Wednesday, July 20, 2011

new life and busy life

So, I know it's been awhile since I have posted.  Life is challenging me this summer and I'm struggling to find a balance.  I am very fortunate because everything that is taking up my time is positive changes, but I feel so very sad lately because I have not had time to create any new minis, to sew, to paint, to simply create! Do you feel sad and restless when you can't create things and express yourself?  Anyways, imagine my surprise when I saw this the other morning:

One of my small banty chickens has been sitting on a nest of eggs and they have hatched.  How can I feel sad when I can visit these little guys each morning before work and again when I return home??  Are they not the cutest little minis ever?  There are seven of them!!  I think that I am going to take the advice of a sweet friend and make time for creating this weekend. I hope to be able to work on my Pay It Forward gifts and get them in the mail before the snow flies.  I also have a goal of finishing Pedro the doll's new outfit this weekend- even if we have to have peanut butter sandwiches for dinner Saturday and Sunday!  I hope to be back on Monday with pictures of Pedro in his fine new clothes :)  Hope your summer is going great too!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun Giveaway!!!!

Sorry I have not been blogging or around to reading blogs- life has exploded here at my house.  I had to pop in real quick and tell you about a giveaway my friend Eileen from The Artful Crafter blog is having for some gorgeous note cards-there's a picture I borrowed from her blog of the cards.  They are gorgeous- right??!!   It ends July 8th- if you have a moment please pop over to visit her and enter the giveaway :)  Here's the link :