Thursday, March 17, 2011

30 Days of Journaling Day 16

I thought I would show some of the steps that went into today's journal page.  On this page I did a sketch for St. Patrick's Day since I am an Irish gal :)  I wanted a celtic pattern for the border of the page, but I also wanted the page to go quickly, so I printed out a line art pattern I found on the internet.

Then I cut the pattern out and glued it to the page.  I decided to use watercolor pencils on this page again because I have so many messes all around from the projects I am in the middle of, and I didn't want to create another mess.  Watercolor pencils are nice and tidy :)  Here's the page with the border glued on and the watercolor pencil before I have added water.

I went over the areas with watercolor pencil with a wet brush and when it was completely dry I added my journaling for the day.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!  See you tomorrow :)


Julia said...

Love this. I rwecently foundout that I am 1/4 Irish!

Dani said...

Hope it brings you lots of luck sweety Xxx

Eileen Bergen said...

What a clever way to do a Celtic border quick and easy. Thanks for the idea.

Love your leprechaun, Kim!

Barbara said...

Oh the journal page looks terrific! I like how the leprechaun turned out too! The luck of the Irish be with you!

Hugs XX

A Creative Dream... said...

Wow, I go away for a couple of days and look at all you have been doing in your journal! This turned out great... I'm still a newbie at the water color pencils, but learning much... just love them, mostly because they are a bit less messy than everything else I do! Great job Kim!

Nicole Maki said...

Genius way to make your border.

Love your AJ page - makes me want to get mine out.

Great job and nice to meet you :-)

Kim said...

Thanks all! Nice to meet my fellow artsty crafter bloggers also- thank you for coming by to visit me!