Tuesday, March 22, 2011

30 Days Of Journaling Day 21

Tonight we had to run a bunch of errands after work and it is COLD.  It is snowing a hard frozen little pellet type of snow that is backed by horrible, strong slanted wind.  By the time I put everything away and had a nice hot bath I decided to work on a journal page I had previously started.  There is a card in the center of this page from my Sister that inspired the drawing around it.  I added some color to the page and more doodling.  I'm not sure if I will even write on this page- I really kind of like it and sometimes when I make a page I really like I leave it plain without journaling.  See you tomorrow.  I'm in the middle of a Spring project for my dining room window- maybe if I go work on it for awhile the snow will go away :)


Cia of Briarwood Studio said...

Snow doesn't seem fair now, does it. Not when we're so ready for spring. We're supposed to get snow showers on Thursday here in PA. Not happy, lol.

I love to see your journal pages, Kim. And I agree, sometimes words aren't needed at all. :)


FabShabbyRoses said...

You are so talented Kim and this is an awesome project!

Papillon Bleu said...

A spell for snow to go away:
"Googly, Googly...GO away!!!"
(he!he!just quoting a passage in a film that makes me smile all the time.

Ascension said...

A partir de una pequeña postal de tu hermana has conseguido una preciosa hoja de tu diario, enhorabuena.
besitos ascension

Julia said...

This is my favorite page so far. I love that you put the card from your sister on this page and designed the page around it!!!!!
SNOW!!!! My daughters have had more! Argh!!!!!!!!
It's been beeeeeuuuuuutiful here, but we are supposed to get bad thunder storms later today. The wind has already picked up and the sky is full of clouds.
Oh well, it's supposed to rain a lot in spring. Thou April showers may come your way, they bring the flowers that bloom in May! Ha! I hated that song when we were kids and we had to sing it for some school program. I couldn't reach those high notes, still can't!!!!

Eileen Bergen said...

This may be my favorite page so far, Kim. I thought so before even viewing any of the other comments.

It made me think I should take some of the mementos off the bulletin board in front of me and make journal pages using them.

Several of them are angels and one of the angels is from my (deceased) sister.

You've really inspired me.

¡Muchisimas gracias!

Kim said...

Cia- thank you! I hope the snow passes you by- I am soooo ready for warm weather and open windows and warm sun on my face (with sunscreen of course)

Carolyn- thank you! You are so sweet♥

Patricia- now I am singing "googly googly snow go away" all day. My dog thinks I am crazy, but he is glad I am smiling. hugs my friend!

Ascension- do you have sisters? They are so special, aren't they? I am sending you a huge hug ♥

Julia- oh no! Now I am singing googly googly snow go away from april showers come flowers in May! Now my dog thinks I am crazy but is happy I am laughing :) I hope the storms are not too bad in your area- stay safe!

Eileen- thank you! I love to save special cards and mementos like that and my journal is a really good place to gather them- so I can revisit them later. If you try one out I would love to see it!