Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Weigh In/Healthy Thinking and an Award

Well, last week was not a good week- but I can only blame myself.  I am feeling better and more energetic lately-but it seems as if I really need to sit down and write a sort of schedule of priorities to stick to.  I weigh in today at 165.5- a measly .3 down.  This is my own fault completely- we had a really busy week at work and I have to confess that I did not track my food and I only did my exercise once the entire week.  Hubby and I are fighting a little bit of a cold.  I'm having a hard time balancing everything- this is what happens to me every time that I try to lose weight and exercise.  This week I need to remind myself that the most important thing after  my job right now is to lose some weight, gain some muscle and feel better!  How can I not remember that if I feel better I will be able to handle everything with so much more energy??!!  The hardest part about getting so far off track is to fess up, admit it and get back on track.   I am blocking out 5-6pm each night- no matter what- as my exercise time.  My goal for this week is to exercise each day -if only for 15 minutes- but hopefully more.  I have to say that with all of the "easy" meals I ate this week I am thankful I did not gain this week.  I also decided as I was thinking of what to write this week that maybe I would do better this next month if I prepared the meals for the last week of the month in advance and just had to pop them in the oven when we got home from work each night since I know the last week of the month is hectic at work.  So...enough of that!  If you would like to join along on Wedesday Weigh In's visit Marsha at  or you can join us on Healthy Thinking Thursdays with the awesome Laura at

Last weekend I recieved an award from the sweetest blogger Ascension at  Please visit Ascension if you don't already know her- she's a very talented miniaturist and such a sweet person too.  This award was started by and if I understand correctly is awarded to blogs of interesting design, creativity and contribution to the blogging world.   Thank you Ascension- you are so kind  to think of me for this award.   I am supposed to award this to 5 new bloggers- but since I have seen this award traveling around like wildfire I am going to award it to my wonderful followers that always take the time to read my ramblings and comment.    Tomorrow I will post pictures of the pieces I created for the Creativity Challenge at and there will be a giveaway!!


Sassy Marsha said...

Hi Kim! It seems we're having the same challenges, meals! It takes planning, something I'm not used to doing.

I find that if I clean and cut up the veggies and have them in easy accessible containers I am more apt to reach for them than going for crackers or something which of course have points and veggies and fuit don't!

We generally have for dinner chicken or fish with brown rice, a veggie and salad. Quick and easy to fix. Of course my hubby does all the BBQing!

Hang in there! Don't get discouraged. I KNOW how easy it is to give up.

Fill up on those power foods and free points!! Cut up some fruit, make a fruit salad to snack on when you're hungry!!

Take the stairs instead of the elevator, there's some instant excercise!!!

We can do this!!!!


P.S. congrats on the award!!

Julia said...

You certainly deserve this award! congratulations.
I'm sorry that you are having difficulties with your weight loss, finding time to exercise, etc.... I'm with you!

Julia @ bearcabinminiatures said...

Keep going Kim, I know you can do it, because I know how important it is to you to feel better and more energised. I admit I lack in the exercise area too and I really must get out walking the dog every day, but I keep saying tomorrow, which never comes! So I will pencil in between 8 & 9 am for my exercise slot :) Congrats on your award, it's very well deserved.
Julia xxxx

Papillon Bleu said...

62kgs this morning...what is wrong with the world?This is more than last week! I know it is only 300gr more but still! It is MORE!!!
I have been careful...ish...
Maybe I should walk more.
So, my falt too!

Papillon Bleu said...

Forgot to say :
Congrats for your award!!!!

Eileen Bergen said...

Congrats for the award, Kim. I've seen Ascencion's sweet comments and now I know where to find her to learn more about her. She is always so thoughtful and encouraging.

I think your idea of prepping for the hectic last week of the month is terrific.

As for the exercise - sometimes when you feel forced to do it (I have to, have to, have to) and it's just laying a big guilt trip on you, it's time to back away.

Fit more exercise into your day however and whenever you can. At the risk of sounding ridiculous, I'll share my secret for getting back in the mood to work out.

I have a toothbrush with a 2-minute timer. I do squats or even lie on the floor to do curls. It sounds like nothing as far as exercise goes and it really is - just about.

But I find my strength and flexibility coming back and that helps me feel more like doing a "real" workout.

Today I walked a mile. Tomorrow ...?

ittybittyandpretty said...

it is so hard to keep it up...but i think your goal of 15mins is 'do able' dont put too much pressure on yourself and be thankful for the .3 as it is a loss!

good luck.

