Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday Weigh In/Healthy Thinking Thursdays

I'm taking a "free pass" this week.  When I went to a physical weekly meetings at weight watchers instead of weight watchers online we received these little tickets for a free pass- in other words a week with no weigh in.  Now, I could have gained or lost this week- but the simple fact is that I don't want to know which.  I had a really hard time sticking to good eating this week.  We were running the entire week with different things going on and each meal seemed to be something haphazardly put together for quickness instead of healthiness.  I didn't track at all- and that's never a good thing.  Let me tell you- my stomach knows the difference already at this point and I am anxious to get back on track and cook some decent meals again.  I didn't exercise much this week either- I'm still struggling to find that balance between work, taking care of myself and creating art or minis.  Right now I am filled with the urge to make things so I kind of get lost in it and before I know it I need to go to bed and I've forgotten the exercise part of the day.  I need to stick that exercise right in the slot before even making dinner- kind of like I don't get to eat unless I exercise.  We all know by now that eating is a big deal to me- so that would make me do it for sure- don't you think?  Anyhow, If you would like to visit others trying to get healthy or you would like to work at it along with us please visit my friends Marsha for Wednesday Weigh Ins at and sometimes my friend Laura for Healthy Thinking Thursdays at    See you next week- and I promise I'll weigh in whether it's a good week or a bad one.


Minnie Kitchen said...

so good to catch up with your blog. enjoy the week!

Sassy Marsha said...

Hi there Kim!

Oh, I like that, a free pass! Perhaps I should have given myself one this past week, LOL

OMG, I totally understand about wanting to create and getting so involved you push exercise out of the way! I did that yesterday, but today I must get back on the treadmill!

Isn't point counting a PAIN!?! But I know it's important once you start adding up every little thing, a pad of butter, a pad of mayo, tablespoon of oil . . . thankfully we can eat all the veggies and fruit we want!!!

Thank you for posting! It realy helps me keep on track and motivated!!

See you next week!!!


Catherine... said...

Hope you get back on track... I get lost in creating things and would forget to eat if it wasn't for Mr Hollywoods rumbling tum...

Ascension said...

Es muy duro hacer dieta y ejercicio, sobre todo para personas que disfrutamos comiendo, pero seguro que coges el ritmo y puedes hacerlo todo....incuidos tus preciosos trabajos.
besitos ascension

Julia said...

Everyone needs a free pass once in a while. I am giving up bread for Lent. I figure if I can do it for a month maybe I won't have the need for it after Easter. That's not the purpose behind giving up something for Lent, but I think God would be happy to know I was doing something that's good for me. I'd say He knows how much I LOVE BREAD! So, He knows what a sacrifice this is for me.
Off track - sorry.
Life does get in the way of us trying to take care of ourselves, doesn't it?

Eileen Bergen said...

I wish I had taken pass this week, Kim. I'm up 2 lbs. Yikes. But if I didn't weigh in, I wouldn't know it's time to cut back - well until my clothes start screaming at me. lol.

Kim said...

whew--sorry for the delay- I'm having a hard time keeping up with blogging!

Minnie Kitchen- thank you!!! Same to you :)

Marsha- I am not as weary of the diet yet because even though I'm not losing quickly, at least it is moving. Last year I tried so hard and nothing would happen,so I feel hope--but point counting is a pain. However, I do eat so much better when I count- I really think about those little bites I tend to take that I think won't hurt anything-lol :) You keep me motivated too!!

Catherine- I think it's the curse of the creative side- it becomes all encompassing sometimes!

Ascension- you are one of my biggest cheerleaders- thank you!!! I will get there this year, I am sure of it....just slowly it seems :)

Julia- Giving up bread for Lent would take a lot of discipline for me!! I know you will do it though=--and you are right, maybe you will find that you don't miss it :)

Eileen- you are so correct!!! I think that I just couldn't face it if the scale was up--which I am pretty sure it was. I still have not stepped on it, but I did eat a little better this last week. Summer cannot get here soon enough for me- we eat so healthy in the summer. We spend most of our off time outdoors in the summer too- which makes a big difference.