Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Felted Bracelet

I subscribe to the magazine Cloth, Paper, Scissors and I signed up for their newsletters.  One of the last newsletters had a free project-- a felted journal bracelet.  I liked the idea- so I thought I would give it a try.  In the instructions from the email they are felting the wool with a wet method- but I wondered if it would work  if I needlefelted the bracelet.  First I started with a couple different colors of wool roving the length of around my wrist. 
I added 2 ribbon strips that hung past the ends of the felt for tying it to my wrist.  Then I added some raffia and thin twine and started to needle felt it all together.  I think the repetitive stabbing of needle felting is so relaxing. 

When I had it felted pretty firmly I added some beads with thread.  What do you think?  Would you wear it?

In the article they then added charms that told a "journal story" of a memory. I didn't really have a memory planned when I started the project, so I think I'll add charms of things that make me happy.  Check back next week and I'll show you the charms I make for the bracelet. 


Cherie said...

Isn't Cloth, Paper, Scissors the best magazine? I just love this bracelet - you did a great job. I love the step by step pictures!

Julia said...

This is a great bracelet. I was at a fabric store yesterday that was selling sets of felting yarn. I was going to buy it , but the owner was so negative about the felting needle. I was going to buy one and she said they used to carry them. But, then I fugured out that she wanted me to buy a felting machine so I just didn't buy anything. I will look for a felting needle else where and try doing this kind of felting. Please advise me as to what I should be looking for.

Ascension said...

Me parece una pulsera muy original!!!
Si has disfrutado haciendola, sigue disfrutando llevandola porque te ha quedado genial.
besitos ascension

Sans! said...

I have really sensitive skin so I don't wear anything hairy or furry but I love bracelets. On my left wrist are colourful bands I collect from my travels, usually from temples or churches . Looking at the bracelets remind me of these places and I can identify which one is from where :). I can so see myself wearing a journal bracelet :)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Wow Kim, that's beautiful!

Kim said...

Cherie- its one of the few magazine's I keep a subscription to no matter what- I love it! Thank you for your sweet compliment!

Julia- I'm going to email you--I bought mine online because I didn't have anyplace to buy without a couple hour car drive- but I think a lot of craft stores carry them. I might not get my email off to you till friday though- I am running a little behind! I promise it's coming though!

Ascension- thank you so much ♥

Sans- I think you could apply the same idea to a metal bracelet- the charms are where she had the memories come in....but it sounds as if the bracelets you wear already tell a story. I bet they are great stories too :)

Wendy- thank you! I think that if I spent a lot more time on it I could really run with this idea. I wasn't even sure if I could felt the raffia and twine into the roving- first time I tried anything like that- but it worked great!

Piikko said...

Kim, your bracelet is beautiful.
I also found out that needle felting is very relaxing:D

dale's dreams said...

That is really cute. :)

Eileen Bergen said...

That is lovely, Kim.

I recently subscribed to CPS because one of our link group members will be published there soon!

I'd been drooling over CPS for years and can hardly wait for my first issue.

Barbara said...

Hey there Kim! Wonderful directions and a very nice project. I too have recently subscribed to CPS and can't wait to get my first issue.

Hugs XX

Cyndi L said...

That turned out great, Kim! Somehow I missed that project...I'll have to go back and look for it :-)

A Creative Dream... said...

Wow Kim, that turned out great! I haven't ever tried felting, but after seeing this I might have to!

Kim said...

Pikko and Dale- thank you so much!!

Eileen- I love that magazine- I never let my subscription run out. I am very excited to see that article also!!!! You will love the magazine- there is a lot of different types of projects to try out.

Barbara- thank you!!!!!

Cyndi- do you get those newsletters? It was in one of those emails- I love them! I save them all for when I want to try something new out. The author felted hers with water- but I wanted to see if it would work with needlefelting too-- I think it was kind of a success :)

June- Thank you!! I think felting is so much fun! I was recently thinking about trying to incorporate it somehow into my next art journal cover- I've almost filled this journal up from all the work I've been doing on it :)