Monday, March 21, 2011

So much to share!

I have lots to share with you today :)  First, I wanted to show you a few things I received in the mail in the last few weeks.  Glenda from was doing a bit of thinning in her minis and sent me some terrific food for the Candy House.  I was so excited because I knew I wanted to have a basket of eggs and some fresh baked bread in the Candy House and now I do!  Look at the wonderful things she sent- thank you again Glenda!!

Next I want to show you the adorable rug, pillow and blanket that my sweet friend Julia from sent to me- along with a little book to help me with my crochet!  Thank you so much Julia- I think I need to do a special project with these items- they need to be featured!  I am starting to understand the crochet better- I even did a little swatch that looks like lace- but I still need practice.  Maybe I'll start posting some of my "practice" attempts and see what all the experts think :)

On St, Patrick's Day I received a fabulous miniature church made by the talented Katie at . It arrived with perfect timing Katie!!!  I bought it at Katie's etsy shop which you can find here:
I was crossing my fingers that the church would fit on the table I had the radio on in the Candy House and it did!  I am so happy because I fell in love with this little church the first time I saw it on Katie's blog.  It's so detailed- doesn't it look cute in the living room?

Speaking of Candy House....I did a little bit of work on it last week.  I added some more flowers to the vine on the chimney and I started adding a few leaves on the vine- although I am not too sure if I like the leaves or not. 

I painted more on the front of the house and since I was punching out leaves, I made a wreath to hang on the wall besides the front door.

Still not finished with the outside of the Candy House, but it keeps getting closer :)  Here's what happens when I try to take pictures of the Candy House.  He just can't understand how the stupid house could be more interesting than he is.

Before I go, here's a couple pictures of my garden- the snow is melting- by this time next month I should finally see some green :) 


Julia said...

I continue to "suck in a big breath" when I see the progress on your candy house. I just don't know how you do it. The food is great! Thanks for commenting and showing a photo about the things I sent. It helped to see them in an actual room. I hope you will be able to use them in the future.
My husband is mowing the lawn today. His dad mowed his for the 2nd time. We see green all about us!'
I hope your snow melts off completely soon.

De said...

It all looks so good, Kim. Can't wait to see the finished house!

kibbygirl said...

So many treasures!! That church is fantastic. It is time to head over to etsy later, and see whats new. The candy house is looking great too.

Papillon Bleu said...

He!he!he! I couldn't stop laughing when I saw Miko's cutie face !!!!
I see you have been really spoilt and this is wonderful! The little church is perfect on this little table!
The leaves are lovely on the vine.It gives a little extra touch.

And what??? you still have snow??? Kim, come to England!!!! I sat in my garden for a long time today just pretending I was a little lizzard.

dale said...

So much to comment on! :)

The food looks great! :)
I think more leaves on the vine.
The candy house is outrageous, I love it!

I also love the church. Reminds me of a church birdhouse I bought on etsy. I had featured it so many times in treasuries, I had to own it.

I can't believe you still have snow. :( I've got flowers. (not trying to brag, it's just a tiny bit warmer here)

Katie said...

lol... I had to write a list!

ok... I know this is about the next post...but I wanted to tell you! I love the journal page entry. Makes me miss being over in Europe, sitting in the wild flower meadows... I can almost feel the wind blowing now:)

Back to this post... Look at all the goodies you have! I love the bread and veggies, they always do make a house feel more like a home! Good luck with crocheting! It is a lot easier than knitting, lol. I'd love to have the patients to make some of the blankets in mini I've seen! And I am sooo happy the church fits, Looks like it was made for the table:) Your little wreath and vines came out good.... gives more life to the house. But I stillhave to say that your cupcake big house is the cutest!! Speaking of cute! Puppy Nose!! Miko is too cute! I love when they get up in the camera!

...And the garden....
soon your flowers will come....


Lucille said...

That little church is a work of art. Your little candy house is absolutely adorable. It is just so colourful. It really stands out. All your gifts are lovely. Every time I see your little dog, I just want to hug him and kiss him between the eyes. Crazy, eh?!!!

Eileen Bergen said...

Lucky you, Kim! What a bonanza you've received lately.

The crocheted items are really sweet. I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

The tiny food is adorable and the church is a work of art. They all look just perfect in the Candy House.

Kim said...

Julia- you are so sweet to me ♥ ohhhh, I want to come see you and your green grass so badly!

De- Thank you! I wish I worked as fast as you do :)

Kibbygirl- thank you! Etsy is dangerous- isn't it?

Patricia- oooh, so jealous again- and I hear you have daffodils too. I want to come play!

Dale- now I'm coming to visit you too!! Why do I continue to live here??!! LOL :)

Katie- hugs! Thank you!! Did I mention I am in love with the church birdhouse?

Lucille- thank you! No, I don't think it's weird you want to kiss Miko in between the eyes- I must do it about a million times a day :) He is one spoiled little dog!

Eileen- thank you :)

Sans! said...

So much has been done in the time I was in India, Kim. Your candy house is really looking fabulous!