Thursday, March 31, 2011

30 Days Of Journaling Day 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I made it to 30 days and I was only late posting one day!  I decided to just play around tonight without worrying too much about whether it would turn out good or not.  I don't think I am 100% finished with this page- but I'll probably let it sit for awhile and come back to it later.  I used scrapbook paper, sharpie markers and acrylic paint on this page.  I added some more pattern by stamping with rubber stamps, the bottom of a spool of thread and bubble wrap.  I wanted to do something I had never tried before, so I made a sliding dog on this page.  The dog can be on the ground, or he moves up as if he is jumping :)  I also played with adding some pom pom ribbon to the bottom of the page.  I think I have a long way to go in learning new art journal techniques, but I sure had fun with this 30 days!  Thank you to everyone that took the time to follow along!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Felted Bracelet

I subscribe to the magazine Cloth, Paper, Scissors and I signed up for their newsletters.  One of the last newsletters had a free project-- a felted journal bracelet.  I liked the idea- so I thought I would give it a try.  In the instructions from the email they are felting the wool with a wet method- but I wondered if it would work  if I needlefelted the bracelet.  First I started with a couple different colors of wool roving the length of around my wrist. 
I added 2 ribbon strips that hung past the ends of the felt for tying it to my wrist.  Then I added some raffia and thin twine and started to needle felt it all together.  I think the repetitive stabbing of needle felting is so relaxing. 

When I had it felted pretty firmly I added some beads with thread.  What do you think?  Would you wear it?

In the article they then added charms that told a "journal story" of a memory. I didn't really have a memory planned when I started the project, so I think I'll add charms of things that make me happy.  Check back next week and I'll show you the charms I make for the bracelet. 

30 Days Of Journaling Day 29

I glued a couple of pictures and a list I wanted to save on this page and then I just did some drawing.  I have a couple of projects I need to finish tonight, so I didn't spend have very much time to spend on my journal page.  Tomorrow is the last day- I'm kind of proud that I only posted late the one time and I kept going till the end.  I can honestly say I did something creative every single day for 30 days :)

Wednesday Weigh In :)

Let me start off with saying I did not feel like doing today's post-but denial doesn't help me.  I've never been gifted at writing and it's hard to explain why I'm not doing well in a way that doesn't sound like another excuse-maybe I am just making excuses for myself.  I didn't weigh in this morning.  I don't know if I lost or I gained---I have not exercised and I have only tracked my food half the time.  I'm a bit scared of the scale right now.  I was feeling so great- so much excitement for my exercise and for eating healthy.  The thing I need to get past and the thing that trips me up sooo many times is the cold.  This has been such a long winter to me this year.  It finally got a little warm- I could stand the temps in the house after we got home from work- I was moving- I was spring cleaning- I was doing really well.  Then we had a cold snap- it snowed- my butt froze to the car seat each morning and I felt like I had been slapped in the face.  I kind of went into a weird denial/hibernation/rebellion mode.  I feel like I backtracked at least a couple of weeks.  The cold just threw me into a little depression and I have spent my nights in a mound on the couch working on whatever could be worked on while I still stayed under a blanket.  This is a MAJOR stumbling block for me.  I just cannot seem to stay on track when it is cold.  I need to really concentrate and find ways to stop letting winter stop me dead in my fitness tracks.  I do sooo well in the summer.  I walk almost every day- I garden and work in the yard until the sun goes down.  Anyhow- one of the reasons I decided to do weight watchers online this time instead of meetings is because I can just pick up and start again when I slip up and fall off track without having to feel so humiliated at my failure.  I'm starting fresh this week- Miko the Pomeranian and I have even been trying to learn how to walk well together so he can join me on the walking path this summer.  He has some issues with strangers- but so far in our trial runs he has been doing so well- I am very proud of him :)  See you next week- hopefully with good news!  If you would like to visit  my friend who is also trying to get healthy or you would like to work at it along with us please visit  Marsha for Wednesday Weigh Ins at

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

30 Days Of Journaling Day 28

I did this page around a vintage postcard my friend Dani sent to me.  I used paper scraps, acrylic paint, and a sharpie paint pen on this page.  It dawned on me as I was finishing up this page that I use circles a lot when I draw.  Not too sure what that means, but I'm trying to pay attention to things like this because I'm going to concentrate this year on improving my journaling and putting more meaning into it.  I only attatched one side of the postcard to the page, so you can lift the postcard up.  Underneath the postcard is a little drawing Dani did on the envelope on one of her letters to me.  Isn't it sweet?    I'm going to go experiment with some wool now- see you tomorrow!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

