Monday, March 7, 2011

30 days of Journaling Day 6

Here's what I worked on for day 6.  I drew this Donald Duck awhile ago in honor of my brother who draws comics under the artist name House Of Duck.  Feeling uninspired  to journal- I just drew around the picture with different doodles.  I'm off now to make dinner :)


Ascension said...

Te quedo genial!!!!!
Siempre me han gustado esos dibujos animados y son tan especiales que ahora le gustan a mi nieto jejeje.
besitos ascension

Julia said...


Danie said...

What a fun way to journal. I wish I was good at "doodling" as you call it. My opinion is that you are more talented than a "doodler".
You're blog looks fun to follow, I look forward to visiting.

Eileen Bergen said...

You both got the art gene?! How wonderful. The duck is very cute.

Kim said...

Thank you ladies- you are so sweet to keep coming back to see new pages :) Eileen- I think my brother is actually more talented than I am...but he always says I inspired him when he was young and that's the nicest thing he's ever said to me :)