Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I just can't stay away from The Candy House!

I've been sneaking in little pockets of time working on The Candy House.  I have the side almost completely finished now- but I ran out of the little wooden buttons I am using as candy- so it's missing 3 pieces of candy before it's finished.  I really love how it turned out.
I worked some more on the front of the house- the frosting is finally painted and I started the large dormer.  I also started making some flowers for the flower beds that will be out front.  The more I get finished the more excited I get!  True to my habit of jumping around- I also put a built in shelving unit in the playroom.  I can't wait till I can fill these up with toys!

  I'm going back to the projects I am supposed to be working on now :)  Before I go here is a little shot of cuteness  :)


Lataina said...

I never get tired of looking at all this sweet goody-ness!!!! =)

Heather said...

Its so pretty!

julia said...

You never cease to amaze me with your beautiful detailed work. You keep saying you want me to adopt you, I think I would like to be your little girl so I would have this yummy doll house to play with, or to just look at!! You are soooooooo talented!

Dani said...

Wauw Kim, it looks super Cool !!! so glad you have the spirit back ! send some to doing nothing creative at the moment :(...and have enough project who are waiting to get finished !....till soon Xxx

Lirael said...

You should be proud of that! It's absolutely gorgeous! Those flowers are beautiful :)

Sans! said...

Watching your progress makes me excited too. This house is so evocative of the little girl in us. And those flowers , Kim :):)..they are creations of the very imaginative ! :)

I like that shelf very much. Did you build it? Are you candifying it too?

Piikko said...

Do I see right? Is the little flowers haveing faces? Kim, your flowers are perfect to Candy house!!!
:D piikko

Kim said...

Lataina- thank you so much- you are always so sweet to me! Do you make minis? I think you need a blog! ♥

Heather- thank you :)

Julia- I would love that :) I have four dollhouses that I plan to make for my nieces- I think starting them is a goal for this year. Thank you so much ♥

Dani- I am sending you some creativity right now- can you feel it yet? I wish you could come over and work on things with me. I have too many unfinished projects too! much love!!!

Lirael- thank you! It's nice to see you visit- how is school going?

Sans- thank you :) I think I feel like a little girl while I am building it- I think I will be sad when it is done-lol. I did build the shelf from wood scraps. The inside of the candy house is not candy themed :) Patricia from Papillion Bleu made me a sweet little doll named Amélie that lives there-hence the need for a playroom full of toys :)

Piiko- I am so glad you can see the little faces! I wanted the flowers to be kind of fun too :) Thank you for your sweet words ♥

Cate and David said...

I really looks like it is right out of a beloved children's book! It's so good Kim!

Ascension said...

Es tan bonita, tienes una imaginacion desbordante, me encanta.
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Eileen Bergen said...

I think if I were to look up the term "eye candy", I should find a picture of this wonderful mini-house.

I love when you post an update. They leave me smiling for hours :-D

Briarwood Miniatures said...

Oh, Kim, this is looking so good! Right out of Hansel and Gretel, I think! So charming. You should be very proud of your work.


Katie said...

Oh Kim! I just love this house, too! Your doing an amazing job with it. It's just so happy and fun looking!!!

And thank you for checking in on me...I'm around, just slow about getting here:) BIG HUGS!!!