Sunday, February 27, 2011

More Candy House

I've been working on lots of projects- but the one I can't seem to stay away from is still The Candy House.  I didn't get much done this weekend- but I did add a few things.  I ordered light blue carpet for the playroom and it arrived on friday, so I had to put it in right away of course.  I still need to do the trimwork in this room, but I couldn't resist putting some of the furniture back in to see how it looked.

 I also made all the flower centers for the flower bed on the right side of the house, and a birdhouse made out of paperclay.  I'm trying very hard to be patient to wait for the birdhouse to dry so I can paint it.  I have to go to a wedding shower today so I won't get to work on the house :(  Do you think it would be weird if I took it with me????
Here is one last picture of The Candy House from the open side.  I put all the furniture back in for a quick picture because I wanted to see how it was looking.  Now I'm off to empty it back out before I start getting ready for the shower.  Hope your weekend is great!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I just can't stay away from The Candy House!

I've been sneaking in little pockets of time working on The Candy House.  I have the side almost completely finished now- but I ran out of the little wooden buttons I am using as candy- so it's missing 3 pieces of candy before it's finished.  I really love how it turned out.
I worked some more on the front of the house- the frosting is finally painted and I started the large dormer.  I also started making some flowers for the flower beds that will be out front.  The more I get finished the more excited I get!  True to my habit of jumping around- I also put a built in shelving unit in the playroom.  I can't wait till I can fill these up with toys!

  I'm going back to the projects I am supposed to be working on now :)  Before I go here is a little shot of cuteness  :)

Wednesday Weigh In / Healthy Thinking Thursday

Well, it seems I am giving my money away to weight watchers.  LOL.  I did not do so good this week.  I weigh in this week at 163.8.  A small gain.  It's entirely my fault because I did not exercise even once this week and last weekend seemed to be a snacking weekend for my hubby and I.  I'm still struggling with the priorities problem.  It was a very hectic week.  Problems at work, errands to be taken care of after work, housework piling up around me.  I was a little overwhelmed this last week and as I often do when the going gets bad- I neglect my own health in the push to keep up with everything else.  There's nothing to be done about it now except to stop making excuses and get my butt back on track again.  I have to admit that even though I felt tired the weeks I was making sure to exercise, I still had the energy to get things accomplished.  I need to remember that.  So- here's to a better week next week.  I hope if you are on a healthy journey you are doing well- or at least not letting the bad weeks stop you :)  If you would like to visit others trying to get healthy or you would like to work at it along with us please visit my friends Marsha for Wednesday Weigh Ins at and sometimes my friend Laura for Healthy Thinking Thursdays at    

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kitchen Counter and The Angels

What a great weekend I had.  I cleaned the house and I still had time to work on some of my projects.  I received a beautiful fruit bowl I ordered from Minnie Kitchen last week.  She does beautiful work- you can find her etsy store here:  Since I wanted to be able to see the fruit easily I decided to make a kitchen counter to put the fruit bowl on.  I took the bottom of a Michael's hutch and added some decorative beads to the legs.  I pried the doors off the cabinet and added a new top made out of skinny sticks.  I'm going to eventually make baskets to put on the shelves.

Minnie Kitchen also sent me a smore cupcake and a couple of mint brownies that look so real they make your mouth water.  Thank you so much!!  Pop on over to her etsy store to see some more of the fabulous miniature food she makes :)

Years ago I started painting a mural on my staircase of two angels in the middle of swirling fall leaves.  The angels I drew and cut out of plywood- but I've never finished painting them.  This weekend I took the angels down off the wall to finish painting them and finish the mural on the staircase once and for all.  Here's a picture of them where I stopped working on them.  I've got some fresh inspiration for these angels so I'll be trying to work on them more in the next few weeks.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Candy House Progress and Some Art Dolls

I'm still slowly plodding along on The Candy House.  I feel like I've been painting cookie shingles forever!  I did make some progress on the roof and the side of the house- here's some pictures of the progress made so far this week:
I'm starting to get really excited about the outside of the house now.  I've been trying to form a plan for my landscaping in my head- there's not a lot of room on the plywood the house sits on, but I think I have enough room for a birdhouse, a couple of topiary trees and some flower beds.  Lots more work to be finished on the outside of the house before I can start the landscaping, but I've started to gather materials anyways.
My friend Chris from did a great post on paperclay and art dolls.  I mentioned I have some unfinished art dolls laying around begging to be working on- so these next pictures are for Chris.  Maybe she'll inspire me to finish them up- but it will have to go on March's to-do list because I'm not finished with February yet :)  This first one is destined to be a witch :
This is a doll that has a lot of items from my wedding flowers and my wedding colors in it-
This is a small doll that I started making from a salt shaker and never finished-
This last one is destined to become an owl eventually- I know it looks nothing like an owl right now :)
Hope you have a great day- I'm counting down the hours until Saturday gets here and I can start my hand embroidered blanket project.  I have NO idea what I am doing, so I hope my idea works out!  I'll be back with pictures next week on my progress :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Weigh In/Healthy Thinking....and a List of Goals :)