Sans! said...

Hello Wednesday, hello Kim :). I am beginning to look forward to these posts, my dear and read about everyone's weekly efforts. I too have a target to lose a certain amount every week. I am cheating of course because it is so much easier after a surgery to lose weight.

I feel my appetite coming back though and this is not a good week for watching my diet because it is Chinese New Year and we have good meals every day from now till Monday. Today I have been especially bad and had a piece of fried chicken for dinner .

I still can't exercise except for walking so I have to be extra careful with what I eat. I am still eating very small meals at a 3 hour interval. What I used to eat for 1 meal (and now that I look back, they were very big meals) , I can eat it in about 2-3 now. That fried chicken was finished in 2 meals between 5-8pm. I also had salad, a biscuit and jam. I had some New Year noodle spread over 2 meals between 11am - 5pm. Blended Pear Juice and black coffee for breakfast. And when I have oily and fried food (which I MUST cut down) , I drink loads of Chinese tea and go to the loo often. Tomorrow, I will find out if the fried chicken is going to cost me. But because I have been good the past week and intend to continue, I am not too worried.

From last Wednesday to this Wednesday, I have lost another kg. I am now 6 kg away from my target weight.

By the way, a healthy weight loss is about 0.5-1 kg a week. My doc friend says 2 kg a month is best and not more. So losing 300 g in 1 week is not such a bad thing, Kim.

Tomorrow I will start doing some light exercise like walking for about 1/2 an hour. I aim to start exercising at least 60 mins a day again. With walking, stretching etc.

Thank you, Kim for your posts. It helps me focus on my own efforts. Now I feel like I have to submit a report card as well and hope you don't mind me using your comment box with lengthy weigh in "post" :).

Kim said...

Marsha- I think you are right- I need to preplan. I can do so well if I have things ready- but when I'm not prepared I take the easy way out when things get hectic. Thank you for your tips- I'm going to try to make this a much better week!

Julia- thank you! You deserve this award for sure! Your creativity amazes me! Hope you have a good "healthy" week too ♥

Julia at bearcabin minis :)- thank you for your friendship and support- it means a lot to me. I WILL keep at it because I want to wake up in the morning feeling good and I know if I work at it I can achieve that. Good luck on the exercise this week- I hope this is a good week for you too ♥

Kim said...

Patricia- I can tell you what is wrong- hurry, hurry, hurry! However, since that is how it is then I guess we must adapt and make ourselves a better priority. Here's hoping for a good week this week for you ♥ Don't give up!!! Go Patricia!!!! (my cheerleading for you)

Eileen- Brilliant! I have a toothbrush with a timer like that too- now I shall be doing squats while brushing! I bet there are other times I can sneak it in too- like while doing dishes or folding laundry! I see some changes in the way I do things coming up! Thank you!!!

Rosey- Thank you for your support! You are right- a loss is still a loss, even if it is small :)

Kim said...

Sans- Are you kidding??! I am pleased that you find my posts helpful! I almost did not do this again because I have failed before- but I WANT to feel good so badly that I decided to try again- after all- quitting solves nothing. I have been slowly switching to eating smaller meals more often like you do and I find myself feeling less hunger pains. Now if I can only prepare better, I think I will do very well. I am so happy you are feeling better- I know you ran before- has it been hard to take it slow and switch to walking? I am glad you are taking it slowly- proper healing after surgery is so important. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment- and you can leave a book in my comments and I would just love it- so never worry! Hope you have a good week this week and find your strength returning more and more each day! ♥

Laura said...

Sorry to hear that you are still struggling!!! I wish that I could do something to make it easier for you. The thing that kept me going last year while losing was the fact that it came off quickly. If I had of been struggling-I don't know how well I would have done.
THe good news is, you DID lose!! So Yay!!!! For that! And you do have some goals so that's great too. Don't let the #'s on the scale get you down. They WILL move-even if I have to come to your house and have a talk with them....


Dlsarmywife said...

Kim I understand the struggle...yet another week has gone by for me without seeing the inside of the gym. A nasty cold bug is trying to catch me, but I am trying to put up a valiant fight with lots of chamomile tea, Hot honey & lemon tea and I'm trying to get plenty of rest.

Keep up the good work hun...every step you take is a step forward! Big HUGS!!!!