Monday, April 4, 2011

The Sunroom

Well, after finishing up the 30 days of art journaling I took a small break.  I enjoyed the 30 days, but I did find that I was scrambling to keep up with everything this last month, so I am taking a month's break and I will have a new 30 day challenge in May.  I have a couple of ideas I am thinking over- but I am open to suggestions too.  Last weekend I wanted to work on miniatures.  I worked a bit on the outside of the Candy House- but since I'm so close to being finished with the exterior I'm waiting to show you that.  Instead, I will show you my project for the fabulous chair I won in Casey's Mini's giveaway.  I wanted to try to build this project from scratch instead of buying a kit.  I saw somewhere instructions on how to build a tabletop greenhouse for your life size plants from picture frames and I thought- why not try that out using smaller picture frames?  I bought two 8x10 inch picture frames and two 5x7 inch picture frames at the dollar store.  My husband cut a base for me and a back wall.  We glued the entire thing together and started out with this:
My husband added wood putty to the frames to make them even on the outside and then I painted the entire thing cream.  I wasn't sure what to do about the roof.   My  hubby surprised me with the wonderful roof made out of wood strips and plexiglass!  I think it looks great!  I've started to gather some things that I might use in this little sunroom.  I'm thinking the back wall will be brick, with a door leading to the room from the house (use your imagination a bit here:) ).  I'm also thinking I'll have a short wall around the bottom of the room with some faux posts to separate the windows up a bit.  Here's the progress so far:


Katie said...

How Creative! And I love where your going with this! Looks like a fun project:)

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

What a great idea Kim and your hubby is so sweet. This is going to be so cute. I really enjoyed your 30 days of journaling :(

Victoria ♥

Kim said...

Katie- thank you! I need to catch up and send some things off- but I'm hoping we can eventually do a swap on this project :)

Victoria- I think I'm starting to hook my hubby on minis. He sure has a lot of good advice and ideas lately! Thank you for watching my journaling pages! That is very sweet and means a lot to me since I was nervous about posting them :)

Eileen Bergen said...

Kim, you are just full of surprises!

I don't know how you could have started this whole new project while you were immersed in the 30-day journal project.

We had a sunroom in the house I grew up in. I haven't heard the word in a while. Delightful!

dale's dreams said...

Kim, this is just a fabulous idea!

Was it easy? It looks easy. :)

I'm not a builder here, but that, I would/could be tempted to try. :)

Susan said...

Kim, it's already looking wonderful! Great idea with the frames and congratulations to your husband for making the roof, it's perfect for this project.

Lataina said...

Ooh, Kim this is great! I love the fabric you chose for the chair. =) I like the direction your taking this in. Can't wait to see more. =)

Chris P's Minis and More said...

I just found you and love your sun room idea! I love casey's wocker and how blessed you are to win her chair! it looks great in the room tell your hubby he's a sweet heart..I have one of those kind too he's always ready to help me when I need a hand in mini makin'

Sans! said...

Kim, 1st off, brillic!!!!!!!!!!

I love the idea of using photo frames to make a roombox. Much lighter than say a fish tank too and you can work on one side of the wall before assembly. A wooden frame will also make the box look like a house :) Dearie, I think you have just solved my roombox problem. We can't find a good roombox at a reasonable price here.

Please congratulate your hubby on that roof and to let him know that I will copy his idea :):):).

I think this is going to be a fab room, Kim. Tessie is a wicked wicker witch :):)

Lirael said...

That is a really cute project! I'd picture myself in there reading a good book with hands still a bit stained from working in the mud, planting seedlings :) Ooh and some kittycat stretched out at my feet, tired of course, of watching me work lol!

Ascension said...

Ha sido una gran idea, quedara genial.
Ya tienes muchas cositas, estoy deseando ver los avances.
Felicita a tu marido por su trabajo.
besitos ascension

Doreen said...

Kim, that is a fantastic idea. And isn't it nice when you can get your husband interested as well? This room will give you a lot of peace and comfort just looking at it once it is finished. It will show your love of gardening and you can also imagine sitting in that wonderful chair and working on one of your paintings for relaxation. (A mini painting on a tripod beside the chair?)

Tina said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! And thank you for following me! I'm looking forward to making my first house, hoping everything will go well. I would love to swap with you once I start decorating my house. ^_^

I have to say, looking at your sunroom... you are so talented! It looks fantastic! I hope I can learn to be half as good as you are!

Fabiola said...

I love it! It's very nice.
Bye Faby

Wendy Luane Barber said...

I am so impressed my dear. Who would've thunk it to use picture frames to make a mini setting? Another idea on my list.

Kim said...

Eileen- I get so excited about ideas that I do this to myself all the time- I usually work on 3 or 4 things at the same time :) My hubby says I don't understand the word relax- but to me it's more relaxing than just watching tv. I don't sit still very well.

Dale- it was super easy! I thought my hubby was going to think I was crazy when I came up to him with the 4 frames and my idea- but he knew what I was talking about and whipped it right up! If you decide to try and need help email me :)

Susan- thank you!!

Lataina- thank you! I hope to add bricks to the wall this weekend :)

Chris- I am so glad you found me! Thank you for your sweet comment- my hubby is loving all the nice things folks are saying :)

Sans- thank you! I am glad to have inspired you too, since your posts inspire me so often!

Lea- we are on the same page! thank you for your sweet comment:)

Kim said...

Ascension- thank you! I do have quite a bit collected already- but I'm thinking I might fill it up a bit to make it nice and cozy :) hugs to you!

Doreen- thank you! I love when my hubby helps me with projects :) He always has such good ideas and he is really good at giving criticism in a nice way without hurting my feelings. He is a keeper :) I was thinking of putting that painting in there to show a little of me :) You are sweet to have noticed ♥

Tina- if you ever need help just holler- mini bloggers are so nice! I look forward to watching your house progress and I would love to swap- you let me know when you get to a point where you are ready :)

Faby- thank you- hugs!!!

Wendy- oh no- did I add to your list??!! I can't wait to see you work on minis- I have a feeling I am going to be amazed :) Thank you Wendy ♥ You know you inspire me all the time :)