Wednesday, March 2, 2011

30 days of Art Journaling

Last month I started following the blog of an incredible artist and author named Traci Bunkers.  She was doing a challenge for herself of 30 days of eraser carvings.  I looked forward to each post so much- and the inspiration I was getting from her was incredible.  I was actually pretty sad when the 30 days were up.  Traci is now doing a challenge for herself of 30 days of journaling-you can find her first post here: .  I have kept a journal for quite a few years.  Sometimes I work in it every day- sometimes weeks or months can go by without me picking it up.  Lately it has been months- I think that I just was overwhelmed with the beauty and depth of other people's art journals. In my journal I just do whatever I want to do- sometimes the page has a special meaning or message- sometimes I just draw something for the fun of it or to soothe my nerves.  Sometimes I glue in special mail from friends and family or little bits of paper I want to keep that will remind me of something special.  Most times I think my pages feel kind of lame and dorky-so I rarely share them.  Well, I decided to work along with the 30 days of journaling in an attempt to let my fears and feelings of inadequacy go- to just go ahead and be the me I am even if my pages don't measure up in my head to the pretty pages I see posted on other blogs.  I know my work is okay- but that inner critic whispers in my ear and tells me it's not good enough for people to see.  I'm letting that go for 30 days with this project. I'm following the simpleness of Traci's rules:  Work in my art journal each day- whether 15 minutes or hours and try to post as regularly about it as I can.  Let's see how well I can do!!  Anyhow- here is the start of a page I am working on.  I tend to work ahead in my journal with drawings or collage, etc and then I will usually write across or around images on most pages with my journaling later- simple day to day journaling just like the diary you might have kept as a child :)  Here is day one:
The sweet little card and stamps are off a package from the sweet and talented Sans- I wanted to save them to remind me of her kindness to me.  I like to sometimes save little interesting sentences from magazines that spark something in my creative brain and draw around that sentence- so that's where the hand tree came from. I don't know if I'll finish this page tonight or if I'll start a totally new page- sometimes I don't finish a page for weeks if I get bored with it or inspired to start a new page :)  See you tomorrow with what I end up working on tonight!  A big huge thank you to Traci for her inspiration and the idea to work along on the 30 days of journaling :)



Hola Kim ¿Como estas?
Mucho tiempo sin visitar tu blog

Muy bueno realizar tu propio diario.
Escribir tus sentimientos.
Decorarlo con tus imágenes
Me parece una idea excelente !

Hugs from Spain

Cinderella Moments said...

Your journal is gorgeous! You should share more pages. It reminds me a lot of the Anthropology store. And who doesn't love that?? It's fabulous Kim! I can't believe you have doubts about your talent. Keep up the dreamy work!!

Lataina said...

Kim, I love your journal. You should definitely show more of it. It's fabulous work and I'm sure you'll inspire many more people. =)

Zlatica said...

Kim, this is a great idea! Your first pages look very creative.

Eileen Bergen said...

"Not good enough", Kim? I follow your blog and love it. Tell that inner critic to "SHUT UP!"

I'm excited about this new art adventure you're starting and look forward to seeing more wonderful pages.

What you've shared today is delightful!!!

Ascension said...

Kim, me encanta que nos muestres tu diario, tienes un gran talento y seguro que seria interesante seguirlo durante 30 dias.
Adelante, que las imagenes de la pagina que nos muestras, son preciosas
besitos ascension

Jill said...

Oh Kim, those pages take my breath away. Soooo wonderful! You inspire me, girlie! I've just recently started sketching some ideas that I've had brewing in my head. There's just something about putting it on paper and letting it flow... I love the process so much, regardless of my results. Love. It.


Briarwood Miniatures said...

Oh, Kim, good for you! It's always a little scary to face a our demons head-on, but your work is so wonderful, it deserves to be shared! Just quell that inner voice and let the creative diva shine through! :) Looking forward to your pages.


Ani said...

que bonita la primera pagina! queremos ver más! yo también empecé hace tiempo parecido pero lo tengo olvidado..Ahora tengo ganas de continuarlo :D
Gracias por todo lo que nos inspiras
(sorry for my english!!!)

Ani said...

:DDD sorry!! haha..I copied in spanish on google translator!!
how beautiful the first page! want to see more! I also started a while like but I have forgotten .. Now I have wanted to continue it: D
Thank you for everything that inspires us
(sorry for my English!)

Sans! said...

What can I say, there are sooooooo many things I love about this 2 pages. My dear Kim, I look at your journal and I am thinking, how can I ever do something as beautiful and creative as she? You need not ever doubt yourself. And no, I am not just saying this because there's my card there in the book :). But I am overwhelmed nonetheless. Isn't it amazing I caught this moments before I leave for India?

Kim said...

Carmen- thank you for visiting! I don't think your posts have been showing up in my reader- I need to come visit you too! Hugs back to you :)

Caroline- Thank you!!! I think my doubts completely come from comparing myself to others- something I need to learn how to stop doing!

Latiana- thank you- you are so sweet ♥

Zlatica- not my idea- but I agree- a great one! thank you :)

Eileen- thank you :) Inner critics are hard to deal with, aren't they? Do you have one that rears it's ugly head sometimes? I think it's much harder to tell it to shut up since I've started blogging and see so much amazing work :)

Kim said...

Ascension- thank you- kisses back to you!!!!

Jill-thank you! You know- your comment made me realize- I love the process too and somehow I let that go and started concentrating too much on whether or not the page would be "pretty" when I finished. I need to remember to just enjoy the process. I would love to see your sketches...hint hint :)

Cia- thank you :) I have to admit that your creativity and recent work has helped to inspire me to get creating again ♥

Ani- you can comment in spanish whenever you like if it's easier for you- I have a translator on my computer :) thank you for your sweet comment- are you saying you have an art journal??? I would love to see some of it! another hint :) hugs to you!!!

Sans---ahhh, Sans- but you have the gift of storytelling and words that I admire so much and don't seem to have, as hard as I try :) You are one of the most creative people I know! I hope your trip is magical my friend!!

Ani said...

hola! mi diario es casi todo escrito..con frases, textos, cuentos que me inspiraban
el tuyo te está quedando guapísimo! vas a dejarlo a los 30 dias??

Wendy Luane Barber said...

I am so trying to catch up on my blog visits. When I saw your most recent journal page, I had to go back to see where you started. I love the idea behind it. It can work for just about anything. I now have ideas for several creative journals, all because of you. Thanks heaps. :D You keep doing a wonderful job.