refrigerator?
 Here I used one of the wooden looking bowls Jane made and put a little nutcracker I already purchased for this house in it- LOVE it!
 Another one of my favorites...deviled eggs and a plate of cheese and crackers.  I wish I had taken a better picture of the snack plate- the crackers are perfect!  Little dimples and all!!   Don't you remember deviled eggs for every party back in the 60's and 70's?
 Here is a little bag of beads that Jane sent me that I think I may make into a curtain for the teenager's room or maybe some bottles for a vanity- not sure yet but the colors are perfect.  Jane also sent me a sweet little pink vanity set for the bathroom of this house and somehow I forgot that last picture.  I cannot believe how much she sent and I am so grateful- it was like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one!!  Thank you so much Jane!!!!
Before I end this post I am going to put up a few pictures of my garden.  There is not much going on but I like to post these so I can go back at the end of the season and have an idea of how things changed and what happened for the year.  Here we are in the middle of May and not much has happened yet- we sure had a strange spring this year.

Chives on May 14, 2013
 Starting the cleanup from last fall.

 The bottom half of the garden- lots of clean up to do here still also.

 The only thing blooming in my yard right now- the daffodils we planted above the septic tank.

 New swing by the firepit.

Hope to start to catch up with all of you again soon now- have a great week!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

plugging along while waiting for the garden

I have been plugging along...jumping from project to project while waiting for warm weather.  The biggest project we've been working on is our staircase.  I didn't take any pictures-but our house is very old and the steps had actual rounded out grooves from years of people walking up and down them.  My husband and I fixed the bottom half of the staircase a couple years ago and I finally convinced him to take some time to finish the top half.  What a difference.  I have been slipping and falling down the stairs when I had my arms full of things for so long- and now I have level steps that I don't fall down!!  Hooray!! 
I have also been slowly working on Houseworks kits for the kitchen of the 1960's themed dollhouse.  I have just been purchasing the basic pieces for right now until we build the house.  This was my very first time working with enamel paint and it was a big learning experience for me.  I think I really like how they are turning out- I haven't decided if I will need to tone down the gold color yet or not.  I will eventually have orange countertops.

I finished the mermaid rug for the bathroom in the Candy House.  It's hard to take pictures of this room because it's so small. 

I found a small christmas ornament in my mini stash while I was cleaning so it got a new coat of paint and I glued a string and bead to it for a pull toy in the playroom of the Candy House.

I've been looking for a crocheted afghan for the Candy House for awhile and finally found one that matched the room perfectly.  It is incredibly fine and beautiful in person.  This is the link to the etsy shop I purchased it from- a very sweet and talented lady.

Then.....I was sidetracked.  My Mom sent me a package of items she thought I might like that she was getting rid of.  In the package was an old photo album.  It was not in the best of shape-the spine was crumbling and it had cracks in the cover.  I fixed the cover, ripped out the spine and rebound the old pages in between watercolor pages to make myself a new journal.  I am in love with it- it has re-sparked my interest in journaling...something I have been struggling with for awhile.  I am going to do the entire journal in the brown, cream, yellow, silver, gold and teal color scheme you can see I have started with.  It is such a joy to be working in a journal again and having fun with it instead of struggling.  The pages with the people in the middle are the original pages from the album where you would put a picture.

Before I go I thought I would show you a card I made for a wonderful couple that is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  I really hope they like it!  Hope the sun is shining where you live today!!!

Oh....and this is what my desk looks like in the craft room now- a major clean up is on tonight's agenda :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Still working on my patience

Remember last week when I showed you my garden?  Here are three pictures from this morning-April 19!  At least Miko thinks it is great fun :)  Hope you all are having warm sunny days today!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Garden

I thought I might post some pictures of my garden as it looks right now.  There are a few little early green leaves trying to survive down underneath all that brown- mostly pansies and sedum.  Sedum is a tough little plant :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

behind again!

ugh- it's been awhile since I've posted.  We are having a cold spring and it throws me into a bit of a blue mood.  Everything I do seems to be in slow motion and I have not progressed very far on any of my projects.  I've been spending a lot of time under a blanket reading books :)  Anyways- I may as well show you the small bits of progress I have been making.  First off- I finally finished the owl I have been working on and now he watches over me in the craft room.
I printed off some pictures from the internet to make some art to hang on the walls of the candy house bathroom.  I have a picture of Marie Antionette (because Amelie is french and misses her home) and four pictures of sweet treats.  I made the frames from skinny sticks and an old necklace that I painted.

I've started work on a rug for the bathroom in punchneedle.  I really love punch needle-it's so relaxing and small enough to bring with to work on at lunchtime or while waiting for appointments.  I drew out a mermaid holding a lollipop :)  I'm almost finished here, but a little bit of work left before I can take it off the hoop.
I still work on the doll I have been turning into Marie Antionette and my husband helped me make a room box for her to sit in.  I have a lot of work to do on this scene still, but I love how it is going so far.
Now I have to go try to catch up on reading some of your blogs- I am so far behind now!  Have a lovely week!!