Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reality Shot Thursday

Claudia from the blog Mockingbird Cottage has created Reality Shot Thursday- a day where we share photos that are not staged or pretty and wouldn't normally be on our blogs- a slice of our everyday life.  I love this idea and I wanted to participate this thursday. 

This picture is the corner of my dining room.  It's the first room you enter in the house when you come in off the porch.  It's also where we tend to take off our coats and the dog's leash.  The floors need to be vacuumed and dog toys put back in the basket.  The floors need to be swept too :)  On the hutch in the corner is some amber glassware, pumpkin serving dishes and wheat patterned dinnerware.

  The trim in this room and almost all the others needs finishing.  It might not get done in my lifetime unless I learn how to do it because my hubby hates the job.  This corner is a bit what my entire house looks like right now--a touch worn and "lived in".  Maybe I'll clean at least this little corner up after I post this blog entry. 

I'm linking up to the Reality Shot Thursday with Claudia from Mockingbird Cottage

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Projects in Progress

I have been slowly easing back into crafting again. Here's what I have been working on in little pockets of 10 minutes here, maybe a half hour there. We'll start with the miniature sunroom. I built two shelves and attached them to the wall. Then I had the fun part of deciding which treasures I have been collecting to put on the shelves. A lot of these are made by the talented Katie from Katie's Clay Corner. You can find her etsy shop here:      There are 4 adorable birdhouses that Katie made and a line of small houses that spell out the word "grow".  There is a watering can and antique sprinkler that I purchased from a dollhouse store.  The little lavander plant I recieved in a swap and I apologize, but I cannot remember who gave it to me.  The beautiful wreath on the door is from Dale at Dale's Dreams.  You can find her etsy shop here:     I hope Dale does not mind- I took the purple bow off the wreath and I'm going to add a raffia bow instead.  I took 2 very cheap gardening tools that I bought at a craft store and antiqued them with acrylic paint and hung them on the wall.  That's as far as I progressed on the sunroom.

I've also been working on one of my unfinished projects- an owl.  I've started adding feathers to his body and sculpted his face a bit with paperclay.  I have a long way to go on the owl, but I think he is looking kind of cool so far. Here is his front and rear views:

Last- I signed up for an art course called LifeBook being held by Tam at  .  With sign up you  could choose a self guided course to take also until LifeBook starts in 2012.  I chose a course called Mythical Magical Makings and the first lesson is painting a goddess in the style of the artist Gustav Klimt.  Here is where I am so far in the painting.  I call this the ugly stage- it's where I usually get discouraged-but if I push on it will get better :)  So....that's what I have been up to lately- I am looking forward to getting caught up with all of you.

Monday, October 17, 2011

to blog or not to blog

Today is just a text post to get thoughts out of my head. Our move at work is over and I still feel like I am recovering from it.  My hubby and I work for the same company and right before this move business really started to pick up for us.  In today's world I know that is a GREAT thing- but we have not had a complete weekend off in a really long time and I am just struggling to keep up with the simple things in life like working a work day and then going home and trying to make sure the pets get attention, the house gets cleaned and the things a person has to do at the end of summer in Minnesota get done.  I am really behind on that one- we still don't have the hoses rolled up and the outside water turned off- maybe tonight if we are not at work too late.  I miss my blog a lot.  It's funny how when I started blogging it was just a little place where I could write down my feelings- I didn't think anyone was reading so I didn't obsess about whether my post would be interesting or what comments I might get.  Slowly over time that has changed a bit for me and I think it's a stumbling block for me right now on getting back to blogging.  After thinking about it for quite awhile I think I need to be true to myself and go back to where blogging was enjoyable for me.  I'm not going to worry about who is reading- and I'm not going to worry about making sure I stay "interesting" or make sure I have projects to try- life is just too crazy for me right now.  What I am going to do is what I started out doing- posting when I have things I want to share and when I have them to share.  No deadlines in the back of my head, no worrying about if the post will be interesting to everyone reading or if I will lose readers.  I've met some incredible friends from blogging- so although I thought about quitting, I just can't lose those friends.  It's amazing how important people I have never met have become to me- how much support and love I have received from them.  Anyways, this week I was lucky enough to snatch a couple of hours to work on something for myself and I'll be back tomorrow to share them.  If you have read this far thanks for reading and letting me get thoughts out of my head.  Here is just a little shot of my new office- I won't share much because I don't know how thrilled my company would be to know that I put pictures of their building on the internet.  I'm very lucky to work somewhere so new and clean and beautiful--and busy :)