Sunday, April 17, 2011

Artsy Bloggers Sunday!!

It's time for me to share some links from some artsy bloggers! Each week we share with each other what we have been up to- and post to our blogs to share with our readers too.  There are some great post this week- please take a look!!

Made By Nicole
Nicole shares a mixed-media art piece that is filled with love for family and friends.

Affirmations Page - Art Journal Background
Check out this easy journal background!

Moore (Gourd)Whimsies
Last Day for the Giveaway!

Beading Arts
The final chapter of Cyndi's e-book is now available! "Fibers, Fabrics, and Beads" challenges you to integrate all the fiber arts that you already love with your bead embroidery!

Make a Fish Cake
If you have a fisherman in the family they'll love this fun cake idea!

Homemade Mirrors With Poetry
It's National Poetry Month! In honor of that, Cherie is showing off a mirror she made using lines from one of her poems.

Creative Dreamer
Just a reminder that the visual journal June created all through March is going to given away to one lucky follower! But you have to hurry... the give away ends at midnight on Saturday!

Eileen - The Artful Crafter
Make these darling lamb place card holders for Easter or any special spring dinner. So cute! 


rosanna said...

Too many links, I shall never have the time to read them all and I don't like the idea at all!thanks for sharing, Rosanna

Kim said...

That is okay Rosanna. Thanks for visiting anyways.

Lucille said...

I have looked at all of them, Kim, but I have not read them. I cannot remember her name but the one who is giving away her journal, I love the way she creates. I have only seen the two pages, but she seems to create with abandonment. I think if I had a journal, that is the style I would want to use. I have a tendency to do that in almost everything I do. I suppose that's why I admired her style. I have somewhat of a gypsy soul in me but I have always kept it in check. Perhaps this would be a way to let go, let loose. It might do me the world of good. Thanks for sharing these.

Kim said...

Lucille- thank you so much for visiting my friends. June is the blogger you are referring to- and she does create some beautiful work! I am learning a lot from her :) I am excited that you feel inspired by her work- she would love to know that! Are you thinking about journaling Lucille?? That is wonderful!!!!

PS- I kiss Miko in between the eyes every day for you and tell him it is from you :)

Lucille said...

I just lost my comment! I'll try again. First, I thanked you for kissing little Miko for me. He's such a sweetheart. The next thing is that I want to correct a grammatical error I made in my comment. I wrote that June creates with abandonment. LOL! It should have been "creates with abandon". Funny how the mind works. It had to wait after I was all snuggled tight in my bed last night to inform me of that. I certainly wasn't going to get up, turn on the computer and make the correction. So, I told it that I would do it in the morning. And, I can't blame the mistake on the fact that I'm French because it's the same thing in French. Now, my mind is at rest! (Insert a grin)

Papillon Bleu said...

It is like a mini marathon checking these blogs! If only I could spend some calories for marathons like this! LOL!!!!

lori vliegen said...

thanks for sharing your artsy links.....that fish cake and those little lamb card holders are super cute! :))

Kim said...

Lucille- you make me giggle. Do you know how often I think of my blog post as I am drifting off to sleep- re-wording it over and over in my head and thinking about how I want it to look? I thought I was the only one that did things like that! We must love the blogging world :) I did not know you were French! One of my most fabulous friends is french- and so is Amelie- the doll that lives in the Candy House! I am so excited I have another French friend!! Hugs to you!!!!!

Patricia- thank you for visiting my friends- I have found many great projects and ideas from them :) I wish that I could spend some calories from eating chocolate ice cream :) XXXXXOOOOOO!!!!!

Lori- thank you so much for coming over to visit me- and for taking the time to visit my friends also! I love that fish cake- I can't wait for a reason to try it out!

RiS said...

Very interesting links! Thank you x

Zlatica said...

Hello , Kim!
I just make a stop to see how are you doing... I like how active and productive you are!!! The lamp you have created is excellent!
I´ve glimpsed over the posts to find out what kind of journal you are talking about. :) Yes, it is very interesting look. I like it so much. I will check Creative Dreamer in the future.
Thanks for sharing.
Love, Zlatica.

Cinderella Moments said...

Oooh! How fun! I love checking out what other people are creating. Fantastic idea!