30 Days Of Journaling Day 27

I started this page with a magazine advertisement that I thought was cool.  I had already glued a tip I wanted to save on this page at an earlier time.  I drew around the ad and tip and colored the page with watercolor pencils.  I really had fun drawing this page!  See you tomorrow!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

30 Days Of Journaling Day 26

On this journal page I have glued down a couple of pictures of shell art I found cool and inspiring and on the other page I have glued wrapping paper off a gift from my sweet friend Dani from The Netherlands.  Then I doodled a bit on the page- adding shells, pearls, hearts and tulips and added some color with markers and watercolor pencils.  I'm going to see how far I can get on  my painted staircase angels today and catch up on blog reading a little bit tomorrow.  The sun is shining today and the light coming in the windows is incredible.  Makes me a really happy girl :)  See you tomorrow!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Artsy Bloggers !!

It's time for me to share some links from some  artsy bloggers!  Each week we share with each other what we have been up to- and post to our blogs to share with our readers too.  Please take a look at what these talented gals have been up to :)

Made By Nicole
If you like Sticky Toffee Pudding, you're going to love this easy recipe for Arabian Date Cake!  

Eileen - The Artful Crafter
Eileen reviews Chapter 4 of Cyndi Lavin's eBook, "Every Bead Has a Story" 

Barbara Moore-Gourd Art
Look how close I'm getting!!!
Barbara is getting close to 100!! 

Canvas Paper House
Step one of a journaling house Cherie is making, using canvas paper and collage.  

Lamb Craft
This spring lamb craft would be perfect for March or Easter  

Creative Dreamer
Let's talk paper...Some ideas about what kinds of papers to use for creative journaling.

30 Days Of Journaling Day 25

Today I felt a little uninspired and restless, so I really just played in my journal.  I used a mixture of papers, acrylic paint and markers.  I was really lazy today.  I'm feeling a little guilty about that so I think I'll go clean all the pet beds- see you tomorrow :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

30 Days Of Journaling Day 24

Today I worked my page around a yellow bird I cut out of a magazine ad.  I keep thinking about spring and gardening- so I wrote Spring Is On My Mind across the page and drew a woman with a nest on her head to go with the yellow bird.  I added a picture of a garden, another flower I cut out of a card and a decal I had lying on my desk to the page and added more doodling on the edges of the page.  Markers, watercolor pencils and acrylic paint was used to add color to the page.  I started out with a different idea at the beginning of the page, so this page was actually a surprise to me in the end, but I think I like it.  I have to go catch up with laundry so I can play for awhile on Saturday- so see ya tomorrow!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

30 Days Of Journaling Day 23

Today's journal page started out with some stickers I found while cleaning in the craft room.  I drew flowers around the fairy stickers and applied color with gel pens and watercolor pencils.  The opposite side of the page has a clock I liked from a catalog that I saved in case I want to make something similar some day.  The clock inspired the waves and boats on that side of the page- and I glued the little "how-to" booklet from my shape up shoes in the corner on this page so I wouldn't lose it :)  See you tomorrow!

A Shot of Spring

Well, Mother Nature is not done with Minnesota. It snowed here this week-it's cold again and I am a bit cranky. I need a shot of spring badly. I have a large window in my dining room that looks out onto our backyard. Since we do not have close neighbors- no one behind us in fact but cows- I don't hang curtains on this window. I like the light to shine in- if I ever win the lottery I will build a house with lots and lots of windows. I do like to hang things in the window once in awhile though depending on the time of year. In the winter I usually hang wooden snowflakes here- in the fall I hang wooden fall leaves. I was thinking about rain and raindrops- wet earth, green shoots, flowers growing up out of the ground and I suddenly thought- why not spring showers in my window! I started out with some wooden shapes from the craft store.

I painted the flowers and the raindrop shapes and the third flower shape I glued in a pattern to a round wooden oval to create clouds
Then I glued a piece of ribbon to the back of the cloud.  This is for hanging on a spring tension shower curtain rod I have on the top of my window frame.  My hubby put a piece of trim on the window to hide the rod.  I put the ribbon around the rod and simply use a stick pin to attatch the ribbon to itself on the other side.  I drilled holes in the bottom of the cloud and all the shapes and used wire to attach them to each other. 
Now, even though I have a new blanket of snow outside I have clouds raining and spring flowers growing in my window.  
Before I go- remember my garden that I could almost see patches of wonderful squishy, glorious dirt?  Here she is covered in a fresh blanket of snow.  On the other hand, they say that this fresh snow is good for the cities that are fighting flooding from all the snow this year- so I will be grateful for that and try to smile about the snow.  Let's see.....beautiful, pristine and refreshing snow- that's better, right? 

