Thursday, March 10, 2011

30 Days of Journaling Day 9

This was another quick journaling day for me.  I have so many different projects going on- I'm trying to work on all of them at the same time so I can get them all done :)  I worked a bit on the page I started the other day.  I am going to put one of those new battery powered lights in the bathroom of The Candy House- but I'm going to alter it to make it prettier- so I've been looking for a bit of inspiration on the internet.  I glued three pictures I liked onto this page to save them for later on when I get the lamp.  I'm not going to replicate any of these- it's just more for an idea of the feeling I want :)  I'll go back and add written journaling on this page later- as well as a little bit of color too.



Hola Kim
Has elegido unos modelos de luces muy bonitos.
Seguro que te inspiraran un proyecto fantástico para tu casa.
Gracias por tu comentario
Abrazos !!!

Julia said...

I am so intrigued with your journal! When you get my package, please don't feel like you ever have to use the things I sent in any of your projects. I've just been wanting to make something for you.

Lucille said...

Hi Kim: I love your journal. I especially love your drawings. They are so interesting. I look forward everyday to see what you've come up with for today.

Lainie said...

I'm going to be using some of those lights in the build along house. HBS is out of most of them right now tho darnit. Can't wait to see what yours ends up like!

Cinderella Moments said...

Great page. The dollhouse chandeliers are definitely time consuming. I need to make a couple myself. Can't wait to see yours.

Papillon Bleu said...

Kim, I love your drawings! Their are so neat and lovely!
It feels like art journalling is very therapeutic!

I am part of an Art journal group too but the journal is travelling at the moment. I should have it in about a year. So it gives me plenty of time to think about it!he!he!

Zlatica said...

Your pages are gorgeous! It is obvious that you enjoy journaling a lot.
Have a nice weekend, Kim.

Ascension said...

Hola Kim
He pasado para ver la pagina de hoy de tu diario.
Me encantan tus dibujos.
Seguro que las luces que hagas para tu casita dulce seran fantasticas, estoy deseando ver los avances.
besitos ascension

Jollie said...

Verry pretty!
(I am a collage addict myself lol!)

Hugs Jollie

Kim said...

Carmen- thank you :)

Julia- thank you my sweet friend!!

Lucille- thank you- that's such a sweet thing to say and I really appreciate your comment- makes me want to keep going with the 30 days :)

Lainie--mine is back-ordered too! So hard to wait, isn't it? I have the supplies to mess with "bashing" it all set aside- I think I'll probably end up throwing aside whatever I am working on when it arrives and dive in! Lol!!

Caroline- I'm going to add to one of those new battery powered lights so I am cheating a bit..but I'm going to shabby chic it up a bit- I can hardly wait till it arrives. Would you believe me if I told you I've been dreaming of this light fixture?? Crazy, eh?

Patricia- journaling is very relaxing. It actually feels good to be doing it again. You are joining a lot of traveling projects- I am a tiny bit jealous!

Zlatica- thank you- so sweet coming from such a talented artist ♥

Ascension- thank you!! I will blog about my light when it comes for sure!! Thank you for coming to see each new journal page ♥

Jollie- I love new collage artist friends! Thank you so much :) Hugs back to you!!