Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Steampunk House Progress and Mail Goodies

Progress on the Steampunk House continues to be slow.  I'm plugging along on the siding but I'm almost out of upholstery tack strip so I guess I'll have to order another roll.  Poor planning there- but now I know how far it stretches if I use it on another project.  Here is the side of the house- where the stained glass windows are is where the sink will be in the bathroom.  There is a shower in the tower.

 I started to age the siding on the front part of the house-but not too much.  It still makes me nervous-the aging is going to take me awhile as I work up my nerve and stop being so worried about ruining things.  I can always paint it over and start new, right?
 I added more paperclay to the last pipe above where the cab to drive will sit and I painted  the othere pipe copper.  I don't like the copper- I'm going to try to work on it with more paint, but I may have to paint it white and start over. 
 Here you can see how the front cab will sit on the house when we glue it on.  This will be where the driver sits to control and steer the house while it is traveling.  I should have put a sheet or something over my dollhouse in the back- it's kind of distracting in the pictures.
 Before I go, I wanted to show you the kit I won from Kathi at http://beautifulminiblessings.blogspot.com/ anniversary giveaway.  Here is the kit opened with it's contents.  The kit is in Chinese-so when Kathi said it was a little challenge she was not kidding-but it looks like it's going to be fun! It's a small coffee house.  I think I'm going to build it just like the picture and see how it turns out- thank you so much Kathi!!
 Kathi also sent a ton of goodies along to use in my steampunk house- I was soooo excited to see all of it and started digging through it to get inspiration right away.  I am using that piece of pipe somewhere for sure- it's so cool!!  If you have never visited Kathi you should take a look at her blog- it's so fun to watch her projects progress and she has the best imagination.  I've learned some good mini building tips from her blog.


Wendy Luane Barber said...

I love the progress of your Steampunk house. Awesome! Can't wait to see what you do next. And the shower in the tower sounds great.

Unusual Girl Studios said...

I love this house. LOVE. <3

Steinworks said...

don't worry about ruining anything like you said if you dont like it you can always paint over it

Ascension said...

Me encanta el trabajo que estas haciendo en tu fantastica casa, enhorabuena por esos regalos.
besitos ascension

Kathi said...

I'm happy you liked the steam punk "stuff" I sent. Your house is coming along great! I worry about ruining things too. We should NOT do that!!!
Marisa is right. You can always paint over it, or start over, or leave it alone. We are our own worst critics.
Note to self!

Papillon Bleu said...

Kim...how long has it been since I have left a comment on your lovely blog?
I love the idea of the Steampunk house and you seem to be having fun. I can tell you are being very creative! I am so pleased for you.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and plenty of massive hugs! ;-)

Tiffany said...

Love Steampunk style! Your house is coming along.

Eileen Bergen said...

That is amazing, Kim!!! I love it.

I hope you're getting caught up after the big move.