Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Orphans of Sainte Cécile

My talented friend has written a book titled :

"The Orphans of Sainte Cécile"

Miko and I have recieved our copy and we sat down this weekend to have a read.

  It's a sweet book filled with lots of pictures of the magical dolls Patricia creates.  Marie is the main character and we follow her story as she is placed in an orphanage when her Father goes off to war.  I cried at the end- the book is so very sweet.  Patricia has written the book in English and in French- so you can even learn a little French too- and the book comes with a  cd of Patricia reading the story to you in her lovely voice- also in English and French!!  I highly recommend this book- and Patricia's dolls.  I am lucky enough to own 3 of her dolls- Amelie (that lives in the Candy House) was my very first one! You can visit Patricia's website and find her book here :


and you can visit her blog and etsy store here:




Congratulations on your book Patricia- Miko and I love it !!!!!!  


Laura said...

Oh my! This looks soooo cute! I'm betting that Gabby would love this book. I may pick it up for her and put it away for Christmas.
Look at you and Miko. How cute are you two? Pretty flippin cute I'd say.

Is it just me or is your hair getting big? :P

Don't hit me! I'm leaving! :P


Kim said...

LOL- I knew you would say something chickie--I thought about making my hubby retake the pic and then thought --the heck with it :) I need a haircut really bad and we took this picture right after I had been out in the garden with a hat on all day and had "unrepairable" hair....too lazy to wash it before the photo shoot :) Miko is pretty cute though- isn't he? He actually turns and looks at me like that when I'm talking to him :) I can't imagine life without him now ♥ Love ya girl!

Laura said...

Hey, I belong to the big hair society too so .. no need to explain yourself. :P
I get the Lion Mane going on. Not pretty.

Miko is your baby boy. :)


Papillon Bleu said...

awwwwwwwwwwww! Thank you Kim!!!

And speaking of hair...there is so much humidity in the air that, no matter what I do, my hair turns all frizzy!!!

Love you heaps and looooooooots of love to Miko!!!! He is so adorable! Just like you. ;-)

Mandy said...

This sounds adorable, I will definitely check it out. Love the pic of you and the pup!

Lucille said...

Love the pic of you and Miko. He's so sweet! The books sounds interesting. I'll have a look at the website.

WeeLittleWest / Kathy Olaf-Obrenski said...

What a great book! You have so many friends.

Sans! said...

Bought her book too :). Must read it soon :) By the way, big hair me too :)

Cinderella Moments said...

I went looking at those adorable dolls and forgot to come back and leave you a comment! I'm so glad you shared the links to these dolls. They are so inspiring. I love the style they have.
Your little Miko seems to be loving that story! So cute!

Kim said...

Laura- I'm getting a haircut and color tomorrow :) Want me to send ya a picture of tame hair??LOL!

Patricia- I wish I could shout off the rooftops that everyone should buy your book. I loved it and I love you too. Miko sends you puppy kisses :)

Thank you to all of my friends that went to look at Patricia's book and commented. Patricia is one of the sweetest people you could meet and her dolls are full of magic and the feeling of childhood. I am lucky to have her in my life ♥