Sunday, June 5, 2011

Artsy Blogger Sunday!!!!

It's time for me to share some links from some artsy bloggers! Each week we share with each other what we have been up to- and post to our blogs to share with our readers too.  If you have the time please check out what my friends have been doing this week :)

Eileen - The Artful Crafter
See how to make zero-calorie fortune cookies for your next party. Hint: they're made in the craft room - not the kitchen.

Recovering Estate Sale Chairs
Cherie gets a find at an estate sale and shows how to recover old chairs. 

Beading Arts
Wire tutorials and resources galore on Beading Arts this week!

Creative Dreamer
June is having problems with watercolors, come see what's going on. 

Campfire Pies
A fun summer campout treat idea.


Sans! said...

Today, I actually clicked through your links and visited all your friends :). I have to confess it's the zero calorie fortune cookie that got me interested..hahahah.

Ascension said...

Kim gracias por los enlaces, me voy a pasar a visitarlos.
besitos ascension

Glenda said...

Thanks for the links, Kim. I've had fun checking them out - you never know in art and craft what may pop out as a new hobby, or as a new way to make a miniature!!
I liked the wrapped beads best :)

Thanks also for your kind comment on my blog, it feels so good to be back amongst my blog friends :D
xxx Glenda

Kim said...

Sans- thank you so much! If only there was a cookie to eat that had no calories- eh?

Ascension- thank you!!! Hugs to you my sweet friend!!!

Glenda- thank you for visiting- and I am so glad to see you back! Isn't it funny how much you can miss people you have never met in real life? I feel the same way after each break I take :) I wish you days of warm sunshine and happiness ♥