Well, like the blink of an eye Wednesday is here again.  Today I weigh in at 163.3.  Small loss.  I'm not even going to be disappointed by this because- once again, it's better than a gain or no loss at all.  I exercised almost every day last week.  On Friday and Saturday when I worked at the flower shop to help out for Valentines Day I was so tired when I got home that I skipped my workouts.   I have to say that the workouts are finally getting a little tiny bit easier- and I was able to jog in place for a lot longer than I was when I started out.  I'm feeling more energy and I'm finding that I am slowly starting to be able to find a little bit of order in my life again.  Now, if I could just work on the healthy eating more- I really tend to eat "easy" things and I can get so lazy about making sure I prepare food that is good for me to have on hand.  Today is grocery store day so I'm planning on lots of fresh fruit and veggies and I'm going to get them cleaned and put into easy to grab containers right away.  Any advice out there for storing veggies to make them stay fresh the longest?  If you would like to visit others trying to get healthy or you would like to work at it along with us please visit my friends Marsha for Wednesday Weigh Ins at and my friend Laura for Healthy Thinking Thursdays at   

This next part of this post is more for me than anyone else.  My friend Wendy at makes a list of goals for the month for herself.  I love this idea so much- a little structure to keep on track and not get too distracted.  I thought I would give it a try- even if we are halfway through February already.  So, here's my list of goals for projects for Febraury.  At the end of the month I'm going to update what I accomplished and what did not get done.

1.  Start an embroidered blanket I have planned for a wedding present.
2.  Take down a pair of wooden angel paintings from my staircase to finish them and the staircase mural.
3.  Make 2 items for June's "Love" Creativity Challenge
4.  Finish up and mail letters to my 2 penpals
5.  Start March All Things Mini swap
6.  Finish the left side of the Candy House

I know that's a short list, but I'm trying not to jinx the energy I feel returning and I'd really like to be able to say I accomplished these things in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned tomorrow for some more progress pictures from The Candy House.  I've been painting shingles like crazy :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

White Creativity Challenge Give Away Winners!!!!

Today is the day to draw winners for my Give-Away on the White Creativity Challenge!  I forgot to do the draw last night, so I had to sneak it in quick at work and I had to use the lousy camera- sorry for the blurry pics :)  I put all the names in my tea cozy (it's what was handy) and drew out a name for the journal and the miniature flowers.

  The winner of the mini flowers is Maia from !!  Maia, I'm not sure if I have your address still- would you please email me with it again please.
The winner of the journal is Wendy from !!  Wendy- would you please email me your address also and I'll get this journal out to you! 
Thank you to everyone for participating and for your sweet comments!!  I'm working on February's Creativity Challenge and I think I'll probably do a giveaway for that too-so check back to see what I come up with!  If you would like to play along in the Creativity Challenge you can get the details at June's blog here: 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Weigh In/ Healthy Thinking Thursday

I weigh in today at 164 even.  I'm thankful it's a loss, but a bit disappointed that it was not more.  I did exercise all but 2 days last week, and I'm proud of myself for sticking to that.  I know that part of my small loss is due to the fact that we are out of "fresh" food (like fresh fruit and veggies) and it is so dang cold here in Minnesota this week that I have put off the grocery store run.  So.....we have been eating whatever we have in the freezer or cupboards for the last week and that's not so great when you're on weight watchers-and it's not healthy thinking at all :)  They say we should have a warm up starting on friday- so when the temps get back up in the 20's or 30's (farenheit) I will run and re-stock and hopefully do a bit better.  Having said all of that- I have to remind myself that a little loss is good considering that when I tried to do this last fall I could not even get the scale to budge a little and was so tired and frustrated.  I'm tired still, but it's turning into a different tired.  It's a tired that comes from a weak out of shape body slowly getting it's strength back.  If you would like to join in on Wednesday Weigh-Ins please visit Marsha at to link up and see how she's doing also.  My awesome friend Laura had an incredible loss last year and is now working on maintaining.  She sometimes checks in on Healthy Thinking Thursdays and you can visit her at  

