Sunday, October 21, 2012

thank goodness for warm fall days

My hubby and I are building a garage, so this last week has been spent clearing up the area that the cement slab will be laid. That progressed on to cleaning up the old garage (which is really just a big shed) so that the old garage can become part chicken coop and part snowmobile shed.  I am thankful the days have been pretty warm.  Here is the exciting picture of where our new garage will be-you have to use your imagination a lot in this picture.  I circled the four corner stakes of the building.
After we finished dinner each night I've worked a little on my craft projects.  I have painted all the siding on the Fisher Price house and started working on the brick foundation.  The original chimney is gone so I made a substitute out of chipboard and that will be bricked also.
I've added more curls to Marie Antionette's wig and one ribbon hairband.  I want to eventually have flowers, gems and ribbons all over this wig.
I made a trial macaroon for the dessert tables for Marie Antionette.  I think it turned out okay- now to make at least a dozen more.
One night last week I was thinking how horrible my cactus in my kitchen looked, so I repotted them and got rid of the pathetic looking ones.  That was my whole week!  I don't feel like I accomplished a lot this week, but we did spend a lot of time on arranging things for the garage, so real life stepped in a lot.  I'm hoping to have some goodies made to show you next week for Marie Antionette's tables.  I'm still feeling a little nervous about the dress, so I'm still sketching and planning on her costume.  See you next week!


Maria Ireland said...

The curls are looking great. I love the macaroon it looks very real.
Hugs Maria

Lucille said...

I think you did an awful lot, Kim, for a woman who works all day long. The Marie-Antoinette wig is coming along beautifully and I love her curls. It will be interesting to see her wig when it's all dressed up with the extra things you propose to put on it. You also did a lot on the house. Looking forward to seeing your new garage. I had no idea you kept chickens. So, you have fresh eggs, then. How nice!

Ascension said...

Hola Kim
Seguro que sera una fantastica construccion.
Me encanta como te ha quedado tu casita pintada.
Que ricitos mas bonitos, te han quedado genial.
besitos ascension

Kim said...

Maria- thank you so much. The macaroon was fun to make- now I have to make lots more!

Lucille- thank you! I feel like I did not do much because so much time was spent on the new garage this week :) I am so excited about the wig- I hope it matches my imagination when I am finished :)

Ascension- thank you! hugs to you xxxooo

Ara said...

You say you don't feel like you've done a lot - but my goodness! That's a lot as far as I am concerned!! Marie's hair looks great! Doll hair is so scary to so I am super impressed! hugs, Ara

Kim said...

thank you Ara- you are so sweet!

ilovelittlethings said...

Hi Kim,
Thank you for your kind words.
Lovely macaron there.

Kim said...

"ilovelittlethings"- thank you for coming over to visit. If you ever need someone to just listen I am a good listener-my email is flowerarts at gmail dot com. sending good thoughts your way ♥

ShellbyFay said...

I'd like to know where you're getting your warm weather Kim, I'm in the hotel and I'm frozen!! :(

Your garage build is something exciting to look forward to in real life, and your cactus' look fab now.

Your macaroon is adorable too! Macaroons are so much fun to make aren't they :D Will they all be the same colour?


Kim said...

ShellbyFay- it is not warm today :( They were able to pour the concrete this morning though- so we just slipped under the wire for getting the garage done before winter hits. Thank you for the sweet comment on my macaroon- there are going to be at least a half dozen and at least 3 colors. I'm not really good at making mini food-even in 1/6 scale- so this project is a big challenge for me :) Stay warm and hugs back!!!!

Lindsey Domer said...

I'd love to try cactus in my house too! I think those may be one plant my cats stay away from! :)

Kim said...

Lindsey- you should try them! I don't have good luck with houseplants and I can grow these :)