Monday, June 20, 2011

Lots Going On!!

Wow- life is keeping me hopping right now!  We are very busy at work- lots of good changes coming up.  Between work, keeping the house tidy and the gardens I am not getting lots done in the crafts department.  I have been managing to sneak only small pockets of time here and there.  Remember Pedro- my naked doll?  His Niche is all painted and ready for him to occupy.
However- Pedro himself is still awaiting his new outfit.  I managed to make him some new pants and a new shirt- but there are lots more accessories to add- Pedro does not enjoy looking this plain!

Since I don't have much to show you that I have been working on.......let's look at some new goodies I bought for the Candy House!  Christine from sells the cutest little crocheted animals.  Here are 2 that I recently purchased from her etsy store- a little mouse and a cookie monster!   They are so tiny--I took one picture with my thumb in for scale.  Amelie is in love with them- they are perfect for her play room- thank you so much Christine!!!!  You can find Christine's etsy store here:

While I have been so busy I missed the very last Creativity Challenge from June at and I was pretty bummed to have missed it.  The theme this time was Artist's Choice and this would have been my entry.  I worked on this piece for at least 2 or 3 years and it's one of my favorite creations.  These panels are polymer clay tiles in a mosiac.  Each tile was hand cut and carved by me and then handpainted.  The little niches/houses  hold polymer clay prayer boxes and I can add more prayers to the piece until the niches are full.  I was so proud when I finished these- mostly for sticking with a project this size and not quitting :)  Thank you June for holding the Creativity Challenges- I  will really miss them!
Before I go do some work I'll leave you with some garden pictures.  Hope you have a good week- I'll be back tomorrow with a very special post :)


Ange said...

Pedro will be looking dapper in no time!
That Cookie Monster is absolutely ADORABLE!

Cinderella Moments said...

Pedro is lookin' good!!
The panels are so gorgeous. And the prayer boxes in there is such a nice idea. That's a huge project. Congratulations on finishing these gorgeous pieces.
I love Christine's work. So cute.
Your garden is looking very romantic! Enjoy it.
big hugs from Lizzie and me,

Laura said...

Your gardens are looking great!

Pedro really needs some flashy duds you're right! A poncho perhaps?? :P

Love your new mini's! They are too cute. :)


Julia said...

You did a great job on Pedro's pants and shirt. I can't wait to see his accessories.
Your gardens look fantastic.
Cute, cute, cute little crocheted minis!

Mandy said...

Garden looks great Kim! Those mini animals are to cute for words, how in the heck?? And Pedro is looking good, but I think he needs some beads!

Tallulah Belle said...

Your garden is looking wonderful Kim. Cant wait till I can get planting.

Your mosaics are they took forever...well worth it though.

Mary said...

Pedro is looking very nice. I love your mosaic prayer panels, it’s so creative, you should feel very proud for completing it. Your garden is lovely, I really like the mattress spring trellis, very creative recycling.

Ascension said...

Pedro es muy afortunado, te ha quedado genial.
Me encantan tus compras son preciosas.
Tu jardin es una verdadera maravilla.
besitos ascension

Lucille said...

Pedro seems to be a guy who would go for flamboyant colours. You did a great job on his pants and shirt. Your mosaic prayer panels are extraordinary. I have never seen anything like that before. You are a very patient lady, Kim.

Shelley Whiting said...

I love all the colorful and wonderful designs on the niche. Pedro is quirky and full of personality. Your work is very fun and beautiful.

Sans! said...

I love the box you painted for Pedro. Bet's he's pleased as punch! :)

And that triptych that you did is just WOW! No wonder you love them . I love them too! Do enough of them and you can hold an exhibition of your art, Kim !

Garden is gorgeous as usual but I just catch a quick glimpse because again, my head hang in shame over the state of mine.

Doreen said...

Hi Kim. Your garden is great. I love the bed spring support for the plants. What a great idea. I have not been doing any miniatures as I have been spending all my time trying to get rid of all the weeds in the vegtable garden. I will take some pictures soon and post them.

Kim said...

Ange- isn't cookie monster so adorable?? Thanks for stopping by :)

Caroline- Pedro is challenging me- wish I worked as fast as you do! Thank you for your sweet comment ♥ Hugs from Miko and me :)

Laura- thank you chickie- miss ya ♥

Julia- now I really wish you lived closer- these little crocheted critters are amazing- even more amazing in person. I can't believe someone can crochet this tiny :)

Kim said...

Mandy- I'm still thinking on how I should add beads to Pedro. Of course he needs some!

Jayne- your garden is going to outshine mine soon!! I hope you are posting progress pics soon?

Mary- thank you- you are so sweet!!

Ascension- thank you ♥

Kim said...

Lucille- my hubby would laugh himself silly if he heard you call me a patient person :) It depends on what I'm working on--I can sit for hours watching birds in the garden sitting as still as a statue- but if he makes me wait more than 5 minutes in the car I can't stand it! I've taken to bringing a puzzle book in the car to handle it better :) Miko says "hi" and sends some puppy kisses :)

Shelley- thank you!!

Sans- thank you- you are so sweet to me. I wish my garden was more polished- but then I look at it and think it is just like me...kind of crazy and disorganized, but colorful :) I'm still working on Pedro's outfit with lots of feedback from my hubby- just wait till you see him :)

Kim said...

Doreen- I have not had time for minis either- it is hard, isn't it? Especially when I visit blogs and see what people are making. Work has been very crazy (which is good) and I am barely keeping up so far this summer. My Mom gave me that bed spring- she was looking for a way to haul it to the trash and looked at me like I was crazy when I said I would take it- lol! I can't wait to see pictures of your veggie garden!! I'm so happy that you are able to have one this year- I can't wait to hear about what delicious things you are going to be able to eat :) hugs!!