Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Well- today we are at 163.6.  Still a loss- and that's okay with me today.  Today I am feeling good with my body.  I know I still need weight to come off- but the energy...that's what is important to me.  I feel a little stronger each week.  I feel excited to get up and start the day.  I feel excited to work on new projects and finish up old ones and more than anything that is what I wanted to get back.  I know that my struggle with the weight will be a slow one- and one I might have for the rest of my life.  I am okay with that.  I think I would rather only lose .4 pound and have a couple of reeses peanut butter eggs (omg- thank goodness they are only once a year!) than not have any peanut butter eggs and gain 1 pound because I freaked out and ate a package of 6 by myself.  I know I need to be more disciplined about the exercise and tracking my food- but you know what- I think I am okay with simply trying.  When I get crazy and only concentrate on exercise and tracking---when it's all about the weight---then I start to lose control of everything else.  If my journey is slower because I am not being as strict as I should be- but I am still managing to keep up with the rest of my life- then I guess I am okay with a really slow journey.  I think I am going to start to do this post as a bi-weekly post.  I know there are folks out there with no interest in reading this and wondering why I keep posting it.  I've thought about stopping the posts more than once. After thinking about it for a few weeks now I have decided the reason why I keep doing these posts  is that it is my blog- my place to share my heart and life and to write what I desire.   Writing this out keeps me from spiraling out of control.  It keeps me accountable- even if I'm not doing as well as someone else on the same journey would be doing. Even though I yo-yo and I have good weeks and then right behind them come bad weeks- well---that's just me.  This last week I have come to realize that I am okay with "me".  I actually like me :)  If you would like to visit  my friend who is also trying to get healthy or you would like to work at it along with us please visit  Marsha for Wednesday Weigh Ins at   
See you in a couple of weeks :)


Laura said...

Well I am one person that does NOT want you to stop posting about this! I think that what you are going through is relevant to almost all of us (women). We all struggle with weight and energy. I love reading about how you are doing.

I am so happy that you had another loss and yes, it's important to still be able to have something that you love from time to time. There is nothing wrong with a treat. :)
Congrats sweet thing!


Tammy said...

Please do not stop posting! I love reading what you have to say~ I feel connected to you, in a weird sort of way, I guess. It makes me feel like we're young and kids again :0)

Kim said...

Laura- hugs chickie ♥ You know how I feel about you- thank you so much!

Tammy- I didn't know you were still reading! Thank you so much. Sometimes it's really hard to put yourself out there-you know? I'm really glad you are still reading ♥ I'm grateful you are still my friend after all this time.

Mandy said...

Good for you girlfriend! Keep posting, I find it encouraging. Are you following a plan? A couple of years ago I lost 45 lbs on WW, but a year later, and a lot emotional angst I put it right back on. I feel like a blob, a fat one. Keep posting, I like to read them!

And you know what's better than 6 Reese's peanut butter eggs????


Sharon - Rekindle Me said...

Oh, Please keep these posts coming!! I am right there with you on this yo yo thing, girlfriend!! Especially at this point in life! You are an inspiration and a motivator!!!

xoxo Sharon

lori vliegen said...

congrats on your weight go girl!! :))

Eileen Bergen said...

Slow and steady wins the race. Good for you, Kim. I'm glad you're getting your energy back.

Sassy Marsha said...

Hello Kim!

Yes, love yourself!! You are perfect!! And congrats on the weight lost. Good for you!!!!!

I have been so busy today but I need to go and track what I've eaten so far. I'm feeling frazzled too, being torn in too many directions. I need to stop and refocus otherwise I'll backslide!!

I'm feeling bloated too . . . and that doesn't help. I know, DRINK WATER, ha ha ha

I wanted to be sure I came over and posted on your sweet blog! Have a great Easter!!!


Minnie Kitchen said...

I am trying to eat healthy (starting from yesterday)...we'll see how long this lasts!

PAKY said...

I send lots of encouragement Kim, I understand perfectly because I know what it's like watching what you eat and kept on a diet, because I am prone to gain weight, but it is good to feel good and strong, especially health, which is most important. Many minds, not to say that your blog is your personal space where you can put whatever you want ... a big kiss

Rosella said...

Dear Kim,
Thank you for always be on my blog and for your comments.
I'm glad you liked my latest work with the eggs and I encourage you to do the same, It is great fun and satisfaction from the result.
I'm glad that you are able to lose weight. Your battle is a very tough but I'm sure that you have so much strength and courage.
Always write about your weight because this is important if it makes you feel good. We must do everything that makes us feel good.
Have a good weekend and try it with eggs and then let me know ...
Ciao ciao da Rosella de "Il Salotto delle Rose"

Katie said...

Yes! It is hard to put things out there... I blog alot, and hit delete because I don't think everyone wants to hear about the drama... However it does make 'bloggers' seem real! We have real lifes that go on outside blogworld, and we have some wonderful friends in blog world to share it with! So! Please keep sharing:)

But you can't be talking about Reese's.... cause now I want one, lol!!

Sans! said...

Ok darling Kim, think of me whenever you feel like quitting these posts. You know I WANT to read them :):). And guess who else is addicted to Reese's peanut butter mini cups? 44 calories each :) and soooooo hard to key that in (last week I had 5 in 1 session ) every time I need to list them in my diet journal. haha.

I lost 4 pounds in the 1st 2 weeks -exercise everyday eating 3-600 cals less than what I burnt. On the last 4 days of the 3rd week, my body shut down . 0 motivation to exercise and I just want to eat every hour on the hour :). Didn't even bother logging in and didn't weigh in on Monday morning either :). So I am starting again this week and it is Friday already :). I know now that I must accept the days when I slide. It will happen again and again. Just got to keep getting back on track :).

I like what Eileen said :Slow and steady wins the race. I think you are doing it right, Kim!

Kim said...

I want to say a big huge thank you to everyone for your support ♥ I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends- the most wonderful thing is that you don't judge my failures and the bad weeks, but just keep me steady and trying my best. I don't even have words to express how grateful I am and how I think of all of you when I am ready to quit. I wish I could hug each and every one of you in real life! I will keep going and keep posting- thank you for making me feel less foolish about posting my SLOOOOOOOOW journey :)