Saturday, March 12, 2011

30 Days of Journaling Day 11 and The Candy House

My journaling today was simply playing with adding some color to the page I started the other day.  I used Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils on this page for the color- I love watercolor pencils :)
I did some more work on The Candy House today also.  I did some more paperclay work on the front of the house, as well as working on the chimney and the vine growing on the chimney.  The exterior of the house is getting very close to being finished- which makes me want to work on it every second even more!


Ani said...

que guapa la página con color!! y la repito..estoy enamorada de ella!!

Julia said...

I've never tried watercolor pencils but I think I would like them. You art work is great. I love the vine growing up the chimney! You are so creative and very detailed.

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

I have never used water color pencils before. How do they work?

Loving your journal :)

Dani said...

Ahh you are being so so creative....send some to me :)....i love your journalpage and the candyhouse have a happy sunday much love from me Xxxx

Lainie said...

I love the vine! Your house is looking great!

Katie said...

I just love the candy house! Didn't notice the stained glass cupcake windows before- Perfect!!!

I love water color ppencils, too. Ever tried using a black crayola marker as paint. Just draw your lines in, then go back over with a wet paint brush to pull the color along... I'll have to find you a pic of what it looks like.... Art is so much fun, huh:)

Laura said...

Journal picture is amazing! Gosh you're fast!
The house looks great. I LOVE the vine growing up the side. Nice touch!


De said...

The chimney and vine look wonderful, Kim! I'm anxious for you to finish this house, too, lol. I love all the detail work.

Eileen Bergen said...

The house is so sweet - literally and figuratively, Kim.

Are you keeping a count of the visitors who have expressed the desire to move in when it's finished?

Ascension said...

La casita de dulce, esta quedando preciosa, me encanta como has puesto la chimenea queda perfecta.
Y tu nueva pagina encantadora.
besitos ascension

Kim said...

Ani- thank you!!! You are too sweet ♥

Julia- watercolor pencils are sooo fun!!! I love the soft look you get from them- you should try them out! Thank you for your sweet words- I can rock a dollhouse, but I bet you won't want to see the results when I try to make myself a dress-lol!!

Michelle- the watercolor pencils are so fun. How I use them is- I draw or color in with the pencil and then you take a wet brush and apply it to the areas you have used the pencil and it softens the pencil lines and acts like watercolor paint- hope that made sense! They are so fun to play with :)

Dani- I will box some of my creativity up this week and get it off to you!! I wish you could come help me clean my craft room next week and we could make things from all the mess and treasures I have stored there!

Lainie- thank you!!

Katie- thank you :) I just used those glaze pens for the windows- I was going to do the lead like Casey recommends, but I couldn't find it and so went with what I had :) I've never tried using a black crayola as paint, but now I'm going to see if I have one in my stash to try that out! Thanks!!!

Laura- thank you!! I'm still working on Gabby's picture- but it's fighting me so I set it aside for awhile :) I'll still be sending it though- I have not forgotten about her!

De- see how much slower I am?!! Oh well--like my hubby says- it doesn't matter how long it takes as long as you are having fun. I am anxious to have the outside completely finished though- it's so fun to see it getting closer! Thank you!!!!

Eileen- LOL!!! I'm not- but since dollhouses are kind of the world of magic, I am sure we will all fit :) We'll have daily parties I think! Thank you ♥

Ascension- thank you--hugs!!!