Sunday, March 20, 2011

30 Days of Journaling Day 19 and A Crafty Blog Roundup!

I am feeling so much better today!  After a good nights sleep I have been up and cleaning the house and getting ready for the busy week.  For my journal page today I painted the page with a navy blue acrylic wash and then I glued down some of the mementos from the King Tut Exhibit.  I added a little touch of yellow and gold paint- and that's it for today.
I also have some fun news to share!  I was invited to join a wonderful group of bloggers for the Artsy Blogger Roundup.  Every week we share our links on what crafty activities we have been up to.  I'm really excited to join this group and I invite you to take a look at the links from some very talented bloggers  for this week :)

Eileen -
The Artful Crafter

Most silk scarf painting/dying is done with a stretcher frame. But if you don’t want to spend
the money on a stretcher and are not planning a detailed design, this easy dye method can yield
beautiful results as well.

Yet More Ways to Use Up
Rummage Sale Fabric

Cherie makes the third project from the fabric she bought for a quarter.

Made by

What to do when paint smears ... troubleshooting mixed-media meltdowns.

Moore Gourd Whimsies
Barbara has some exciting news to share!


Cyndi posted a tutorial to show how she made her Bead Soup necklace!

Creative Dreamer
June shares a background technique for the visual journal journey going on!

8 Fun Easter
Cake and Cupcake Ideas

Easter's just around the corner, so here are some yummy treats to get you started.

I'm off to visit these blogs right now myself!  Have a wonderful Sunday :)


Ani said...

Me alegro mucho de que estés mejor!!
Otra página del diario genial!! Gracias por los enlaces, me voy a visitarlos!
Un besoo

Papillon Bleu said...

This group sounds really fun Kim! I know that lots of things have changed since I have joined the Art Dolls Only group and it is great to share your creativity with people who have similar interests. I am happy for you.
Have fun! LOTS of fun!!!!
I have filmed some dolls houses the other day at the museum thinking of you. I haven't edited the video yet. Will let you know!

Eileen Bergen said...

Another lovely journal page. I especially like the splotches of gold which look like gold leaf.

I know you'll have lots of journaling to add about the Tut exhibit experience.

Wasn't it absolutely incredible? I saw it over 30 years ago and seeing your mementos brings the images back to life for me as if it were just yesterday.

So glad you're feeling better. I hope this is a calmer week for you at work.

Julia said...

Love your journal page, again, of course! How exciting to be a part of this group. I've looked at a couple of these blogs. great ideas!

Zlatica said...

You will certainly have a lot of fun with this artsy group!
I will check the links.
I wish you a beautiful sunny week, Kim!

Ascension said...

Kim, me alegro de que ya estes mejor.
Me encanta la pagina de hoy, soy amante de Egipto.
Gracias por los enlaces, voy a darme una vuelta.
besitos ascension

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Good to hear you are feeling much better and back in the creative saddle. Love your journal page.

Kim said...

thanks all! Patricia- I want to see the video!!! I wish I could have gone with you!!

Thank you friends for visiting my new friends blog pages :)

Cherie said...

I love the gold touches! How cool that you're journaling about the tut exhibit. Talk about inspiration!