Monday, February 7, 2011

slow progress

I decided to switch back to the outside of The Candy House.  I get an idea in my head for something and I can't wait- I'm so impatient!  I have to switch to the area that is calling to me while the excitement for working on it is there.  I kept staring at the big blank wall on the side of the house and wondering what I was going to fill it with.  I did some googling of images of buildings and this is what I came up with.  I like it so far- but it's been a lot of work.  I worked on this all weekend in between housework and trying to catch up on various tasks I am behind on.  I'm a little disappointed that I accomplished so little- but I guess it's better than the blank wall that was there before!  The half circles are supposed to be my version of those chewy gummy half slices of fruit- do they look like that??  Anyhow- I don't think I'll make much more progress this week- I have to finish another project taking up space in my living room before I drive the hubby crazy- and at the end of the week I'll work extra hours helping out at the flower shop I used to work at.  Valentines Day is coming very soon and we gotta make those flower arrangments :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Creativity Invitation- WHITE and a Give-Away!!

Each month June at has a Creativity Invitation.  I missed a couple of months and I sure did miss it- so I had to make sure I did something for January.  The theme was white and the rules are that there are really no rules- interpret the theme in any way or medium that you choose.  I managed to get two items done for the challenge.  I just received "Making Handmade Books" by Alisa Golden in the mail.  I am in love with this book-it is well written and has so many different projects to try in it- and I really love making books so I'm really itching to learn some new techniques.
  I chose a project with a coptic stitch binding since I have never done that before- and here are my results!

The front cover, back cover and a side view:

Here's a close up of the beaded felt flowers on the cover:

This was so fun to make and the best part was that every single thing I used to make it came from my "hoard" of craft supplies- so I'm using up supplies I already have ( hooray- right Eileen?)
My second item for the white theme is  two vases of white flowers in  dollhouse miniature 1/12th scale.  I really love making miniature flowers- and these were also made with items I had in my "miniature hoard"- so double points for me on not shopping at all for these projects.  I'm going to see if I can do the same thing with February's challenge too.
So, I would like to give these items away to two different people.  The first giveaway will be for the journal and the second giveaway will be for both vases of flowers.  If you would like to be included in the giveaways please leave a comment saying which giveaway you would like to be included in or if you would like your name put in for both of them.  I'll draw winners on February 15th :)  If you would like to play along next month please visit June at .  The theme is LOVE and my head is already spinning with some ideas :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Weigh In/Healthy Thinking and an Award

Well, last week was not a good week- but I can only blame myself.  I am feeling better and more energetic lately-but it seems as if I really need to sit down and write a sort of schedule of priorities to stick to.  I weigh in today at 165.5- a measly .3 down.  This is my own fault completely- we had a really busy week at work and I have to confess that I did not track my food and I only did my exercise once the entire week.  Hubby and I are fighting a little bit of a cold.  I'm having a hard time balancing everything- this is what happens to me every time that I try to lose weight and exercise.  This week I need to remind myself that the most important thing after  my job right now is to lose some weight, gain some muscle and feel better!  How can I not remember that if I feel better I will be able to handle everything with so much more energy??!!  The hardest part about getting so far off track is to fess up, admit it and get back on track.   I am blocking out 5-6pm each night- no matter what- as my exercise time.  My goal for this week is to exercise each day -if only for 15 minutes- but hopefully more.  I have to say that with all of the "easy" meals I ate this week I am thankful I did not gain this week.  I also decided as I was thinking of what to write this week that maybe I would do better this next month if I prepared the meals for the last week of the month in advance and just had to pop them in the oven when we got home from work each night since I know the last week of the month is hectic at work.  So...enough of that!  If you would like to join along on Wedesday Weigh In's visit Marsha at  or you can join us on Healthy Thinking Thursdays with the awesome Laura at

Last weekend I recieved an award from the sweetest blogger Ascension at  Please visit Ascension if you don't already know her- she's a very talented miniaturist and such a sweet person too.  This award was started by and if I understand correctly is awarded to blogs of interesting design, creativity and contribution to the blogging world.   Thank you Ascension- you are so kind  to think of me for this award.   I am supposed to award this to 5 new bloggers- but since I have seen this award traveling around like wildfire I am going to award it to my wonderful followers that always take the time to read my ramblings and comment.    Tomorrow I will post pictures of the pieces I created for the Creativity Challenge at and there will be a giveaway!!