Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Shot of Spring

Well, Mother Nature is not done with Minnesota. It snowed here this week-it's cold again and I am a bit cranky. I need a shot of spring badly. I have a large window in my dining room that looks out onto our backyard. Since we do not have close neighbors- no one behind us in fact but cows- I don't hang curtains on this window. I like the light to shine in- if I ever win the lottery I will build a house with lots and lots of windows. I do like to hang things in the window once in awhile though depending on the time of year. In the winter I usually hang wooden snowflakes here- in the fall I hang wooden fall leaves. I was thinking about rain and raindrops- wet earth, green shoots, flowers growing up out of the ground and I suddenly thought- why not spring showers in my window! I started out with some wooden shapes from the craft store.

I painted the flowers and the raindrop shapes and the third flower shape I glued in a pattern to a round wooden oval to create clouds
Then I glued a piece of ribbon to the back of the cloud.  This is for hanging on a spring tension shower curtain rod I have on the top of my window frame.  My hubby put a piece of trim on the window to hide the rod.  I put the ribbon around the rod and simply use a stick pin to attatch the ribbon to itself on the other side.  I drilled holes in the bottom of the cloud and all the shapes and used wire to attach them to each other. 
Now, even though I have a new blanket of snow outside I have clouds raining and spring flowers growing in my window.  
Before I go- remember my garden that I could almost see patches of wonderful squishy, glorious dirt?  Here she is covered in a fresh blanket of snow.  On the other hand, they say that this fresh snow is good for the cities that are fighting flooding from all the snow this year- so I will be grateful for that and try to smile about the snow.  Let's see.....beautiful, pristine and refreshing snow- that's better, right? 


Cherie said...

Love the window decoration! Yes, it is nice to see even if there's snow outside.

Julia said...

I love your window decor!!! If you can't have spring for real, you can make your own! There were tornadoes just north of us last night!

Katie said...

You're too funny! What a way to bring the spring indoors! Good thinking:)

Hope your feeling better... Love the girl you drew on yesterday's entry... and the labels:)

Zlatica said...

Snow again??? I wish you had such a beautiful weather like we had today - sunny and warm. We had spent outside several hours with Kajka.
Anyway, those flowers are so colorful and optimistic. Your view from taht window is pretty.

Eileen Bergen said...

Sounds like you're hankering to get some seeds in, Kim.

We had a rule of thumb in New Jersey where I had an extensive garden: the peas should be planted by St. Patrick's Day.

Oops, missed that one. Some years it was possible. Some years not ;-(

Kim said...

Cherie- thank you! Spring will still be here eventually :)

Julia- thank you!! Stay safe in your bad weather- I will be thinking of you!

Katie- do you ever just get something in your head that HAS to come out- this was one of those :) Thank you- I'm really not feeling much better, but I'm ignoring it. If I ignore it then it's not really there, right?

Zlatica- thank you! I wish I had the warm spring here too- but you know...I think our long winters are part of what makes me love my garden so much. I'm so very grateful when it finally gets here- and being grateful for the glory of Mother Nature is a good thing :) Hope you are enjoying another sunny day today and I must tell you again that I cannot wait to see what you are creating! I am on the edge of my seat!

Kim said...

Eileen- we have a little rule of thumb here in northern Minnesota- don't waste your money on annuals from the garden center till after memorial day unless you are willing to bring pots of plants inside at night :) We don't really start "planting" anything till well into May- there's just too much of a chance of that last cold snap. I don't do much veggie gardening though- hubby does that. I did plant quite a few strawberries, blueberries and raspberries that are my responsibility though :) Sorry....I could talk about gardening for hours and hours and you would have a book to read! :)

Doreen said...

Thank goodness the snow missed us this time around but we still have a pile of snow in the back corner of the yard. And it is very cold. Will spring ever get here. I am so looking forward to ivestigating all the gardens around the house to see what is there.

Ascension said...

Pero no estamos en primavera?
A primavera dentro de tu casa gracias a ti.
besitos ascension

Claudia said...

I love your window decoration, Kim! We got snow twice this week. Don and I wanted to slit our wrists! So depressing. And its cold again. But, and here's the good thing: it melts pretty fast. Ours is almost all gone today because the sun is shining.

Hang in there!


Papillon Bleu said...

What you have created is so beautiful Kim!!!!!!
Now, if the garden doesn't get the message, tell it you will send aunty Patricia ( just to scare it a little ,hey?).
I have to send you a photo of what it looks like here.

Lucille said...

Love your window decorations! Very uplifting!

Kim said...

Doreen- I am glad the snow missed you! I am also anxious to see what you will discover this spring- I hope you are able to post a bit about it! Spring pretty much has to come in the next couple months whether she wants to or not :) Hang in there ♥

Ascension- Here where I live sometimes Spring makes us wait :) I do have spring indoors now though! hugs!!

Claudia- Thank you! When I read your comment I laughed out loud because it is how I felt when I looked out the window the other morning. I think my sigh could be heard states away! Happy *almost* Spring to you!!

Patricia- send pictures- please! Maybe I can show them to my garden as an example of how it is SUPPOSED to be behaving! xxxxooo!!

Lucille- thank you!!!

A Creative Dream... said...

You know Kim, the house I grew up in had massive windows, they were specially made in fact, the panels were 15 feet long by 8 feet high, and then stacked so that the entire front had glass 16 feet tall and 75 feet across. To say my mother liked sunlight might be an understatement. And, like where you are, Mother Nature is dealing us one more bit of winter. Around here we don't plant until Derby... although, I'm never good at waiting that long. The herb seeds are in the pots and on the window...

SellWoWAccount said...

That's a cute decoration. Good idea too, as it is still snowing outside and in that way you could still feel the spirit of Spring.

Sell WoW Account

Kim said...

June- that sounds like my dream house! I hope your warm weather is returning. Mother Nature can be a little fickle, can't she? ah well- winter simply cannot last forever- even if it wants to! Do you have herbs on your windowsill year round? I never seem to have much luck with them indoors.

SellWow- thank you- and thank you for visiting :)

Tiff said...

Amazing and so very creative!