Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Candy House and Artsy Bloggers Sunday!!

I tried to get this post up earlier in the week, but I kept forgetting to get the pictures off my camera.  I have been working on the living room in The Candy House and it's almost done.  I think I just have some trim work to finish by the ceiling and a curtain for the window.  Of course, that can always change :)  I added a decorative wall treatment frame over the fireplace.  I made some molds from brass charms I had and made the top of the border with paperclay casts from those molds.  The sides are chipboard and I painted the entire frame cream to match the fireplace.  Then I made a couple of candle scones for beside the fireplace with 2 earrings, 2 more paperclay molds from jewelry pieces and a wooden bamboo skewer.

I made the two topiary trees with paperclay and small punched flowers.  Here is the tree before- I roll a paperclay ball and stick it into the twig in a clay pot.  I let that dry overnight and then paint it green.
Then I add the tiny flower punches to the paperclay ball.  After that dried I touched up the topiary with a little paint and added coffee grind dirt to the bottom of the topiary.
I painted a little chair for the corner and a cream basket to hold some firewood. There is a trio of picture frames hanging in the corner made for me by my friend Dale from Dale's Dreams and the birdhouse is made by Katie from Katie's Clay Corner.  Katie made the "candy" sign on the mantle and the sweet gold and orange candles on the coffee table.  They are real wax and can actually burn!  The little book on the coffee table was made for me by Maia from Maia's Twinkle Miniatures.  The needlepoint picture of the Eifel Tower was made by my friend Kibbygirl from The Frugal Dollhouse Addict.
Next I'll start working on the kitchen.  I already added a skirt to the kitchen sink and some wire to the cabinet doors.  I need to finish the grout in the kitchen floor before anything else in the kitchen, so that is my next project.

  Now that you've had a little peek at The Candy House's progress how about some Artsy Blogger Sunday links?  Each week a group of my friends share with each other what we have been up to- and post to our blogs to share with our readers too. If you have the time please check out what my friends have been doing this week :)
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Beading Arts
Want to add a bezel to a curved surface? Cyndi shows you one easy way to do it! 

Eileen - The Artful Crafter
Eileen tries her hand at 3D paper tole. It's not as difficult as it looks, but does require a bit of patience.

Creative Dreamer
June's red bird turned out so well, she's made a blue bird... a blue bird of happiness, of course! And she's giving it away... get entered by September 4th!

Blue and Teal Garden Glass Sculpture
Another glass sculpture! This one uses blue and teal glass.



Cinderella Moments said...

It's looking fabulous! I love the way you made the topiary. The whole room is so cute!

Sans! said...

I have always love your colour choice. This candy house is ooh lala! It has a nice Mexican feel (have I ever told you my all time fav dollhouse has to be The Mexican Mansion).

Your topiary is soooooo cute and Dale's picture fit perfectly into the setting! :)

I also like the furniture in the kitchen. Are they vintage pieces?

PAKY said...

I love it!! is classic and original at the same time! hugs

Nicole said...

Love it how your living room looks now, Kim! I also like the kitchen furnitures very much. All colours are matching great :)

Mandy said...

That is so cool! I can't imagine doing all that tiny stuff! I have to send your link to my cousin since she makes dollhouses too. What is paperclay??? The tree is so creative!! Love it girlfriend!

mijbil said...

Looks great! :) Love the warm mediterranean colors..

Cinderella Moments said...

The badge worked! Fabulous!! Looking forward to your pins!

Kim said...

Caroline- thank you! You are so sweet ♥

Sans- Thank you. I always tell my husband that I was meant to live in a Mexican inspired house- ooooohhhhh how I love the colors! I have never seen the Mexican Mansion! Is it your creation? My little kitchen is a mixture of bought pieces and bashed Michael's hutches. I wish I could find more of the hutches- they are so useful!

Paky- thank you! ♥

Nicole- thank you! That is a nice thing to say also since I didn't know if anyone besides me would like the colors :)

Mandy-thanks!! I can't imagine knowing how to create such beautiful beaded creations-so there ya go-lol! I would love to meet your cousin-tell her to say hello if she visits. Paperclay is amazing- you should google it! You might be inspired to use some in your jewelry is clay that air dries without baking and has a paper consistency. I know I did not explain that correctly- but seriously-you need to google it and find out more!

Mijbil- thank you!!!

Kim said...

Caroline- thank you so much for your help with it! You rock!!!

Ascension said...

Me encanta, es tan bonita!!!!
Muy muy original, enhorabuena
besitos ascension

Flor said...

¡Hola Kim!!!!Ü
¡Me gusta muchísimo todo!!!!
Un abrazo

Anonymous said...

Your topiary is great! you make it look so easy!

Maria Ireland said...

I love your house. The color is wonderful so warm and inviting. I love what you did over the fire what a great idea.The topiary tree is beautiful. I have yet to try make flowers lol. Also thank you very much for visiting my blog and for all the lovely comments. Hugs Maria

dale's dreams said...

Kim, the Candy House is looking so fab! :)

Thanks for the shout out! lol ;)

I think it can never be done, I think you can just keep adding and adding and adding, lol. Can you tell I love clutter? even on a mini scale. :)

Fantabulous job, dearie! :)

Jollie said...

The room looks very lovely and you made a great topiary! :-)

Hugs Jollie

Wendy Luane Barber said...

What a wonderful and cozy little room. And I'm loving your kitchen so far. I am impressed.

Lucille said...

I love your decorative treatment over the fireplace. The blue of the tables goes so well with the aged burnt orange wall treatment. Thanks for the topiary tutorial. They're so cute! I'm crazy about that green in your kitchen and the sink skirt is so neat. Last, I love those kitchen tiles!