Monday, July 2, 2012

progress on the steampunk house

I've been doing little bits on the Steampunk house- summer is such a busy time :)  I am slowly adding siding still and I worked on the door for the balcony.

I still need to age the door and all the other bits-but I'm kind of scared of aging them so I keep putting them off.  I keep looking up tutorials on the internet and reading books--maybe if I practice on something else first I will get over the fear of mucking everything up.  I added the wood panel to the back of the house and started siding:
I've decided that I am putting a small library/book nook on the top of the dormer like entrance on the balcony.  I'll have a ladder up the side and a small door to get in at the top.  Here's a picture of the outside so you can see what area I am talking about:
Here is the start of the inside.  I'll need to add bookcases on each side and then I'll build a roof and wall that can be removed so you can see inside this area better.
Here's what Miko the Pomeranian thinks of working on the dollhouses:
and.... a last parting shot of smiling Miko- this is what he looks like when he's getting the attention he thinks he deserves :)


Sans! said...

Don't be scared of aging. It is very easy and the beauty of it is you can paint it over again and again until you are happy with it :).

I find that the bolder you are with the painting, the more realistic the aging is :). Of course it depends a lot on how old you want that door to be.

Just do it, Kim :)...hahaha, my verification word is convince :)

Mary said...

Your house is looking very nice. I'm sure Miko likes it better when you're working in the garden.

Congrats on winning Kathi's give-away.

elvira said...

Ciao ..Brava ..!!Bella la porta !! Continua cosi ..ti seguo!!
Ps non perderti il mio primo give away ..!!
un bacio

Unusual Girl Studios said...

Whoa! You are doing a steam punk doll house? How cool is that????? Very, I'd say!

Ascension said...

Kim enhorabuena por haber ganado el sorteo de Kathy.
Estas haciendo un fantastico trabajo.
besitos ascension

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Oh my gosh Kim! It's looking great! I love the door. I'm with your on distressing and mucking things up. Good luck on that one. I'm holding your hand through the ether. And I love the book nook idea. Yay!


What a cool idea...a steampunk doll house! Can't wait to see you finish it.

Ciao Bella
Creative Carmelina

Wyrna Christensen said...

Hi Kim
I am a new miniature blogger visit me one day.
I followed a little in your blog and find it exciting, all the projects you have going in. Looking forward to seeing the final result of steam punk house. I also find it very interesting your work with "MyBook of days" exciting technique you use. You make some very good paintings.
I wish you lots of creative energy.
All the best

PAKY said...

Is an original project!! I love Miko's face!! So cute! hugs

Plushpussycat said...

How fun and creative! I'm enjoying watching the progress. xo Jennifer

Kim said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments. I have done a bit more work- just have to take some pictures now to share. I even tried just a touch of aging :)