Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Weigh In

This is a short post today.  I told you last week about feeling like giving up but not allowing myself to.  I am slowly getting back on track.  I am still trying to balance my exercise with everything else going on in life.  I did get exercise this week- but it was mainly in spring cleaning and walks outside with the dog.  I know I need to do more than that to really make the weight fall off- but I'm still unable to find that balance of job, house upkeep, blogging, crafting and weight loss.  I'm going to get there- already this year I feel so much better than last year and I am slowly catching up to the many things I let fall through the cracks.  I weigh in today at 164.6- which is a step backwards from last weigh in- but I'm okay with it.  It could have been worse- I feared it would be.  I've decided to really get cracking in hopes of wearing dresses this summer that used to fit me.  I put pictures of the old me on the fridge and a big "stick to it" sign that will stare me in the face as I choose what to eat.  I got out my old size 10 jeans and left only 2 of the larger size in the closet in the hopes of having to wash them so often will spur me on (silly, right?-- but these tricks really help me).  I filled my fridge once again with veggies and put a "NO" sign on my hubby's snack cupboard  (he really loves that-lol--he knows it's for me, not him).  Spring is finally  here- my attitude improves daily and I'm getting outside and moving- so I just know these posts will soon be filled with the excitement of a woman succeeding and changing her life.  So- I'll see you again next week.  Thank you to everyone that continues to read these posts and supports me- it is so helpful to me.  If you would like to visit  my friend who is also trying to get healthy or you would like to work at it along with us please visit  Marsha for Wednesday Weigh Ins at


Lucille said...

Don't ever get discouraged, Kim. We all fall but we pick ourselves up and keep going. It's the "keeping going" that really matters and that in the end will make you reach your goal. I applaud you when you mention household maintenance. A clean home is very important to me and it takes priority over anything else. I love cleanliness. I find it relaxing and at the same time inspiring!

Julia said...

Whoo-hoo! way to get back on track!House cleaning and working in the yard are great ways to get exercise.

Sassy Marsha said...

Hello Kim!

What an inspirational post today!! Whatever it takes to keep you on track!

Keep at it, one day at a time! You will achieve your goal, well, you already have achieved the major one, getting healthy!!!

Love and hugs,

Eileen Bergen said...

You know, Kim, I keep coming to your Wednesday Weigh-ins, not just to support you in this struggle, but also to grab some tips for myself.

You've shared some great ones. And your honesty about the battle with the bulge is refreshing

I'm happy to share that I dropped two pounds this week - coming off a loooong plateau.

Total weight loss since starting to follow Wednesday Weigh-ins: 9 pounds! One more to goal!!

Thanks to you and Deb at Learning Just to Breathe for your blogs.

ittybittyandpretty said...

thank you for your kind are so right in every way. it really is comforting to know that i am not the only one that feels this way and that other people get through it one day at a time. and yes getting out into the open air makes things much better, just have to push myself out that door. having you and other bloggers like you keeps me going as well, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sans! said...

My weigh in was on Monday 1st thing in the morning and I lost 700g from the week before. Then I weigh again 2 days later in the evening and was shocked to see that I have gained 1.3kg from the Monday! I read later that weight can differ up to 2kg in the span of a day! Did you know that, Kim? I didn't :). I thought maybe a few gramms but not in terms of kg!!! :):) So weight is really not the all and be all. Its th general sense of well being :).

Laura said...

The weather is getting better and soon you'll be a skinny hottie slinking around in her sweet dresses. Not that you're fat now. It could be a lot worse. I WAS a lot worse than that!

You're doing wonderfully Kimmy-Bear. Just keep doing what you're doing, you'll get there. :)


Kim said...

I have to say that all of you help me keep going. So far this week I have been doing very well because of your support!

Lucille- I have 3 cats, one inside dog and one dog that is inside and outside. I have to keep up with my house or I would have a carpet of hair- lol!! I like clean too- if it gets too messy I feel very disconnected and full of anxiety- like things are not right :) Having said that- you don't want to see my craft room- that's hardly ever clean!

Julia- you are a major part of my support system- thank you ♥

Marsha- thank you- your support every week means a lot to me ♥

Eileen- good for you!!!! HOOORAY!!! Only one more pound- that is so fantastic- I am grinning from ear to ear for you :)

Rosey- I meant all my words and I am serious when I say I struggle with the same thing-it can be debilitating. If you ever need to talk or just need an ear to listen please feel like you can email me. sending you a big huge hug ♥

Sans- this is how I feel too- I am not so concerned with weight (although I need it to come off) as I am with energy and vigor and feeling excited about life. It would be good to not get diabetes too since it runs in my family.

Laura- I love you girl- I mean it. This year feels so different from last year- I'm just gonna keep at it till I get there. I miss you- where you been??????