Thursday, April 28, 2011

Butterfly Wings :)

I live 2 hours away from my family. I don't get home as often as I like so once in awhile I like to send my nieces and nephews surprises via UPS. This year I sent them all Easter baskets and I asked my sister what my little niece might like in hers. My sis said that she likes to play dress up. How fun is that?? Well, I could not find much for playing dress up here in the town I live in. I found a cute little netted skirt with butterflies on it so I bought that thinking I could make some butterfly wings for her to wear with the skirt. I went to the fabric store to buy a pattern for wings, but they were sold out! I'm not sure why- but I hard could it really be? So, here is my version of butterfly wings for a toddler :) I bought 6 pieces of lavander fun foam sheets and 8 pieces of a fun glittered pink.  I then made a simple pattern for wings and cut out the lavander sheets. I cut out 2 upper wings and 2 lower wings and then I cut out 2 body parts.  I cut 8 pieces of the glittered pink just a touch smaller and glued them on top of the lavander on both sides- making each wing seperately.  Then I took the 2 oval shaped lavander pieces and glued the wings sandwiched between them to end up with wings that look like this:

 There is pink on the front and back of the wings.  Next I took some elastic I had bought and cut off 2 pieces about 5 inches long. 
I cut a small slit in the wings about 4 inches over from the center of the body and brought the elastic through to the back- leaving a loop on the front of the wings big enough for a little girls arms.  I used embroidery floss and sewed the loops down securely- using very large stitches so you don't tear the foam.  I did a lot of stitches so it would be pretty strong.  Be careful not to sew the loop for the arm on the front shut.
Now- of course I sent off the basket without taking enough pictures- but here is a drawing to explain better:

Here is Miko modeling the wings for me since I didn't have a toddler to help me see if the size was okay.  He only had them on for about 5 minutes tops- he doesn't care for being a butterfly .  You can see Poopie cat's tail in the picture because Poopie cat is Miko's best friend :)   My sister said that my niece loved her basket but my nephew liked wearing the wings more. I think that is so cute! 


Mandy said...

LOL! That poor puppy wearing the wings is hysterical! They turned out great, you are so talented! Post a picture of your niece (or nephew) wearing them so we can see!

Laura said...

Oh Miko!!! ;p (I think he secretly liked wearing them.) The cats tail is purrfect. (do you like what I did right there???)

Those wings are cute Kim! You are such a wonderful Auntie to go to the trouble of making them up like that! Most people (me) would have just said, "too bad kid, you're not getting any". ;p
But we all know what I am.. right? *wink*


Katie said...

Oh Kim! That last picture is just too much... Wonder what Miko was thinking?? LOL

And what a perfect Easter gift! Glad your neice And Nephew enjoyed them:) Such a cool Auntie!


Lainie said...

Miko is adorable! The wings are perfect! I'm sure your neice and nephew will have lots of fun with them. Hope you have a great weekend!

Cherie said...

LOL! Maybe I could put some on my doggie and we could share photos. :) Cute project, Kim!

Ascension said...

Que fantastico esta con sus alitas!!!
Has hecho un precioso trabajo.
Feliz fin de semana
besitos ascension

Rosella said...

Simpatico il tuo Miko! E' un modello perfetto.
Brava, un ottimo lavoro!
Buon fine settimana

Eileen Bergen said...

How cute, Kim. The parting shot is just too funny.