Thursday, March 24, 2011

30 Days Of Journaling Day 23

Today's journal page started out with some stickers I found while cleaning in the craft room.  I drew flowers around the fairy stickers and applied color with gel pens and watercolor pencils.  The opposite side of the page has a clock I liked from a catalog that I saved in case I want to make something similar some day.  The clock inspired the waves and boats on that side of the page- and I glued the little "how-to" booklet from my shape up shoes in the corner on this page so I wouldn't lose it :)  See you tomorrow!


Minnie Kitchen said...

love the flowers and colors you used!

Julia said...

I am beginning to sound very repetitive. How many ways can I tell you how creative and talented you are. But, you really are. I love these pages! I've thought about trying those shoes. do you like them?

Lataina said...

These pages are wonderful. The fairy page is the cutest thing ever!!! =)

Katie said...

I love the fairy stickes! And the flowers you have them on:)

tbnjas said...

wow... cool ideas, kim!

kibbygirl said...

I think this is my favorite so far! Great colours and I love the fairys. These two pages give me a feeling of relaxing and beauty. I think my sister would enjoy doing something like this. I will have to direct here to your blog :)

Laura said...

Beautiful! I love the flowers around the fairies!
How do you like the Shape-Ups? I've been wondering about them. :)


Kim said...

Minnie Kitchen- thank you ♥

Julia- you are always so sweet to me- thank you ♥ I love the shoes- I don't know if they have really made a difference in how my legs and behind look- but I can feel the muscles more alive.

Lataina- thank you ♥

tbnjas- thank you!!!

Kibbygirl- thank you :) You are so sweet. Send your sister over! I love to meet new people :)

Laura- thank you sweetie! I love the shoes- but I'm not sure whether or not they work. They do make me sore though- so they must do something! Hugs back girl!

Marit said...

Hi Kim,
I haven't left a comment yet, but I come and watch your journal pages every now and then. I really love your ideas and the way you work them out. This page is also so lovely!
I never heard of a journal where writing is combined with art, but I like the idea very much. What kind of paper do you use? Is it ordinary journalpaper, just a bit thicker, so it won't stain trough the pages, or real art-paper?


Sans! said...

I think we both have the same shape up shoes :):) I wear them to work everyday since I walk to and from work :).

Zlatica said...

These pages are so beautiful, Kim!

Kim said...

Marit- I sent you an email- but for anyone wondering about paper also- I make my own journals and I use 140 lb hot press watercolor paper. It's like drawing on butter :)

Sans- I love the shoes! Have you noticed toning? I feel my muscles, but I don't see them yet!

Zlatica- thank you ♥

Sans! said...

Kim, I love those shoes too! I wear them every weekday now :) and I went to India with them. I love how they add inches to my height as well..haha :) Immediate loss of 1 kg thanks to the 2" :):)

I have started a sort of journal my dear. It is a health/diet /exercise journal and it is sooooo time consuming but I think it is very very helpful . Keep me on my toes and push me to exercise and walk walk walk :).
It is free and online and really quite easy to use. The link is here

But when I can start a real art journal like yours, you will be the 1st to know , Kim