Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Summer is Coming!!

I am feeling a bit of renewed energy with all of the warm weather we have been getting lately-how about you?  It's time to truly get back into good habits- one of them being blogging more regularly.  What have I been up to??  A little bit of lots of different things- but not really finishing up any of them-lol.  I'm still working on The Candy House dollhouse.  I've been trying to finish that house and concentrating on the Playroom a lot.  I bought the most adorable little pillows from Dale at Dale's Dreams.  I also finally painted the rocking horse and made a clay jack in the box to add to the room.  Here's a few pictures of where the room is at so far:

Here is a close up of one of Dale's adorable pillows- thanks again Dale!
 I  made a little bread box from a kit and some sugar and flour canisters for The Candy House kitchen:

I finished up a painting I started a long time ago and hung it up on the wall.
While I was finishing this painting I realized I never finished painting my easel- so that is one of my goals for this week.  It's close to being finished- here is what it looks like in a "before" picture.
I may be a bit crazy because I started a new miniature project.  For some reason I think I have to have more than one mini project going at a time.  I was inspired by a steampunk trailer that I saw on my friend's facebook page.  I wrote to the creators and asked them if I could do a project using their steampunk steam powered trailer as inspiration for my mini project and they said yes-I'm very excited about this project!  If you would like to see the trailer here is the link to their website: http://neverwashaul.com/     This is the start of my project.  I bought a simple dollhouse kit to bash- but now I really need to stop and think this through a little bit and develop a plan.  I think this is going to be a really fun project if I can just get a blueprint drawn up so I don't end up tearing it apart later down the road.
The thing that has me most excited lately though is the prospect of gardening again.  My garden is my most favorite place on Earth- I lose track of time out there and it's like heaven to me.  It's still too early in my area to do much gardening- but I have been doing simple tasks like getting beds ready in the veggie garden and putting stakes back up around some plants.  I can hardly wait till it's warm enough to plant again!  Here is the raspberry patch
The blueberry patch
and a little bit of my flower garden
I can't wait until this view is green, green, green :)  Hope you are having a great week in your little spot in the world :)


WeeLittleWest / Kathy Olaf-Obrenski said...

Your Candy House kitchen is so cute!

Cinderella Moments said...

The playroom is so happy looking. A mini child would love it! I love the painting. The owl is adorable. Your garden is going to be so gorgeous!

Maria Ireland said...

Your playroom is wonderful I love how you painted the horse. I love the color of your kitchen beautiful. Cant wait to see your garden green :)
Hugs Maria

dale's dreams said...

(((Kim))) you are a dear heart. Thanks for the shout out for my pillows. :)

Your room for them is fab. :)

I love your drawing!!! :)

I hope I get better into my gardening than I have in the past. Perhaps we should make a pact with one another of what we will accommplish. :)

Lucille said...

Hi Kim! Hope you're starting to feel better! It's hard to have the blahs! Hopefully, your garden will bring you out of it. There's nothing like sun and fresh air to get us back on track!

I love your kitchen so much. That bread box is so cute. And, I love that stove and your cupboards. I also love the green that you chose to paint them with.

Your children's room is so interesting. You have such lovely little things on the shelves. The little clown and little dolls. It's just so cute. You did a beautiful paint job on the horse.

It's very late now and I also have had the blahs for quite a few days. I'm doing a work out and it's past midnight. I'm just hoping it will help take away this down mood I'm in. It's just something that comes and goes. I'll be glad when it goes!

Take care, Kim!

Unusual Girl Studios said...

Hi Kim,
I love making little things once in awhile. It amazes me how they can look so real when they are so small! I am no where near the guru you are!

Jean Day said...

Oh my goodness what a fabulous undertaking with your Neverwas Haul, loved the video. Loved your painting and great to see other photos of your Candy House too, you are so inspired!! Mini hugs, Jean

Minnie Kitchen said...

Hi Kim! It's been so long and looks like you had a mini blast! Loving the room, especially because I see mr potato head! It's an honor to be a part of it :) have a great weekend!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Glad to see you got started on the Steampunk trailer. I'm getting dolls ready for my big show in May. After that, I'll be right there with you.

Eileen Bergen said...

The playroom is just precious, Kim!

You have me hooked on minis - not that I'll ever do entire rooms like you do. But they really are fun to make.

Thank you!

dollhouse miniature said...

It can be difficult to remember when looking at these photographs that you are actually seeing a miniature.

Piikko said...

Hi Kim! Your mini scenes are so pretty and sweet!♥
I also wait greengreengreen to the big world! :-)
Hugs, piikko

Jill said...

How did I miss this fun post? That playroom is so cute! So many fun toys to look at! I've been gardening and thought about your garden today. I've always loved your garden and am wondering what's growing this year. I really miss your posts and hope you are well.