Thursday, March 24, 2011

30 Days Of Journaling Day 22

I'm a bit disappointed in myself. This is yesterday's journal page. Yesterday morning I woke up sick again. I'm not sure if I have a bug or what the problem is, but I felt awful enough that I stayed home sick from work and I slept away most of the day. I woke up when my hubby got home from work to eat some chicken soup and work on this page, but I just didn't feel the energy to turn on the computer and get the photo edited and posted :( Now I need to run and try to catch up- it's amazing how far behind you can get by missing one day! See you later on today for Day 23's journal page :)

Oh yeah- guess I could tell you about the page.  I get address labels in the mail a lot from charities I donate to and I couldn't just toss out the cute little quote stickers they sent this time, so I put them on the border of this page.  Then I just doodled a bit on the page because I really didn't feel well and I didn't have a plan.  Drawing without a reason is relaxing :) 


An Unusual Girl Named Christine said...

Hey there Kim, I like this lady, she looks relaxed and thoughtful. Nice color going on in this page. We got hit with a ton of ice over here and its very winter wonderland-ish- one last blast!

Kim said...

Hi Chris! Hope all is well with you!!! Thank you for your sweet words- I emailed you- hope you got it!

Eileen Bergen said...

That's a self portrait of you, right Kim? And you did that while you were ill????

I wish I could do that on a good day!

P.S. The problem I have with daily challenges is that real life tends to get in the way. Hope you feel better quick.

Kim said...

Eileen- she didn't start out that way, but she does look a bit like me. Although, my poor hair is now back to a dirty brown color- I need a day at the beauty salon but I'm saving for a new furnace :) I don't know what we have, but now today the hubby felt quite nauseated and I felt okay. Hope it leaves our house soon :) Thank you for your get well wishes ♥