Sunday, February 27, 2011

More Candy House

I've been working on lots of projects- but the one I can't seem to stay away from is still The Candy House.  I didn't get much done this weekend- but I did add a few things.  I ordered light blue carpet for the playroom and it arrived on friday, so I had to put it in right away of course.  I still need to do the trimwork in this room, but I couldn't resist putting some of the furniture back in to see how it looked.

 I also made all the flower centers for the flower bed on the right side of the house, and a birdhouse made out of paperclay.  I'm trying very hard to be patient to wait for the birdhouse to dry so I can paint it.  I have to go to a wedding shower today so I won't get to work on the house :(  Do you think it would be weird if I took it with me????
Here is one last picture of The Candy House from the open side.  I put all the furniture back in for a quick picture because I wanted to see how it was looking.  Now I'm off to empty it back out before I start getting ready for the shower.  Hope your weekend is great!


kibbygirl said...

That house is looking so good! I want to live there :) I love the little raggedy anne and andy in the play room too.

Fabiola said...

It's very very nice. I love it.

Sans! said...

You must be enjoying the wedding feast right at this moment as I type :). I hope you didn't bring the Candy House with you, dear Kim. I do believe the newly weds would never give it back to you if you did. They might think its an early baby shower gift!!! And such a lovely one too!

Lataina said...

I think a certain someone in the background of the last pic was looking for a little attention...LOL. Love the flowers and birdhouse. I really love mini birdhouses! =)

Laura said...

It looks beautiful Kim! I love the carpet!
Hope that you had fun at the shower.


Julia said...

I want to live in it!!!!

Dani said...

And did you take it with you ?? looks wonderful Kim !,I'm jealous of your creative spirit, hope mine comes back soon !, much love Sis Xxx

janil said...


May said...

Te esta quedando preciosa.
Besitos, May

Kim said...

Kibbygirl- thank you :) I have had the Anne and Andy since I was a little girl and now they have finally found their perfect home :)

Fabiola- thank you ♥

Sans- the wedding shower was very funny- this young couple is very in love and very sweet and full of humor. I did not bring the Candy House- maybe next time- hee hee :) Thank you Sans ♥

Latiana- Isn't he a cutie pie?? He is very spoiled too- he hates when I work on minis instead of showering him with love-lol! Thank you!! Maybe tomorrow my birdhouse will be dry enough to paint!

Laura- I have been thinking of you girl- I hope you are feeling better!!! I miss you!

Julia- there is room for you, I am sure :)

Dani- I did not take it with me- I wanted to though! Where has your muse gone to???? I am going to have to think of something to inspire you and get you creating again. I hope you will be around on tuesday- I will finally be caught up and maybe we can chat? Miss you sweet sis ♥

Janil- thank you!!!!

May- thank you! hugs ♥

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Oh, it's coming along Kim. I can't wait to see it done.

Eileen Bergen said...

Is there room for me in there with Julia?

I'm sure it would have been the talk of the party had you taken it to the bridal shower.

That makes me think ... wouldn't it make a marvelous centerpiece for a baby shower? Perhaps in a year or two ;-)

Claudia said...

I love it, Kim. It makes me smile!


Zlatica said...

It´s beautiful, Kim.
Don´t you want somtimes to be tiny Alice, so you can live in your pretty house?
Have a lovely day!

Kim said...

Wendy- do you think I will ever finish?? lol :) ♥

Eileen- sure- there's plenty of room! We just all have to find the shrinking potion from Alice :)

Claudia- thank you- what a sweet thing to say!! ♥

Zlatica- I do!! I want to live in the world of Patricia's dolls :)

Ani said...

each time I like more! and it seemed impossible!