30 Days Of Journaling Day 22

I'm a bit disappointed in myself. This is yesterday's journal page. Yesterday morning I woke up sick again. I'm not sure if I have a bug or what the problem is, but I felt awful enough that I stayed home sick from work and I slept away most of the day. I woke up when my hubby got home from work to eat some chicken soup and work on this page, but I just didn't feel the energy to turn on the computer and get the photo edited and posted :( Now I need to run and try to catch up- it's amazing how far behind you can get by missing one day! See you later on today for Day 23's journal page :)

Oh yeah- guess I could tell you about the page.  I get address labels in the mail a lot from charities I donate to and I couldn't just toss out the cute little quote stickers they sent this time, so I put them on the border of this page.  Then I just doodled a bit on the page because I really didn't feel well and I didn't have a plan.  Drawing without a reason is relaxing :) 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

30 Days Of Journaling Day 21

Tonight we had to run a bunch of errands after work and it is COLD.  It is snowing a hard frozen little pellet type of snow that is backed by horrible, strong slanted wind.  By the time I put everything away and had a nice hot bath I decided to work on a journal page I had previously started.  There is a card in the center of this page from my Sister that inspired the drawing around it.  I added some color to the page and more doodling.  I'm not sure if I will even write on this page- I really kind of like it and sometimes when I make a page I really like I leave it plain without journaling.  See you tomorrow.  I'm in the middle of a Spring project for my dining room window- maybe if I go work on it for awhile the snow will go away :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

30 Days Of Journaling Day 20

I just wanted to play a little bit in my journal today.  I glued some images down, stamped a pattern with a cork on the edge and painted over a piece of ribbon.  I hated it.  Then I decided to paint a couple of my own flowers to try to make things "join" together a bit more.  I still hated it.  I washed a thin coat of white over the entire page and let that dry- but I still hate it.  I decided to just do a journal entry and leave it be.  I might end up liking the page later- I might still hate it and try adding something to fix it- or I might just always hate it and move on.  That's the beauty of an art journal- it can be filled with great pages and mistakes too.  See you again tomorrow!!

So much to share!

I have lots to share with you today :)  First, I wanted to show you a few things I received in the mail in the last few weeks.  Glenda from was doing a bit of thinning in her minis and sent me some terrific food for the Candy House.  I was so excited because I knew I wanted to have a basket of eggs and some fresh baked bread in the Candy House and now I do!  Look at the wonderful things she sent- thank you again Glenda!!

Next I want to show you the adorable rug, pillow and blanket that my sweet friend Julia from sent to me- along with a little book to help me with my crochet!  Thank you so much Julia- I think I need to do a special project with these items- they need to be featured!  I am starting to understand the crochet better- I even did a little swatch that looks like lace- but I still need practice.  Maybe I'll start posting some of my "practice" attempts and see what all the experts think :)

On St, Patrick's Day I received a fabulous miniature church made by the talented Katie at . It arrived with perfect timing Katie!!!  I bought it at Katie's etsy shop which you can find here:
I was crossing my fingers that the church would fit on the table I had the radio on in the Candy House and it did!  I am so happy because I fell in love with this little church the first time I saw it on Katie's blog.  It's so detailed- doesn't it look cute in the living room?

Speaking of Candy House....I did a little bit of work on it last week.  I added some more flowers to the vine on the chimney and I started adding a few leaves on the vine- although I am not too sure if I like the leaves or not. 

I painted more on the front of the house and since I was punching out leaves, I made a wreath to hang on the wall besides the front door.

Still not finished with the outside of the Candy House, but it keeps getting closer :)  Here's what happens when I try to take pictures of the Candy House.  He just can't understand how the stupid house could be more interesting than he is.

