Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The sunroom and some journal pages

I am still in a bit of a funk and not feeling like doing much else besides cleaning.  Why is it that any time I can't seem to find my muse and create I turn to cleaning the house?  I wish it were spring or summer- I could at least pull weeds then :)  Anyhow- on Sunday I sat down and I actually worked on the miniature sunroom roombox for a bit.  I have two gorgeous plant hangers that I bought on etsy from Inges Minis and I decided to make a couple of plants for  them.  The spider plant could probably be a bit fuller- but my patience for working with those tiny wired leaves was at an end.

I also made three little tin cans and put a small plant in each on the windowsill- the lady of the house has just started these and will transplant them after they grow just a bit more :)
Here's another shot looking down into the room- I think I am almost finished with this project!  I think I'll add 2 more hanging plants and then it's done!  It's hard to take pictures of the room because of the glass- so sorry there are not more close ups of the details.
I've also been working a bit more in my Book of Days journal- although I am not doing well in keeping up with the group or the book.  I have decided to add what I can at my own pace on this book- I've got to catch up on the Lifebook course so this book has been taking the back burner.  Here's a couple of the pages:

Sorry about the picture quality on the book pages- it's a bit gray and dreary in Minnesota today :)  I'm off to take a walk soon- I have decided that I am going to try to get more fresh air and see if I can chase these blahs away.  Hope your day is awesome!!!