Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time is Flying Away From Me!

I'm starting to miss my crafts a little bit. I'm still scrambling to clean things up outside from last fall and rescue my poor garden. On our back deck we have some chairs that have seen their better days. I decided new chairs were not in the budget so I decided to fix the ones we have. Here is the before:

A little sanding and a can of spray paint and they look much better.  Now they need new cushions- which is in the budget :)
This morning when I walked out to the car to go to work I spied this in the garden- there were no open flowers last night when I was out weeding!  What a beautiful way to start the day, huh?

I'm still steadily making progress on the weeding.  Here is a couple of shots of the garden- looking a little better each week.

Dale asked me if I mulch after I weed, but I really don't.  I know it would be smarter- but I put down bark in small paths through the beds and I don't want to put anything else down that takes away from the bark pathways- so I just weed.  It's good exercise, right?  That's what I tell myself anyhow.
I'll be back tomorrow to show you a project I've been working on at night when it's too dark to weed anymore.  Before I go I have to show you the beautiful plant my sister sent me for my birthday.  Isn't it sweet??!! I hope I can keep it alive- I'm great at outdoor gardening-but I always seem to kill indoor plants-so cross your fingers for me!!  Thank you sis if you happen to read this!!!


Claudia said...

Such a pretty plant from your sister. And your Irises are beautiful, Kim! I don't even want to think about how much weeding I will have to do when I get home. Don doesn't weed.


Glenda said...

I just love your garden!!

Lataina said...

It's looking beautiful, Kim!

Mary said...

I like the color you chose for your chair, it looks brand new. Your garden is beautiful, mine needs so much work, I don't want to think about it right now. lol

Doreen said...

The chair looks great Kim and the Iris' are beautiful. I am haveing a hard time getting back to my miniatures as the weather has been so nice I want to stay outdoors. Unfortunately most of the perennials I brought with me did not survive the winter. The good news is that I am finding all kinds of others that are already here. I must take some pictures.

Mandy said...

Kim those chairs look awesome! And I love the path through your garden, so cute. Bring some of those Iris into the house to make you smile!

Jill said...

I have always loved your garden- your irises are gorgeous. What a wonderful surprise!

Those african violets from your sis are so pretty. I'm like you- I can keep them alive outdoors, but somehow I just can't get houseplants to live. Good luck with those- you never know, they might just thrive. My mom had her african violets for years and years!


Cinderella Moments said...

Your garden looks amazing. You are a lucky girl!
Cushions are sooo expensive. Okay there are some less expensive, but I love the super expensive ones. Typical!
That is such a cute little plant your sister sent. Love the color!

Lirael said...

I totally love your garden! Seriously, it's perfect! I wish I could sit there and enjoy the sunshine and butterflies this summer...

Katie said...

The garden looks great! I swear ya'll just had snow... and yet today the weather man said you guys were going to be having a heat wave! Did you guys even get a spring?

jinxxxygirl said...

I can give you a few tips on those african violets if you don't already know...

No direct light, light filtered through a curtain would be perfect. Water them from the bottom but don't let them constantly sit in water. Don't get water on the leaves or blooms. Fertilize them with miracle grow about every two weeks or with an african violet fertilizer.

They can be tricky as i worked in a garden center for years. But i know you can do it. If they stop blooming for an extended period of time prob not getting enough light. Good luck girl! deb

Kim said...

Claudia- I wish I could go weed for you while you are away. I wish I could come help you when you got back :) I hope next year you can be home to enjoy your spring ♥

Glenda and Latiana- thank you!!!

Mary- thank you! I try not to think about the big picture- but on little sections. It's the only way I have stayed sane :)

Doreen- I have been having the same problem- I just want to be outside all the time! I'm sad to hear you lost most of your perennials- but how exciting to be discovering what was already there! I can't wait to see!!! Hope the sun shines warmly for you this weekend ♥

Mandy- I did bring some iris in because a couple broke with the wind we had this week. Thank you for your sweet compliment :)

Kim said...

Jill- thank you! Are you gardening this year? I'm going to try my best with the african violets- keep your fingers crossed for me-lol :)

Caroline- thank you! I like the expensive ones too- but since I wanted to buy plants for the deck pots too I went with the middle of the price range. I should take pics :)

Lea- I soooooo wish you could come enjoy the garden with me too. Sitting still and watching nature interact like I'm not there is one of my very favorite things to do :)

Katie- LOL!! at the beginning of the week we were in the 90's...today we are in the 50's! It feels so cold after that heat- I guess summer visited but spring kicked him out! Hugs!!

Deb- Oh my gosh- thank you so much for the advice!!! I really want to see if I can keep them alive! You are awesome- I'll do all these things and I'll report back later in the summer and let you all know if I've kept them alive :)

Sans! said...

Kim, you really do have such a lovely lovely garden. I will feel so utterly ashamed of mine when I see yours!