Before I go, here's a couple pictures of my garden- the snow is melting- by this time next month I should finally see some green :) 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

30 Days of Journaling Day 19 and A Crafty Blog Roundup!

I am feeling so much better today!  After a good nights sleep I have been up and cleaning the house and getting ready for the busy week.  For my journal page today I painted the page with a navy blue acrylic wash and then I glued down some of the mementos from the King Tut Exhibit.  I added a little touch of yellow and gold paint- and that's it for today.
I also have some fun news to share!  I was invited to join a wonderful group of bloggers for the Artsy Blogger Roundup.  Every week we share our links on what crafty activities we have been up to.  I'm really excited to join this group and I invite you to take a look at the links from some very talented bloggers  for this week :)

Eileen -
The Artful Crafter

Most silk scarf painting/dying is done with a stretcher frame. But if you don’t want to spend
the money on a stretcher and are not planning a detailed design, this easy dye method can yield
beautiful results as well.

Yet More Ways to Use Up
Rummage Sale Fabric

Cherie makes the third project from the fabric she bought for a quarter.

Made by

What to do when paint smears ... troubleshooting mixed-media meltdowns.

Moore Gourd Whimsies
Barbara has some exciting news to share!


Cyndi posted a tutorial to show how she made her Bead Soup necklace!

Creative Dreamer
June shares a background technique for the visual journal journey going on!

8 Fun Easter
Cake and Cupcake Ideas

Easter's just around the corner, so here are some yummy treats to get you started.

I'm off to visit these blogs right now myself!  Have a wonderful Sunday :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

30 Days Of Journaling Day 18

Today my hubby and I spent a little time with my family and then we drove back home.  I'm still feeling a little under the weather and I meant to lay down for 20 minutes that somehow turned into 4 hours :(  When I woke up I went over the sketch I did yesterday with ink in my journal, wrote a little entry across the page for the day and decided that was enough.  I'm going to go lay back down for the night and hopefully wake up in the morning with lots of energy- see you tomorrow!

Friday, March 18, 2011

30 Days of Journaling Day 17

This is a really quick post today.  My hubby and I drove 2 hours down to the cities to go see an exhibit on King Tut today.  I felt fine most of the day until we got back to the hotel.  Since then I've been sick as a dog- I think maybe I have a little food poisoning.  Anyways- this is as far as I got on my page today- I was dreaming and planning about my garden in the long car ride and missing the smell of wet soil.   I'm going to go see my Mom and Sister  while I am in town tomorrow and I am very excited to see them :)  I'm off to go lay in the huge comfy hotel bed and be lazy and watch tv- see you tomorrow :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

30 Days of Journaling Day 16

I thought I would show some of the steps that went into today's journal page.  On this page I did a sketch for St. Patrick's Day since I am an Irish gal :)  I wanted a celtic pattern for the border of the page, but I also wanted the page to go quickly, so I printed out a line art pattern I found on the internet.

Then I cut the pattern out and glued it to the page.  I decided to use watercolor pencils on this page again because I have so many messes all around from the projects I am in the middle of, and I didn't want to create another mess.  Watercolor pencils are nice and tidy :)  Here's the page with the border glued on and the watercolor pencil before I have added water.

I went over the areas with watercolor pencil with a wet brush and when it was completely dry I added my journaling for the day.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!  See you tomorrow :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 Days of Journaling Day 15

Tonight I put the finishing touches on 2 gifts and wrapped them up, took a bath, made some tomatoe soup for dinner and then all of a sudden remembered I still needed to do a journal page for the day!  This was just a quick start to the page- a little of how I am feeling right now- rush, rush :)  I put the turtle in because I feel like I am trying to go as fast as I can but I'm running a little behind :)  See ya tomorrow!

Wednesday Weigh In/Healthy Thinking Thursdays

I almost forgot about weigh in today!  I had to run back in the house real quick to jump on the scale-hubby thought I was crazy!  I weigh in today at 162.1.  Small loss again- really small if you consider it's been 2 weeks, but at least not a gain like I was afraid of.  I have not been exercising and I know that makes a big difference for me.  It makes a big difference in my energy levels too- I'm still having a really hard time keeping my act together.  This week I have a lot of things I have needed to finish up for swaps, baby showers and a wedding.  I'm hoping after all this is finished and I have some wiggle time again I'll do better with exercising.  I really admire the women out there that somehow manage to do it all. If you would like to visit others trying to get healthy or you would like to work at it along with us please visit my friends Marsha for Wednesday Weigh Ins at and sometimes my friend Laura for Healthy Thinking Thursdays at  

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

30 Days of Journaling Day 14

Tonight I did my journal page thinking of ideas for a sunroom roombox to showcase the chair Casey made for me.  I've found a few pictures off the internet that have inspired me ,so I glued them on the page also- and then I just sketched some ideas and wrote down possibilities :)