Thursday, November 15, 2012

We Have Wheels!!

With my husband's help-I finally have the start of wheels on the Steampunk dollhouse!  I have been feeling under the weather and not spending a lot of time creating things- mostly just trying to keep the house clean!  One night my hubby decided that we should go for it and try to attach wheels to the Steampunk house and I was all for it!  I'm so happy to have this step over with because it was really intimidating me and maybe now I'll move forward with this house instead of avoiding it.  Here are the pictures so far- of course more aging needs to be done and the front wagon wheels are not totally attached yet. 

I really need to build a background board for my pictures so you don't see my creative mess in the background :)  In other news, we are having a garage built this fall and this morning the first truck came with the materials.  I was so excited I was dancing around the porch in my pj's.  Here is the semi truck getting ready to unload.  They have a little crane on that front cab and they just detach and unload the bed-so cool!
Before I go- I have a very, very late blogging award to pass on.  My friend ShellbyFay from gave me this award- which was really sweet of her since I have been having a hard time being a consistent blogger.  It is the "I love to blog" award.  I want to pass this award along to anyone that is still reading my blog- thank you for sticking around with me while I try to make blogging a habit again.  I hope to be feeling better soon and back to creating more-- my brain has so many things it wants to work on right now but my body keeps saying it wants to take a nap!!