Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More Goodies and More Garden

I have some more great things I have received in the mail to share today. First, I have this beautiful room setting I won in a giveaway from Dale at Isn't it beautiful?? I have it tucked away right now because I think I have to think of a special project to use it in. There is a rug, a folding screen, 2 sweet little pillows and a footstool. I love them all-thank you again Dale ♥ Dale sells her minis on etsy too- check out her shop if you have time- all her work is amazing--

Next, I have to share this gorgeous bag that my sweet friend Laura from sent to me for my birthday.  The pictures cannot do it justice- it's incredible!  I love the colors so much and you can see how wonderful the embroidery is on the close up picture.  The tag that was on the bag says it was handmade by the Mayans out of the hand woven and embroidered traditional clothing known as huipils.  Each village has it's own unique style of embroidery.  I don't even know if I can use this everyday- it may have to be a special occasion bag because it is a treasure.  Thank you so much Laura- I really love it and you too.  I'm lucky to have met you-you are one of my very favorite people:) 

Now......on to some more garden pictures.  I am slowly making progress.  Here is one small little area that has a lot less weeds (well, except for all of the pulled weeds all over the path- I guess I could have swept that up before I took the picture): is another area right across from it that is still screaming for help :)

I did manage to get all of the weeds out of the small blueberry patch and I started tucking the raspberries up into the wire we've strung to keep them in check......
After almost 2 weeks the strawberries are finally weed free and straw is down on the paths.....
Look at all those beautiful white flowers that will turn into berries for my belly!!!
Here are a few things that are blooming.  When your garden is as full of weeds as mine is it sure is important to notice the blooming things :)  This is a little tree my husband bought me years ago.  The bees LOVE those yellow flowers and when you are weeding near it there is a constant buzzing music from them.
This is one of the two apple trees.  We hardly had any apples last year, but it looks like we'll make up for it this year.
Here is a close up of the little forget me nots- they are one of my very favorite flowers.
Here is a shot of the lilacs.  Last year we hardly had any flowers and this year they are loaded.  It smell heavenly in my yard right now.
This last picture I just think is cool.  I was taking a picture of the lilacs in the wind and this is how it turned out.  Almost looks like I tried to do that in a photo editing program, doesn't it?  I'll be back tomorrow to try to get back on track with Healthy Thinking.  I really have not been working on it at all, so I guess it's time for me to get back on track again and blogging sure does help me stay on track with that.  See you tomorrow!


Mandy said...

wow you've been busy! send me some strawberries!

Ascension said...

Enhorabuena por los regalos.
Tu jardin esta precioso, seguro que este año consigues una gran cosecha de fresas.....ummmm deliciosas.
besitos ascension

Doreen said...

Your garden is starting to shape up well. Lialacs are one of most favorite flowers. I looooove the smell and always try to get a bouquet for my kitchen table when they are in season. I have raspberries but not strawberries which I prefer. I hope to get some for next year.

Cinderella Moments said...

You won some great stuff! Your garden is awesome. It is looking fantastic. You worked so hard. Those weeds are so annoying!

Jill said...

Your garden is so wonderful... I could practically smell all those wonderful blossoms. It must smell heavenly in your yard right now!
PS: Love those forget-me-nots! They're one of my favorites!

Sans! said...

Dearie, you have a humongous garden! How you have time for anything else baffles me :).

Those gifts are precious! :)

Julia said...

Your garden looks great! I've been pulling weeds, etc..... Such a lot of HOT work!!!! I have poison ivy again!!!! I'm not a gardener! I love the lilacs and would love to have strawberries.
I've missed you.

Laura said...

Love the garden pictures!
I'm so happy that you like the purse. It just reminded me of you so much when I saw it. I was looking for something else entirely and then spotted that.


Claudia said...

The garden is looking good, Kim. It's amazing how
much cleaning up there is to do every year, isn't it?

Love, love your gift and giveaway win!


dale's dreams said...

I'm glad you like your stuff, but, I have to tell you, that purse rocks! I love it! :)

Zlatica said...

You will have a lot of strawberries, Kim. :))
One of my very favourite flowers is forget-me-not, too. It is so tender.
Love to you.

Angela said...

I can just imagine the smell from those goodness. Just last night I kept smelling such a wonderful aroma, thinking it was from my neighbor on the one side who has a lilac bush. Well she has her's all gone. So than I looked across the street to see if it was from there..nope..Well I was just still happy of that delightful smell..Later I noticed the neighbor on the other side of me has one beautiful lilac tree, just like the pic you have here and that is where the smell came from..wonderful!!!

My yard has finally been weed picked. Of course, it's back to starting all over but hey, that is what it's all about right,,LOL. It definitely is a good work out.

This year has been a hard one getting the yard ready with me working outside the home now. I am forcing myself not to stress about it (or I won't enjoy pitter pattering around the garden totally stressed). I do what I can and just let the rest go. Bit by bit, it gets done!! ((hugs)) Your garden is looking so beautiful.