Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kitchen Counter and The Angels

What a great weekend I had.  I cleaned the house and I still had time to work on some of my projects.  I received a beautiful fruit bowl I ordered from Minnie Kitchen last week.  She does beautiful work- you can find her etsy store here:  Since I wanted to be able to see the fruit easily I decided to make a kitchen counter to put the fruit bowl on.  I took the bottom of a Michael's hutch and added some decorative beads to the legs.  I pried the doors off the cabinet and added a new top made out of skinny sticks.  I'm going to eventually make baskets to put on the shelves.

Minnie Kitchen also sent me a smore cupcake and a couple of mint brownies that look so real they make your mouth water.  Thank you so much!!  Pop on over to her etsy store to see some more of the fabulous miniature food she makes :)

Years ago I started painting a mural on my staircase of two angels in the middle of swirling fall leaves.  The angels I drew and cut out of plywood- but I've never finished painting them.  This weekend I took the angels down off the wall to finish painting them and finish the mural on the staircase once and for all.  Here's a picture of them where I stopped working on them.  I've got some fresh inspiration for these angels so I'll be trying to work on them more in the next few weeks.


Julia said...

what great little things for the kitchen!!!
The angels are wonderful.. I can't wait to see what you are going to do with them. How unique for a stair case art. I need to do something on the wall coming down our stair case. Hum?.........

Jill said...

Love that kitchen counter~ such a great color! Your angel is so beautiful. You are so talented~ in so many ways!


kimsminiatures said...

Lovely Kim. Love the color of the counter. Oh and I love the Angels too. Hugs~ Kim

Ascension said...

Me encanta el color que has elegido, queda perfecto.
Tu angel es precioso, enhorabuena.
besitos ascension

Ara said...

The counter looks great and perfect for such a perfect fruit bowl!! Those hutches are so versatile aren't they?? Can't wait to see your finished Angels! hugs, ara

Sans! said...

I love how I frequently get to enjoy both mini and life size art on your blog. This is on top of your weigh in posts that I really look forward to reading as well. I am never bored when I am here, Kim.

I think it is so great that you can paint such pretty angels . I love how you gave the pretty blue hutch matching pretty little feet! :)

Cinderella Moments said...

The kitchen is looking fantastic. And your angels are gorgeous.

Briarwood Miniatures said...

Kim, love the table and the bowl of fruit. How perfect for the kitchen! And your angels are wonderful!! Can't wait to see them finished. What is it about angels, anyway? I can't seem to stop painting them. *grin* Thank you for the sweet comments you've left on my recent paintings. You don't know how much they motivate me to keep improving!

Big hugs,


María said...

Tienes un blog precioso. Ya tienes una seguidora mas. Saludos

Laura said...

I love everything! Your little counter you made is so cute! And those angels!!! Beautiful!

Glad to hear that you got a lot accomplished. :)


WeeLittleWest / Kathy Olaf-Obrenski said...

Great kitchen!!!

Doreen said...

I love your kitchen. I am going to have to start thinking of things for the kitchen of my house as I think I am going to do the house in Victorian style and I am not sure what they had in their kitchens.

Your anglels are beautiful and I just can't wait to see them finished.

Nicole said...

Like the counter you made very much, Kim, perfect colour! The wonderful fruit bowl looks great on it! Also beautiful angels :-)

Ani said...

You do great kitchen counter! I love,the color very much!
I'm so glad you had a good weekend .. I hope it stays that way!
A big hug!

Eileen Bergen said...

The fruit and s'mores are adorable. You did great with the kitchen counter.

The house is so cute ... and now the kitchen is almost stocked.

When can I move in?

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Yay Kim! Back on track. Your angels are wonderful. Can't wait to see them in place. Your candy house is looking good and I love your dolls in progress.

An Unusual Girl Named Christine said...

Hey! I want to see the mural! And the art dolls! Love the angels espec. the folds of the fabric on the skirt- you are so talented in so many directiosn!

Kim said...

Julia-thank you :) I think you should do something on your staircase wall- you are an excellent painter- and much faster than I am- lol! Nothing like taking years to finish a project! Be sure to post if you do something please :)

Jill- thank you- you are always sooo sweet! I wish I lived closer to you because I desperately want to be invited to tea!! Hugs to you too :)

Kim- thank you!! a hug for you too ♥

Kim said...

Ascension- thank you!!! I wasn't sure about the color at first, but now I'm thinking I really love it :)

Ara- Thank you! I think about you once in awhile and wonder how you are doing :) It must be getting close to baby time? I hope to work on the angels a little this weekend, I have big plans :)

Sans- thank you!!! That means so much to me coming from a blogger that I enjoy so much- I know my posts are not near as interesting as yours! I have to admit that my blog does spur me on to create instead of sitting on my butt :)

Kim said...

Cinderella Moments- thank you so much ♥ Your blog gave me a much needed jolt of spring , so thank you for that also :)

Cia- would you believe I started these angels for my wedding over 12 years ago??!! I didn't get them done in time, so decided to put them on my staircase and they are still not done! I love angels too- and did you know that your recent spurt of artwork inspires me to create too? I am still in love with the class you are taking and as soon as that furnace fund is full I think I'm taking it- I think creating with artist's as inspiration is so interesting! Keep up the great work and keep posting so I can drool over it please!!

Kim said...

Maria- thank you for visiting me!! I will be over to visit you soon also :) Hugs!

Laura- love ya chickie- and thank you- you always brighten my day ♥

Kathy- thank you so much!!!

Doreen- I had to google victorian kitchens images after your comment- lol! Will you do your kitchen true victorian, or modern with a victorian feeling? Your house is moving along so quickly! I'm still curious who will live there :)

Kim said...

Nicole- thank you so much!!

Ani- thank you!! big hugs to you ♥

Eileen- you can move in whenever you like- but you do realize the candy house is in Minnesota, don't you? Maybe you want to wait till July :)
That's when I feel like my feet will finally be warm again-lol.

Kim said...

Wendy-It's slowly getting better! It's definitely better than doing nothing and moping about it! I've been working hard at my short little list, but I don't know if I'm going to finish it! It is a good motivator though :) Late next week I'll post how I did :) Thank you ♥

Chris!! I posted unfinished art dolls a couple posts back- go take a look and laugh at me :) I'm going to try to post pics of the mural when I'm finished- it's a really narrow staircase, so I don't know if I'll be successful, but I'm going to try. I hope you are feeling better- I've been thinking about you. Sending you a big huge hug!!!

Zlatica said...

I love the kitchen a lot! The color is great!
And your dolls look amazing! I´m thinking of making some dolls in the near future as well. :)