Saturday, March 26, 2011

30 Days Of Journaling Day 25

Today I felt a little uninspired and restless, so I really just played in my journal.  I used a mixture of papers, acrylic paint and markers.  I was really lazy today.  I'm feeling a little guilty about that so I think I'll go clean all the pet beds- see you tomorrow :)


Lucille said...

For someone who felt uninspired, you certainly created a beautiful page! I just love your colourful sketches and your choice of colours! I find them uplifting.

dale's dreams said...

Try not to feel guilty! I know, far easier said than done. I think we all are always on the go and doing, doing, doing, that we forget to allow ourselves to have down time and do nothing. :)

Sans! said...

My dear Kim, I have enlarged every single page of your beautiful journal and there is not one single page that I am immune to. I love everyone, yes, every one of the days that you have journaled and now I feel like doing one too! I like keeping scraps of postcard, greeting cards, stamps etc a well and never knew where I can put them. So this could be my answer except I need time :).

Coming home with new activities, yoga, meditation, work, family, love , I have found almost 0 time for what was my all consuming passion, minis . So journaling will have to maybe take a back seat for a while. Yours however, is definitely a work of art.And so inspiring too :). Please keep this up :).

kibbygirl said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful picture!! I wish I could draw like that.. my mom, my dad and my sister all have that talent but I missed out on that gene, lol. Really, stick figures are a challenge for me. :) I sure do appreciate seeing it though, thank you for sharing it with all of us.

Cherie said...

I'm really enjoying these, Kim, and getting inspired from you. Thanks for showing these.

Kim said...

Lucille- thank you :) That is the nicest compliment- some days I have not wanted to post because I have been unhappy with the page but everyone's comments have kept me going. You are very sweet!

Dale- I have such a hard time with relaxing- it drives my husband crazy. In fact, most times that I do relax I end up falling asleep! Guess that might be my body trying to tell me something now that I type that out! I think I should put your comment in my journal to remind me that relaxing is not a bad thing :)

Sans- I think your journal would be an amazing thing to see. Do you know some days I only spend 10 or 15 minutes on the page- some days much longer. I would love to learn meditation- I think it would help me in so many areas-art included. will you post about what you have learned on your blog? Please tell me if you ever find time to try out journaling! Thank you for visiting my pages too- I know you are trying to catch up and I feel very special now :)

Kibbygirl- I think you could do it- as you can see- lots of time I still struggle with perspective and things looking correct. In fact, lots of times I will look at a picture to try to get the placement of body parts right :)

Cherie- thank you so much!!

Eileen Bergen said...

Another self portrait? Or perhaps they have all been and I just didn't notice until recently.

When you're feeling uninspired, journal about "Am I missing something"? Genius.

It's another lovely page. I wish I could view them all in a slideshow, Kim. I'm just enthralled with what you've done.

Wendy Luane Barber said...

I love this entry. The painting is just wonderful. You really make me want to try this.