Thursday, February 17, 2011

Candy House Progress and Some Art Dolls

I'm still slowly plodding along on The Candy House.  I feel like I've been painting cookie shingles forever!  I did make some progress on the roof and the side of the house- here's some pictures of the progress made so far this week:
I'm starting to get really excited about the outside of the house now.  I've been trying to form a plan for my landscaping in my head- there's not a lot of room on the plywood the house sits on, but I think I have enough room for a birdhouse, a couple of topiary trees and some flower beds.  Lots more work to be finished on the outside of the house before I can start the landscaping, but I've started to gather materials anyways.
My friend Chris from did a great post on paperclay and art dolls.  I mentioned I have some unfinished art dolls laying around begging to be working on- so these next pictures are for Chris.  Maybe she'll inspire me to finish them up- but it will have to go on March's to-do list because I'm not finished with February yet :)  This first one is destined to be a witch :
This is a doll that has a lot of items from my wedding flowers and my wedding colors in it-
This is a small doll that I started making from a salt shaker and never finished-
This last one is destined to become an owl eventually- I know it looks nothing like an owl right now :)
Hope you have a great day- I'm counting down the hours until Saturday gets here and I can start my hand embroidered blanket project.  I have NO idea what I am doing, so I hope my idea works out!  I'll be back with pictures next week on my progress :)


Julia said...

Your house is coming along very nicely! I'm anxious to see the finished house. I want to move in!!
The dolls are fantastic. Who would ever think to make a doll from a salt shaker. Only someone as creative as you are would dream this up! You inspire me.

Sans! said...

You know I will never tire of looking at the progress of your candy house. It is so whimsical and imaginative and colourful :). There's always a surprise or two with each new posts :)

De said...

The candy house looks great. Your detailed painting is amazing!

Liberty Biberty said...

Liberty is here with me and she thinks a Candy House is the best idea ever!

Laura said...

Everything looks amazing! I am loving that house more and more everytime I see it!



So nice to meet and follow you!

I love your house! It makes me want to come over and play with my vintage doll furniture!

Come on over sometime!

ciao bella!

creative Carmelina

Cate and David said...

This candy house is a delight! (and does it freak you out at all that I think that DOES look like an owl?) :D I've been spending a significant amount of time considering owls though! ;)

Glenda said...

The house is developing so nicely!!
Are you going to scent it with yummy flavours?

Well done with the dolls, they've got great characters! I never would have thought to base dolls on such unusual objects. It's certainly a great idea when you're like me and don't know how to begin something. Thankyou!!

Claudia said...

Kim, the candy house is ever more delightful with each new post! And the dolls are wonderful - I hope you are inspired enough to work on them again!


kibbygirl said...

The outside of the candy house looks so great. I like what you did with the side. I am impressed with the dolls you are doing too, very creative :)

Eileen Bergen said...

Kim, you've probably blogged about this before and I just missed it - or forgot - lol.

What will you do with that sweet candy house when it's finished? It should be on public display somewhere.

Minnie Kitchen said...

wow! you're so diligent! I haven't been making too much these days. so lazy... have a great weekend!

Kim said...

Julia- thank you! I'm anxious to see the finished house too- LOL! Actually, it's really fun to work on :) You inspire me too ♥

Sans- thank you also! I'm hoping as my energy returns the house starts moving along faster. I have 4 dollhouses in progress and none of them finished! Can you tell that I love color?

De- thank you! My hubby thinks I'm crazy with all the painting- but you know how it is when you have a vision, right?

Mercedes- I wish I lived close enough for Liberty to bring her doll over and visit. Did you know that this house is being built for a doll made by Patricia? Liberty's doll is probably about the same size as Amélie :) Thank you to both of you for visiting me!

Kim said...

Laura- thank you! Tell Gabby I have not forgotten her and I'm still working on her picture :)

Carmelina- thank you for visiting me! Your blog is so beautiful!

Cate- hi!!! Thank you for your sweet words- it doesn't freak me out that you think it looks like an owl- I'm happy there is someone else out there that sees my vision too! Are you making owls for the Burrow? I can't imagine how hard it is to sculpt 1/2 scale owls!

Glenda- I never thought of scenting the house, but now ideas are rolling through my head! How fun would that be??!! I'm pleased someone as creative as you are likes the start of my dolls- maybe I better get finishing them next month!

Kim said...

Claudia- thank you!! I know you've been busy, but I can hardly wait to see what you do with your dollhouse :) I think I'm going to put the dolls on next month's to-do list :)

Kibbygirl- thank you so much!! I pondered about that big blank side of the house for so long- I'm glad people are liking the way it is turning out.

Eileen- The Candy House will probably live in my guest room. I did this house as a special project to house a doll made for me by a very special sweet blogging friend. It has a special place in my heart for that reason- but if not, I would probably end up giving it away because my space is starting to become limited! Thank you for your sweet comment- that it should be on display somewhere is the sweetest thing someone could say to me!

Minnie Kitchen- OMG- are you kidding me woman! You have been pumping out food like crazy- I have banned myself from your etsy shop for now until I have my furnace money saved! My fruit bowl came yesterday- thank you for the extras! Everytime I get minis from you I cannot believe how exquisite it is- your work is perfect!

Flor said...

Kim ¡Que casa mas dulce!!Esta muy linda!!Bueno y todo lo que hay aquí es maravilloso ( =

PAKY said...

I love your candy house, the wall are so beautiful!

Lataina said...

I love it when there's a post about the candy house. =)

Marinbambu said...

long time I didn't visit your blog, I think it's because I have not time, with exams and many other things.
I have new pictures, please go to my blog to see them.

Ani said...

kim! how are you??
I admire your patience to make this wonderful home! I do not know if I would .. but it's worth, it is great!
I'm intrigued as you would the owl! How nice!