Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Weigh In/Healthy Thinking....and a List of Goals :)

Well, like the blink of an eye Wednesday is here again.  Today I weigh in at 163.3.  Small loss.  I'm not even going to be disappointed by this because- once again, it's better than a gain or no loss at all.  I exercised almost every day last week.  On Friday and Saturday when I worked at the flower shop to help out for Valentines Day I was so tired when I got home that I skipped my workouts.   I have to say that the workouts are finally getting a little tiny bit easier- and I was able to jog in place for a lot longer than I was when I started out.  I'm feeling more energy and I'm finding that I am slowly starting to be able to find a little bit of order in my life again.  Now, if I could just work on the healthy eating more- I really tend to eat "easy" things and I can get so lazy about making sure I prepare food that is good for me to have on hand.  Today is grocery store day so I'm planning on lots of fresh fruit and veggies and I'm going to get them cleaned and put into easy to grab containers right away.  Any advice out there for storing veggies to make them stay fresh the longest?  If you would like to visit others trying to get healthy or you would like to work at it along with us please visit my friends Marsha for Wednesday Weigh Ins at and my friend Laura for Healthy Thinking Thursdays at   

This next part of this post is more for me than anyone else.  My friend Wendy at makes a list of goals for the month for herself.  I love this idea so much- a little structure to keep on track and not get too distracted.  I thought I would give it a try- even if we are halfway through February already.  So, here's my list of goals for projects for Febraury.  At the end of the month I'm going to update what I accomplished and what did not get done.

1.  Start an embroidered blanket I have planned for a wedding present.
2.  Take down a pair of wooden angel paintings from my staircase to finish them and the staircase mural.
3.  Make 2 items for June's "Love" Creativity Challenge
4.  Finish up and mail letters to my 2 penpals
5.  Start March All Things Mini swap
6.  Finish the left side of the Candy House

I know that's a short list, but I'm trying not to jinx the energy I feel returning and I'd really like to be able to say I accomplished these things in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned tomorrow for some more progress pictures from The Candy House.  I've been painting shingles like crazy :)


Laura said...

Yay! Another loss! That is amazing. I don't blame you for not exercising on those days that you were so tired. Your body probably needed the rest more than the exercise anyways.

I know that Glad or Ziplock have storage bags for produce. They have special holes in them that keeps things fresher. You could give those a try-see how they work!

good luck with the goals. I'm rooting for ya!


cockerina said...
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cockerina said...

Hello Kim! I have passed for a greeting and updates on your blog, it's been a long time since I came here, forgive me!
I see you're losing weight, slowly ... I'm glad you're finding your energy! still so dear, once you have great results!
a way to keep fresh fruit already cut, is to sprinkle with lemon juice.
Peel and cut into small pieces, mixed fruit (apple, pear, banana, orange, kiwi many strawberries .... NO fruit syrup, only fresh fruit!), sprinkle with lemon juice, sugar-free! and stored in a tightly closed container in the refrigerator.
when you're hungry, eat the salad. it is delicious!
I embrace you! Caterina

Julia said...

Congrats on your loss! They have those green bags that are supposed to keep things fresher longer. I've never tried them.
It looks like a great list of goals. I'm so haphazard these days. I really should write down the things I need to get done rather than try to remember them.

Sassy Marsha said...

Hi Kim!

Good for you, girl!!!! I've seen those green baggie things too but have never used them. I generally just put them in the crisper in the frig.

We also had stir-fry last week with chicken, lots of veggies and brown rice, it filled me UP!! I can't remember the points offhand but it was under 10!

If you like something sweet, try the Fiber 90 calories bar, 2 points. I saw them on the WW website. They're good!! And we can all use the extra fiber!!

It's working, you have more energy, you feel good mentally and physically!! Keep it up!!

You're helping me stay focused!!

See you next week!!!


Eileen Bergen said...

Good for you, Kim. Isn't the increase in energy some people get from exercise great? I think it's much more important than weight loss.

Now if I can just get myself off the couch ... actually my desk chair ...

It'll happen. Your Wednesday check-ins are inspiring me.

Your "pretty short" list looks very challenging to me.

P.S. Thanks for reminding me about June's Feb. challenge. I totally forgot!

Eileen Bergen said...

P.P.S. The green bags for fruits and veggies are fantastic!

Sans! said...

Good to hear that you have lost again and again and again ;), Yay yay yay!

My week has been erratic and I gained 1 kg ! But I continue walking twice a day -to and from work :) and eating small meals except Chinese New Year's. I am glad today is the last day and after mum's dinner tonight, I will really go back to the very small meals I have enjoyed before CNY!

Your to-do list is a timely reminder for me to start my own :)

Kim said...

Laura- thanks chickie♥ It's slow going- but at least it's going. I'm going to look into all of the suggestions for storage- thank you! Since the hubby doesn't eat fresh fruits or veggies it's all on me to eat them up! Thanks for you support girl- I love you!

Caterina- thank you for visiting! Thank you for your advice with the fruit- good tips that I really need! Hugs to you also!♥

Julia- thank you for your support too- and the tips. I do so much better with goals if I have a list- I am a total list person, but I don't always remember to make them and that's when things go bad- lol :)♥

Kim said...

Marsha- you're helping me stay focused too :) thank you! I'm going to look for those fiber bars- I'm having trouble with craving sweets lately, maybe that's just what I need! Hope this next week goes great for you!

Eileen- thank you for the green bags tip! The lack of energy has been the thing that is driving me insane and if I could manage to get that back and keep it I almost wouldn't care how much I weighed. Not that I don't want to be a healthy weight- but I just hate feeling tired out and useless. I can't wait to see what you do for the love challenge- I've had a few ideas but now I have to decide which ones to actually do :)

Sans- thank you :) I think we all will have to have times in life when we gain- a life so structured there is no room for special treats or celebrations does not seem like much fun. I hope more than weight concerns that you are feeling healthy and strong. I bet your to-do list is more ambitious than mine :) Thank you for checking in each week ♥

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